CBS Sports Fantasy now available Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

CBS Sports Fantasy is now available on Windows Phone and Windows. You'd think it was time for the 2014 NFL season or something with the number of high quality football apps we've seen lately on Windows. Today CBS Sports fantasy fans walk away with their own app on their phone and tablet. You'll especially want to grab this app if you play in a Yahoo Fantasy Football league. Read on for more details on why you need this app.

Here's what you get with CBS Sports Fantasy on Windows Phone and Windows:

  • All your teams in one place: This app will help you dominate your league whether you play on Yahoo!, ESPN, NFL, or of course CBSSports.
  • Season projections: Projections, 2013 stats and outlooks from our award-winning experts.
  • Draft companion: Access to the latest stats, projections, rankings and news.
  • Player News: Updated news, injury reports and performance predictions that give you the insider advantage.
  • Player rankings and projections: Up-to-date performance projections from our top-ranked experts.


Those are all the features you'll get no matter which fantasy league you hook into the app, but here's what you get with a CBS Sports Fantasy League:

  • Easy team management: This season, it's even easier to set your lineup, add/drop players and make trades.
  • Live scoring. Get fast and accurate fantasy point updates of all the live action so you'll know exactly how you're crushing your competition.
  • League talk: Trash talk, set up draft dates and communicate with other members of your league.
  • Personalized content: Quick and easy access to your team's and league's players and performance


You'll also find Cortana in the Windows Phone version of CBS Sports Fantasy. You can use Cortana voice commands to get scores, standings, schedule and set your line up.

Grab the apps and let us know what you think of the app!

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Thanks for the tip everyone!

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  • I'm 42 years old. I got choked up when I got the notification from Where My App?
  • lol. Who do you have on your fantasy team?
  • Worth mentioning? Drew Brees and Frank Gore.
  • Sam... buried the lead about Cortana support "Fantasy, Set my Line up"!Waited a about 5 years for this, playing on CBS for 9 years.
  • My father in law is going to be very happy. Just Yahoo to go for him now.
  • So article was kinda vagud, and the name of the app too, but does this fully support fantasy from those sites or just football? Basically I am asking because I need a yahoo fantasy hockey option like yesterday!
  • Nice
  • It's for CBS fantasy only. But offers stats and projections to help with other leagues. It fooled me to
  • Ditto. They make it seem as if its for all leagues but it's not. If you guys want a Yahoo one check out Statgnome or the new Fantasy Football Nerd which is in beta.
  • Thanks for the suggestions!  Is there a link for the Fantasy Football Nerd?  My Bing skills failed me in trying to find it.
  • The Windows Phone link gives me a Bad Request error. (On a computer) I was able to get the app by searching the store on my phone. Edit: I was able to get the above link to work by removing the querystring from the end.
  • Sorry. Some extra junk got added to the URL in the post. Fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Nice. I've never played FF through CBS but this looks cool. But really, what do we need to do to get an official Yahoo FF app? I wish they would at least allow full access to the API.
  • I'm just waiting for a Yahoo Fantasy Football app. It's the league I belong to, and the only one that doesn't seem to have an app for WP.
  • Is this for WP 8.1?  I can't get it on my T-Mobile Lumia 925.  Very frustrating. Dear T-Mobile:  Give us the damn update already!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes!  I have been using CBS Sports for Fantasy football since the Sportsline days in the late 90s.  Very happy to finally have this app on WP.  WP has arrived!!!!  Although, at the same time, ESPN decides that they will no longer support WP for there Fantasy Football app.  I moved one of my league over to, since they have an app.  The ESPN app still works, but I don't think you can download it if you don't already have it installed.
  • Funny I downloaded it today... the ESPN app that is
  • Good. Maybe they changed their minds. I searched for it last month and it wouldn't come up in the search. Another person on this site said that he was told by ESPN support that they were no longer developing the app for WP. I was able to find and install the app at the time from my purchase history. Let's hope they don't abandon us. It is great that CBS and are both supporting the OS. Gives ESPN incentive to stick with it.
  • Does anybody know if one can use this for fantasy baseball?
  • Looks like football only at this time. I don't see my baseball league in there. Being that baseball is almost over, there is at least hope that it will be next year, being that the app is generally named "Fantasy" not "Fantasy Football".
  • Got this 3 days ago. Tipped it and I finally got posted.
  • I'm happy to see this show up in the store. Not a bad start, but neither app allows you to set weighting in pick leagues. Hopefully, they can update this quickly, because without that it's not much use to me.
  • Live the Cortana integration. This has to be the next TV commercial.... Siri, "Sorry, can't do that."!!!
  • Ironically, I just tweeted them the other day and complained about their mobile web. In GDR 1, it thinks I'm on Android. Should check the site and see if they fixed it. Not likely. So I'll complain again.
  • Excuse my language, but WHERE THE (-UCK IS YAHOO!
  • This ^^^^^^ Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I cant download :( T-Mobile 925. This would have been awesome since I have a team on CBS.
  • Picks done in app. Picks not there. Fail.
  • We have a Verizon Nokia Icon and 928 with Windows 8.  No dice for these phones.  Are there any Verizon phones that can get the CBS Fantasy Football app other than the M8?
  • Why are there problems with signing in in 2016. Look at the app's reviews in the store. I still can't sign in.