Chime in: Should Microsoft launch an ARM-powered Surface in 2018?

Windows on ARM is something that we're all excited for, but yet to see anything from. It has been announced, but beyond some technical demos, nothing in the way of consumer hardware.

Down in the Windows Central forums, one thread is wondering whether Microsoft should go down this route in 2018 with a new Surface.

Do you think an ARM-powered 10" Surface is likely to be released next year or it will be replaced by Microsoft's new foldable device? I hope it will be available in the first months of 2018, but since no one is talking about it, I'm starting to have doubts about it.

samuele dassatti

The Surface 3 was the last 'small' Surface from Microsoft and it eventually came in an LTE variant to create a pretty perfect mobile productivity machine. But there was no Surface 4, and Microsoft now seems focussed entirely on the larger, Pro model.

But that's not to say an ARM-powered Surface 4 wouldn't be a great idea. A 10-inch Surface with always on LTE connectivity and insane battery life? We're already salivating at the thought.

But what do you think? Should Microsoft lead by example and stick out an ARM-powered Surface? Do you think they could do something like this in 2018? Or will it be down to the OEM partners? Whatever your thoughts, hit the forums thread below and join the conversation!

Imagining an ARM-powered Surface

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