Carphone Warehouse shows Windows Phone support with myth buster

We're not sure when this was published, since it's well hidden on the website, but it would appear as though the Carphone Warehouse has a soft spot for Windows Phone. They have an entire page dedicated to attacking myths that are continuously posted by those who are fans of competitor platforms, or who simply don't like Microsoft products.

From terrible battery life, to the lack of apps, the most common groans and moans are all covered in this myth buster. The following excerpt from the article sums up the user friendliness perfectly:

"Windows® Phone has a Start screen with large Live Tiles (icons) that are easy to read and not fiddly to use. It's also simple to customise and pin the apps and live updates you want right on the Start screen. Then you swipe to the right to access the full list of apps. Options are accessible in any app by pressing the three dots in the bottom right of the screen. And there's a home button, a back button and a search button on the front of each phone. Simple."

Be sure to check out the full article at the Carphone Warehouse. All-in-all we're impressed with this positive exposure for the platform (and a strong sign of support). Also, for it to be handled by a popular UK retailer is even better. There's more that can be done, however.

Take the above screen capture. This is from the navigation drop-down on the Carphone Warehouse UK website. As you will have noticed - there's no Windows Phone accompanying Android and the iPhone menu entries. Then again, the retailer has continued to stock and promote Windows Phone handsets (including the upcoming Lumia 900) on the website with some good deals. Either way, hats off to the Carphone Warehouse.

Source: Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab), thanks Ian for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Awesome this helps out the haters to stop hatin lol
  • Haters will be hatin'. Lol
  • That's why they are haters. :P
  • Just read it, think its great :)
  • i love it when people are set straight :D
  • And yet posted right after this article is an article on an unofficial Grooveshark app (because "Grooveshark has said they have no intention of supporting WP7").
  • I "downgraded" from a dual core Android ics that I had to turn off internet connection once in a while, brightness set to low to get by with battery life to a wp7 Samsung 1.5ghz single core processor brightness set to high never turn off internet connection & I get about a day and half of battery. More like an upgrade if you ask me ;)
  • You're Smart! A upgrade indeed...
  • Lol
  • The problem is this is a hidden page...
  • Don't be fooled by this. They're site may say one thing but there in store staff most definitely say another. They are some of the most biased and anti windows sales reps ever...oh and clueless. I remember the pre Nokia days when the OS first released, I asked about the OS and was categorically told that they would not be selling windows phone ever, his words were something like"we've seen it and we're not not impressed with that crap, its a waste of time, windows is for PCs". I went in to another store just after the Lumias were announced for release and I was smuggly told how she'd never sold a windows phone or in fact see anyone buy one.
  • Nice and current so worth bookmarking. The trouble of course with in store staff is they are always going to be bias towards whatever they feel will make them more money and for them that will be an Apple phone because of the high tarriffs and the android because of the penetration. Its not really their fault Windows Phone just needs to get more exposure and penetration and I for one think this is the year that it will happen.
    I am not expecting the Windows Phone to emulate market increases that we saw for the Android in its second year but I expect to see high adoption this year.
  • It irks me that they mention there aren't as many free apps as Android but neglect to point out you can trial most of them.
  • And who exactly is this "setting straight?"
    How many articles have we had on WP that seem to go out there way to educate people on WP and yet we still bitch about people not being educated. So who is this helping exactly?
    At the end of the day, the blame needs to finally fall on MS for dropping the ball in not promoting WP like they should. 
    And before elcaporegresa comes in and decides to lose their mind, MS has not marketed the OS like it should. Nokia ads for a specific product (that now have been reduced to after the fact mentions) don't count. 
  • And how the hell don't they count?
  • I can't find the article that it mention, anyone kindly post it?