This CES Award-Winning Battery Can Jump-Start Your Car and Charge Your Phone

(Image credit: Stack Commerce)

When you are driving somewhere remote, it's always a good idea to have a back-up plan. With the JumpSmart 37,000mWh Portable Vehicle Jump Starter Kit (opens in new tab), you can easily bring your car back to life and keep your phone powered. It's now only $89.99 (opens in new tab) when you use the 25% discount code LIMITLESS25.

Named an Editor's Choice at CES 2018 and 2019, this 3-in-1 device is the ultimate emergency tool to have in your trunk. It measures only 10 inches long, but this beast holds enough juice to start an eight-cylinder 5.0L engine.

You simply open the flap at one end of the device, and attach the supplied smart cables. An alarm will sound if these are not hooked up correctly, helping you to avoid accidents.

Even so, jumping a car in the dark can be tricky — so the JumpSmart has a built-in flashlight that delivers 330 lumens. In addition, you can use the device as a regular power bank, so you can easily juice up your phone in a pinch.

Along with cars, you can use this jump starter on trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and many other vehicles. It comes with a carrying case for protection, and the device itself is made from durable aluminum.

It's normally priced at $119.99, but you can pick it up today for just $89.99 (opens in new tab) by using code LIMITLESS25

WC Staff