Chime in: How important would the camera be on a 'Surface phone?'

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We love the cameras on our smartphones. To many, cameras are an incredibly important factor when it comes to buying a new device. That's not the case with everyone, however. I personally couldn't care less about the camera on my phone, because I rarely use it. I like to experience things in the moment, rather than watch it through my phone's screen.

Regardless, we know a lot of Lumia fans find the camera to be very important. So we're curious, how important would the camera on a Surface phone be to you? If the Surface phone is enterprise-focused, would a good camera really matter all that much? Should all devices have good cameras these days?

I agree as well. Even if they are focusing on enterprise, if you expect someone to replace their phone with your device, you should provide at least a camera that is equal to what you have on iPhone or Pixel.


I understand that there are many people out there who won't consider a device unless it has a good camera. If so, if the Surface phone had an "average" camera, would that be good enough? Or should Microsoft aim to have the best camera out of all similar devices on the market?

We want to know your thoughts, and our community is already discussing this in our forums. Join in and let us know what you think.

Is the camera on a Surface phone an important factor?

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