ASUS MR Headset

Received a new Xbox One X console or a smartphone? Perhaps a bunch of smaller, but incredibly useful devices? It's the time for giving and receiving gifts and technology has played a large part in the last decade. From consoles and games to computers, smart home appliances, and cool gadgets, there are thousands of products out there that can put a smile on any tech enthusiast's face.

Windows Central managing editor, Al Sacco is going to be spending countless hours restarting the same boss fight in Cuphead, likely after a glass too many to improve reaction times.

Al Sacco
Al Sacco

So, it's the holiday season once again, and for many of us that means NEW GEAR! I love me some new tech toys. This year I'm spending a good chunk of my holiday downtime messing with Samsung's HMD Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset, which I just got. I also plan to spend some time playing (and mostly failing at) Cuphead. Seriously, that game is too @#$%*&^ hard. But I still love it. How...


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