That's the question we're asking today over on our Xbox forums. Before we unveil our awesome new Xbox and gaming section on Windows Central, we're curious as to how you think we should provide Xbox coverage moving forward, specifically with game reviews in mind.

Jez Corden

On Windows Central we're looking at ramping up our Xbox coverage in the near future, with an all new Xbox section with separate social channels. You can check out a preview of that right here. As we move forward, we'd like to hear your opinions on our Xbox coverage in general, but especially with regards to game reviews. When you're looking for a game review, do you prefer in-depth written...


Do you prefer your game reviews long and in-depth? Do you prefer videos, or a combination of both?

Also if you have any other feedback to offer on our Xbox coverage, which usually consists of exclusive leaks, game reviews, accessory reviews, general Xbox and gaming news, and the occasional opinion piece, drop it in that thread above. Together, we can shape our Xbox coverage moving forward!