Chime in: Will Microsoft announce a foldable 'Surface phone' at MWC 2018?

Microsoft exited the building of mobile development but is the company out completely? Many still hold on to the belief that the Redmond giant has a foldable Surface phone in the works, and with MWC 2018 just around the corner, there's still hope. That said, we've yet to see anything aside from speculation, dreams, and concepts. Microsoft has not announced any plans to continue working on the mobile front — quite the opposite, to be honest — but some still hold out hope that the time of Windows on phone will come again.

ARM support with Windows is already taking shape with some new portable PCs rocking Qualcomm chips. Windows as an OS is fairly versatile with the now stagnant Windows mobile and main desktop OS that has been adapted to work on mobile hardware. We could potentially see phone-esque devices running Windows, but the Surface phone remains a dream. Windows Central community member dharma teja1 is waiting patiently:

Can we expect Surface phone on MWC 2018? If no,then when can we expect?

dharma teja1

What are your thoughts on the Surface phone and the dead horse that is Windows mobile? Still holding out hope for at least something in 2018 to be positive for the defunct platform? Will MWC bring some good news? Join in the conversation over on our forum to let us know your thoughts.

From the forum: Can we expect Surface phone on MWC 2018?

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