Earlier this year Microsoft partnered with Amazon to deliver dual-assistant capabilities for Alexa and Cortana. Cross-platform integration merged the power of both assistants, bringing together Microsoft's productivity expertise and Amazon's retail empire. And following our hands-on, it's still somewhat surreal to see the duo united.

This brings new capabilities to both tech giants, especially for Cortana, where the assistant has failed to innovate as rapidly as the competition. One Windows Central forum user recently drew attention to these advantages, sharing their Harmon Kardon Invoke and Amazon Echo Dot setup.

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We got an Invoke for Xmas and parked it in the kitchen where she has been very helpful and fun. Hue lights were added also. Two little issues. First, since it is on my MS account any calendar entries are only on my calendar. Second, If we are in the living room and want to turn on the Hue lights we must get up and go to the kitchen. We just got an Echo Dot and now we have Alexa in the...


As always, we want your experiences with Cortana and Alexa so far. What does Alexa's integration bring for Microsoft enthusiasts? And has Cortana changed your Amazon Echo experience? Drop into the forum thread linked below and sound off with your thoughts.

From the forums: Cortana meets Alexa