HP Elite x3

Using a Windows phone has always been met with a mixed bag of reactions from other smartphone owners. They're either interested in learning more about the unique object you have in your hand or react with shock and horror at something that isn't as amazing as their precious Android or iOS. Still, Windows phones continue to be used to this very day so we're interested

Community member PG2connect went to our forum to ask other members to share reactions they've experienced.


Person: Oh you have a windows phone! I think I should give that a try. me: "you can't buy one, they're pretty much not making anymore" Person: What? I just heard about it!


There are some cracking Windows phones, even to this day still available for purchase. We rounded up some of the best out there, including the super-powerful HP Elite x3.

When I used to rock the Lumia 1520 years ago, it drew a fair amount of attention. Mostly because it was a huge slab of yellow polycarbonate plastic and had Windows Phone 8 loaded with some awesome looking Live Tiles. Interestingly, I always felt as though the later Lumia family of phones from Microsoft went under the radar. They weren't as bold as what Nokia produced back in the day.

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