Chime in: Is Microsoft's Continuum dead on phones?

CShell Desktop Composer
CShell Desktop Composer (Image credit: Windows Central)

Now that Microsoft says it's no longer focused on Windows 10 Mobile, an important question has arisen among the remaining Windows phone users: What does the future hold for Continuum on phones? We already know Microsoft is continuing to invest in the Continuum idea on other form-factors, but for phones specifically? It isn't looking good.

Existing Windows phones today likely won't see any more updates to the Continuum experience. That wasn't always going to be the case, however. With CShell, Microsoft was going to enable a more familiar desktop experience when using Continuum on phones, but since the company is no longer focused on Windows 10 Mobile, CShell isn't going to arrive on existing Windows phone handsets.

There's a lively, related conversation happening in our forums right now.

Now that Windows 10 Mobile is dead, what is the future of Continuum? Will it suffer the same fate as W10M? Continuum made sense when a mobile platform was available, it was a way of having a pseudo computer available thru your Windows Phone. Now that it's platform is gone, what do you think will be the next move for it? I really like this feature, because it made it possible for me to use my...


Now, that doesn't mean the work Microsoft is doing with CShell won't show up elsewhere eventually. We suspect Microsoft's currently in-development foldable device will offer some form of Continuum, which will display a familiar desktop environment when projected on a large display. Continuum, when powered by CShell, brings the same desktop experience you know and love to mobile devices, including the ability to manipulate multiple windows at any given time.

So, yes, Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile is dead; there won't be any new features or enhancements coming. But the Continuum idea itself is alive and well. In fact, it's only going to get better.

Some of our users are already talking about their thoughts on the future of Continuum on phones, and we want you to join in too. Make sure you head to our forums and let us know what you think of Microsoft's phone Continuum efforts!

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