Kinsoft has a rather simple gaming app over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Catch Phrase Party is a party game app that is a guessing game with a hint of the game "hot potato" mixed in.

You compete with two teams with a team member describing to fellow team mates the phrase or word that appears on the Windows Phone. Once the phrase or word is guessed, the phone is passed to the other team, a new phrase is generated, and the guessing begins again. All the while, a timer is running behind the scenes and the team not holding the Windows Phone when the buzzer sounds, gets a point. First team to reach seven points wins.

It's a simple gaming app for your Windows Phone and might break the ice at your next house party. The only downside to Catch Phrase Party is that it does not have a free trial version. The full version runs $2.99. It get's good reviews at the Marketplace but a trial version might help win some over.

You can find Catch Phrase Party here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.