Chime in: Are non-replaceable batteries in Surface PCs an issue?

Surface Pro
Surface Pro

The Surface Pro from Microsoft is one fine 2-in-1 laptop, with its 2,736 x 1,824 resolution touch display, detachable keyboard and touchpad, and plenty of hardware configuration options. There's even an LTE version for those who are constantly on the go and cannot be bothered with a lack of internet.

The battery in the Surface Pro, which realistically gets about eight hours of use from a single charge (Microsoft claims about 13.5 hours), is essentially non-replaceable, and this is a concern for some potential buyers. Windows Central forum member skstrials recently created a thread asking a few questions about Surface laptops and their batteries.

I am looking at getting a Surface Pro with i5, 8gb, and 128gb storage. Everything looks good except that the battery is sealed and glued in. For the current owners, how do you guys plan on changing the battery later? Does MS offer any battery replacement program? Wouldnt it be absurd to have the entire hardware go to waste, with just faulty battery a few years down the line?


The main question here is how current Surface owners plan on changing out a worn-down battery in the years to come, if at all. There are already a number of replies talking about some first-hand experience with Surface batteries; most are positive, saying battery life shouldn't become an issue as long as you take proper care of it.

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Have you had to search out a worthwhile battery replacement kit? Have you had any issues with the battery in your Surface device? Drop by the forum and let skstrials know what you think!

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