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What you need to know

  • Minecraft is getting a new major update later this year called 'the Nether Update.'
  • It's setting out to be a colossal update, and adds a ton of new stuff.
  • Amongst the additions are new songs for Minecraft's distinctive soundtrack.
  • The songs have been composed by Lena Raine, famous for her work on Celeste.

Yesterday, we reported that Mojang had pushed out a new snapshot, and the snapshot included a very impressive changelog. We mentioned that the snapshot included three new soundtracks to accompany the Nether Update, but didn't elaborate on the origin of the songs. The three songs have been composed by Lena Raine, also known as Lena Chappelle, who's most-known for her work on the Celeste soundtrack.

The songs are quite beautiful, with a haunting melody that captures exactly what the Nether Update was missing until now. According to Lena Raine, "One of the primary instruments in Minecraft is the piano, and so one of my challenges to myself was to see how far I could push the sound of the piano until it resembled other things entirely—again, that alchemical process."

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There are a total of three tracks:

  • Rubedo. This song will be played in the nether wastes biome, which is what the nether we all are familiar with will now be known as.
  • Chrysopoeia. This song will make itself known in crimson forests, so it'll accompany your adventures with hoglins and piglins.
  • So Below. This eery song will follow your every movement through soulsand valley and the new basalt delta biomes, and is possibly my favorite of the three new songs.

I wanted each piece to feel like a progression of emotions, or a journey from place to place within this other world. There's a degree of beauty to the Nether, but it is also terrifying in both its details and scale.

If you want to give the songs a listen, YouTuber xisumatwo captured all three of the new songs in the video above, and they're definitely worth a listen. While some Minecraft fans have expressed disappointment that the new music is being composed by someone different than usual, I like them an awful lot. Lena Raine did a fantastic job providing an added layer of emotion to the Nether, something I thought was sorely missing.

What do you think of the new songs? Do you think they fit the Nether Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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