Chime in: Do you use Microsoft Pay?

Microsoft used to have a service called Wallet that stored all your bank and loyalty cards. The company rebranded the platform to Microsoft Pay to better compete against Android Pay and Apple Pay. Think of it as Microsoft's version of PayPal. Microsoft recently added support for Masterpass, so we're intrigued to learn if you've been using the service to make purchases online.

Community member Lobo Technician took to our forum to ask who has been using the service and recommends it to newcomers and those looking to switch from other solutions.

Read the Article below: Microsoft Pay is now available with Masterpass So, I have to be honest I did not realize that there was such a thing as "Microsoft Pay", though now that I do I find it very interesting and convenient, it might even take PayPal's place as my online payment client. Though it seems very far from achieving that goal for now, I am not sure how secure it is, and I don't...

Lobo Technician

It's a fairly seamless experience, requiring you to have a valid payment gateway enabled. Humorously, I can use Microsoft Pay, which uses my PayPal account to fund the transaction. The issue Microsoft has with Pay is PayPal is extraordinarily convenient and is supported by many online merchants. If the tech giant is able to get a grasp on the market and manages to get more big sites under its belt, I can certainly see the service growing.

Have you tried Microsoft Pay out? Let us know your thoughts on our forum.

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