Chasing Zombies, a Windows Phone game where you battle candy stealing Zombies

Chasing Zombies snuck under our radar and landed in the Windows Phone Store back in April. The Windows Phone game joins a crowded group of endless runner styled games but has a decent amount of appeal. You play the role of Spooky Pumpkin, who has had all his candy stolen by a pesky pack of Zombies.

You end up chasing these Zombies on your bicycle across an obstacle course full of jumps, spike pits and other deadly dangers in hopes of reclaiming your candy.

There are plenty of Zombies to bash and candy to collect with Chasing Zombies. After spending a little time with Chasing Zombies, it comes across as a fun Windows Phone game to pass the time with. Unfortunately though, Chasing Zombies is not available for low-memory Windows Phones

Chasing Zombies Menu

Chasing Zombies greets you with a somewhat cluttered main menu that has options to play the game and a menu button that will provide you access to the game's store and mission list. You also have directional arrows that are used to navigate between the gaming levels and a settings button (about screen, mute button, etc.).

Chasing Zombies Store

The gaming store has options to spend the candy you collect to upgrade your bike, buy power-ups and to purchase stylish hats for your pumpkin rider to wear. You also have in-app purchase opportunities to increase your candy account.

The cluttered feel to the main menu comes from the ad-banner at the top of the screen. It just sits there like a sore thumb but luckily, the banner goes away when you jump into game play but is present on a few of the sub-menus (game store, missions, etc.). You can always fork over $.99 via in-app purchase to get rid of it should it become too annoying.

Chasing Zombies Missions

Again, Chasing Zombies is an endless runner game but you have four different levels that are unlocked as you reach candy collection levels. The new levels offer you a change of scenery and a few new missions/tasks. The goal in any level you play is to race your bike as far as possible, collect as much candy as possible and destroy as many Zombies as possible. While the heart of Chasing Zombies is an endless runner game, you do have side missions or tasks that you can try to tackle such as crushing a number of boulders or destroying a set number of Zombies.

Chasing Zombies

Game mechanics are simple in that to jump your bicycle just tap the screen. You can keep your bicycle afloat in E.T. style by continuously tapping the screen. In the upper left corner of the screen is a power meter that will grow as you collect your candy. When the meter is full, you can swipe to the right to give your pumpkin rider a boost of speed. You can also use this burst of speed to shatter boulders.

Chasing Zombies

The dangers your pumpkin will have to avoid includes bottomless pits, spikes, boulders, random sharp objects being thrown at him and land mines. As far as the Zombies are concerned, they are fair game and you can kill them by ramming them with your bicycle or forcing them into any of the dangers laying around. The further you ride, the faster the game's pace becomes.

There are gifts scattered about the course that will transform your pumpkin into a super monster. You can become a witch, a werewolf or a vampire for a short period, each with unique abilities to help you survive a little longer.

Chasing Zombies

Chasing Zombies isn't an overly difficult game to play, but it will test your concentration to keep your pumpkin safe.

Overall Impression

Chasing Zombies isn't a bad endless runner game. Graphics are decent, game play challenging and the game grows on you ever so slightly, but I'm not sure if it can hold up to marathon gaming sessions. It does handle shorter gaming spurts rather nicely though.

As far as any complaints are concerned, while I'm not a fan of the ad banner on the main menu the banner doesn't invade the gaming screen. Chasing Zombies is worth the $.99 cost to get rid of the banner but if you opt to keep the ad support, it is bearable.

Overall, I found Chasing Zombies to be an entertaining Windows Phone game well worth trying. At last check, Chasing Zombies scores a 4.5 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store, which is about spot on for this game. If you try Chasing Zombies, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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