Chime in: What's the best Windows 10 music player?

That's the question that has been asked down in the Windows Central Forums, and we want to hear from you.

I have a massive cd collection i want to store on my computer I need to know a good player to use with windows 10. I used to use wmp but I guess guess that is compatible now.

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Since we're specifically talking about PCs, the choices are pretty good, thanks to being able to download Win32 apps from anywhere. There are old favorites, for example, such as VLC and Foobar2000.

Inside the Windows 10 Store, there are also great apps, some of which we've looked at recently on the homepage. Light Media Player and Bread Player are two excellent choices, the latter being completely free and open source.

But this isn't about what we'd pick. We're looking for some user feedback, so hit the forums thread below and let us know what you're rocking out with.

From the forums: I need to know a good music player for Windows 10

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