Chime in: Ask your VR, AR, and WMR questions in our new VR forums

The VR world continues to grow, and as it does, more people become caught up in its face-hugging awesomeness. With the upcoming release of the HTC Vive Pro, exciting news on the horizon from Oculus, and the continued emergence of Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), there are understandably a lot of questions and lots of room for discussion.

The Windows Central VR forums have been expanded and improved to encompass everything VR, AR, WMR, and VR expert and forum member krisguy created a thread asking everyone to drop in and introduce themselves.

I'm krisguy, and I have been the Ambassador for VRHeads forums since day one. Now with the change in focus, our team is going to spread our wings and talk about VR/AR stuff in Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore! I'm starting this thread so people that are into VR/AR have a chance to put their name out there! Please say hi!


Whether you're new to VR or you have headset lines embedded into your forehead from hours of playtime, drop by and say hi to krisguy and the rest who've introduced themselves. You won't be sorry!

Likewise, the overall VR and AR lounge should prove to be a great place to hang out and swap stories and information, and there are already a few interesting threads.

Join the VR party on the Windows Central forum

Cale Hunt

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