Chicks n Vixens updated with new locations

Chicks n Vixens continues to move through the Beta updates. Beta v 0.9 (shows up on my Windows Phone as v 0.95) is now available that brings new levels, new locations, and cleaner graphics to the "angry birds" styled game.

The game has added Paris, Bavaria (complete with cows), Polar, and Vesuvius locations to the game. While the original location, Uluru, has 23 levels the new locations have anywhere from 1 (Vesuvius) to 11 (Paris) levels.

Unfortunately, the update also brings a few glitches to things to remind you that this is a Beta game. There is an annoying numeric that skips on the upper left area of the screen and a few of the levels in the Polar and Vesuvius locations are missing components. For example, with Level 1 of the Polar location the chicken canon is hovering in mid-air. [Edit: The number is a frame-rate counter--DR]

The game continues to show promise. Even though the game is still in the Beta stages, essentially a work in progress, the update just seemed incomplete. I would have rather seen the additional locations come to the game when they had more levels and weren't missing graphics.

You can find your free copy of Chicks n Vixens here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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  • The reason for this release was just to make sure the new regions are actually working on all devices and nothing is going wrong with the updated code, v1.0 will be coming very soon (within the next two weeks or even week if I have my way) which should lcear up the last few glitches and add in a bunch more levels for the new regions :)
  • Game is SWEET
  • I believe that the "graphical glitch" (the numbers) is the Frames per second indicator.