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Best Windows Phone in 2022

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you need a Windows Phone in 2019, the Lumia 950 XL (opens in new tab) is your best bet thanks to its good camera and manageable device size. However, we don't recommend buying a Windows Phone at all in 2019. Instead, we're recommending other Android phones that we think are a good fit for Windows Phone users looking to make the switch.

Lumia 950 XL

The only flagship offering you can still buy in 2019

Who should buy the Lumia 950 XL

If we're entirely honest, you really shouldn't be buying a Windows Phone in 2019. Starting in December, Microsoft will no longer update Windows 10 Mobile handsets with security patches and bug fixes, and soon, features and apps will stop working. Only buy a Windows Phone if you know what you're getting yourself into.

Is it a good time to buy a Windows Phone?

It's not. Microsoft recommends customers purchase an iOS or Android device and install Microsoft's apps instead.

Why buy a Lumia 950 XL?

If you're not deferred by the impending death of Windows 10 Mobile, the Lumia 950 XL is a great buy thanks to its relatively small form factor for a 5.8-inch device with a 16:9 display that isn't bezel-less.

This phone is good to shoot pictures with. The rear-facing, 20-megapixel PureView camera has a ZEISS F/1.9 lens and a three-LED flash that captures stunning stills and 4K video, while the front-facing, 5-megapixel camera is enough for selfies and video chats.

The Lumia 950 XL comes with 32GB of included storage that can be expanded by up to 200GB with a microSD card, which is great for anyone who loves to shoot 4K video. It's the best camera on a Windows 10 Mobile device today.

Unfortunately, those are the only stand-out features of the Lumia 950 XL in 2019. Every other non-Windows Phone flagship released in the last 12 months beats the Lumia 950 XL in all departments.

Alternatives to Windows Phone

OnePlus 7 Pro

We do not recommend buying a Windows Phone in 2019. Here's a list of devices that we do recommend instead.

OnePlus 7 Pro

We outright recommend the OnePlus 7 Pro as the device to get if you're just switching from a Windows Phone since the software is so easily customizable. You can load it up with all of Microsoft's software and services, including the Microsoft Launcher, Your Phone Companion, Outlook, Edge, and more, and essentially turn it into a Microsoft smartphone. It also integrates nicely with Microsoft's Your Phone app on PC.

Google Pixel 3a

The Pixel 3a is an excellent pick if you're not too keen on splashing out a lot of cash for a new Android phone, but want to ensure you have an excellent camera in your pocket. At just $399, the Pixel 3a is packing the same flagship tier camera found in the normal Pixel 3 line, providing clear and crisp photos that are unmatched in the smartphone industry. It's also a great first time Android device for those switching from Windows Phone, thanks to its plastic shell, cheap price, and clean software experience.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

If you're not afraid of the Android ecosystem and want the absolute best of the best, you can't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S10+. It has everything, even features you probably don't need. It features an under display fingerprint sensor, five cameras throughout the front and back, the best OLED screen on the market, a hole-punch camera cutout for the dual-front facing cameras, and an excellent premium design. This all comes at a premium cost too, so you know it's a true Android flagship.

Final thoughts

Do not buy a Windows Phone in 2019. It simply is not worth it. Apps are being removed, and Microsoft is outright pulling support for the platform at the end of this year. None of the phones that run Windows Phone today are "new," and definitely not worth your money. Get an Android. If you must get a Windows Phone, the Lumia 950 XL is your best bet thanks to its good camera, large OLED display, and removable battery with expandable storage.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • lol.. L950 mobile is too buggy. My friend hates me for advising him to purchase it.
    I had 730 dual SIM with latest 10 mobile OS. Hating it.... full of bugs, unable to use it for normal use. i think my long relationship with Windows Phone might get end by this year.... Hate to admit, now a days Android OEM phones are lot lot better than MS mobiles.... Just waiting for Nokia Android Mobile....
  • Hate to say it too, but no lumia flagships aka surface phone on the horizon, and if...nothing until over half a year into future. And then we have Nokia android mobile too at the years end and probably revealed in coming months. Switchtime :)
  • absolutely right. see the current situation of production builds... literally half baked. no improvements at all. I cant understand why they r focusing so much on new features instead of rectifying current issues. So many bugs, no limit to mention... everyday I found new one... reporting in windows feedback is useless has they don't care about it.
  • So many whiners no issues on my 950xl
  • Same here... Had more bugs on my Lumia 925.
  • You are compromising ... Right?
  • There are tons of issues, you just choose to live with them!
  • why don't u choose to step away from this conversation instead of commenting ?
  • LOL - you could have chosen not to comment (with nothing but complaints, which are not constructive) on this article about the best Windows phones, but you went ahead anyway. I think the th34monk3ys is entitled to respond.
  • Live by it is not my policy, when u talk about best phone there is none in windows as of now because of too many issues of windows phone..... U can't just self declare something is best.
  • He can self declare anything is the best. You're mixing up the OS with the hardware. This whole post is about the hardware thats available in 2016. All you are doing is whinging about the bloody OS in the production ring. Windows Mobile (Yeah thats right, MOBILE) isnt perfect but neither is Android and iOS. Also, Learn proper English.
  • A phone is a combination of both H/w and S/W. U can't rate a phone just with its H/W. Most of the Chinese phones comes with huge Hardware specifications but what makes difference b/w them and us is OS. Its very hard to use swipe keyboard in Win10 Mob. I am ignoring all the words bcz its pain to retype each and every word again and again. People think i am windows hater but you guys didn't know how I motivated my friends and colleagues to make purchase windows mobiles since 8.1 OS release. I have to whine because why can't u understand MS vision is not on Mobiles anymore ? U don't understand how many issues I reported in Windows Feedback. Lumia Help twitter is useless when I have issues with Production builds, I solved few of the issues by research and reported to Lumia. Last week there was a guy who says Android is better than Windows and blah blah blah. But I defended our OS. When time comes we defend our OS meanwhile I will whine and get what I want. When AU is delayed for mobile, I literally tweeting Dona Sarkar about possible release dates. then one of their helpers replied about the AU update.
    I don't care about criticism.
  • @Like wise1, if you look at the big things that MS is doing, it is clear that they are working very hard on mobile. They developed the entire UWP strategy and program, bought Xamarin, etc. just to be sure they could leverage their strength on the desktop side over to eventually help drive mobile OS adoption. These don't directly affect us in the nearm term as Windows Phone users, but frankly, there are so few of us, it's perfectly reasonable that Microsoft is basically treating Windows Phone like something they're about to launch, rather than an existing OS. I also happen to think that the OS is just about perfect now following the post-AU updates. My only gripe with the OS is that the mail app still doesn't auto-zoom all messages to the right size, and that's a pretty minor problem. I also suffer from being tied to Verizon in the US (only carrier with coverage here), which means the Lumia Icon is the newest phone I can get, but at least for now, while hoping for a Surface Phone in 2017, that's good enough.
  • Man, don't waste your time coddling these little cry babies. Let them sulk, and hopefully grow the sack to move on to something that they complin less about.
  • Nice comment, and I mean that. Not too many people with the sack to use the word sack to tell people to grab a sack and stop acting like petulant adolescents.
  • You're putting all this effort into complaining, yet the option to go with a different phone/OS hasn't crossed your mind? Who do you expect to take you and your garbage seriously when complaining and crying is your only solution?
  • The title does say best WINDOWS phone so comparing to other non-Windows phones is illogical.
  • "when u talk about best phone", but the article is not talking about the "best phone" as you seem to state! The article is talking about "the best 'Windows' phone" so learn to read first! If you had argue that the Elite X3 was better, I could see your point, perhaps the X3 is better, I don't know because I haven't used it, but those are the top (stay with me here) 'Windows' phones! Now about the 'best phone' overall, I would have though Note 7 was going to be it, but then again even in the best families crap happens, so no, Samsung's Note 7 is not even close to be the best phone! Perhaps the S7!
  • what issues?
  • Same, the only problem I have with my 950 and 950XL is deciding which one I want to use
  • Weren't the 950 and 950XL released in 2015?  The whining should be how are these the best of 2016 when they are 2015 phones.  That's the shame of it all.  Other than the HP phone what can Windows Phone users be proud of?  You would think there would be more "whining" for the lack of new phones.
  • I think this consumerism where a phone has to be made in 2016 and not only one, but many is rediculous.  The 950 and 950xl are still comparable phones to last years.  They do what I need my phone to do.  I don't need pokemon go or any android apps, or ios apps for that matter, so I'm happy.  Why can't anyone else be?
  • Because my 950 is in repairs the second time, I hate the damn thing, I wasted 420£ on that phone and had issues since release as an idiot windows fan, I tried to live with them, but enough is enough, not a windows fan anymore, even worse now I stay away for any windows product and don't recommend it, bad customer service, support know of all the issues and they can't do anything about it but still treat you like the problem with the phone is unusual when there are thousands of forums of people reporting those problems, but support guys still find it surprising when you tell them your Lumia 950 gets really hot or keeps rebooting, or doesn't more windows for me, and is going to be long as I don't plan to waste the money I paid for the phone so I'm going to use for a long as I can.
  • @phxchristian This is almost funny... :) So everyone else's happiness should be predicated on your happiness?  Wow! Wow! Wow!  A little self absorb aren't we.  I don't need pokemon, I don't need android apps or iOS apps!  But what I'd like to see is a new version of a phone every year!  Just like the iPhone!  If that's too much too asked then that's too bad for you.  I think it's a reasonable expectation. 
  • I don't need pokemon go or any android apps, or ios apps for that matter, so I'm happy.  Why can't anyone else be?
    Because not everyone else is like you. Somebody else might be missing some essential apps for Windows. The "flagship" devices look like being assembled directly on the streets: they look cheap, they feel cheap. The OS is riddled with bugs, and developers are leaving the platform on a mass scale. A huge disappointment for people who have stayed with the platform for many years, only to find out that they have been waiting for Godot.
  • Model years are different from calendar years and alwasy have been.  You can buy a 2017 car right now (or very soon) from some dealers but no one bugs Ford in the middle of the summer because there are no new cars. Model Year often coincides with a company's fiscal year and here the confusion comes from Microsoft's fiscal year which is from July 1st to July 1st. It was released in F16, so it is officially their 2016 release.  New releases for F17 (which Microsoft is currently in) are usually announced in October.   Just as Apple announces their phones late in the year and releases them late in the year.  (iphone 6s was announced and released in 2015 as well, but is their 2016 model year phone).   hth
  • @WinCoder I understand that point so I'm anxiously awaiting the news about the new upcoming devices then.  Should I hold my breath?  :)
  • Wait until yours lock up randomly with the "this device is locked for security reasons, please connect to a power source for 2 hours and then restart"
    Problem is, many hours later it still won't restart.
    Over 100 people have complained on Microsoft's own board, which is pretty high percentage considering sales, Bing that
  • Why are they whiners for stating their experience?
  • @Sabre I know right?!  Some of these folks think everyone has the same experiences.  If your phone is working correctly then count your blessings.  Not everyone has been that fortunate.  I've replaced my SP3 once.  Bad screen.  I've replaced my Lumia 950 once bad speaker.  The rep tried to convince me there was no issue.  I pulled out my Lumia 830 and played my music on 15 and it was loud.  I turned up my Lumia 950 on 30 and only a whisper.  He then replaced my phone. 
  • My first Lumia 950xl reset about 10 times a day. Overheated and shut off several times a day too. Just from normal things like web browsing. Returned that one in my 30 day window. Second one was fine until mid-July. Then it started shutting off duing the unlocking procedure requiring a forced reset about 10 times a day. Thought it might be a OS/firmware problem. Waited until Anniversary update and no improvement. It is currently off being "fixed." (I hope). Some of us have serious hardware issues with the 950xl.
  • If you have a ****** battery, like I had a few weeks ago, then you've get what you describe. I've cursed mine during that period. But when I discovered that the battery was faulty (bold, not flat anymore), and replaced it with a new one, all you described was gone. Only issue that I have is the short warranty on battery, and that I should send-in the complete phone to get the battery replaced (if covert by warranty). Didn't want to do that so I take my loss (€25,-), and moved one. Rock solid with AU at this moment.
  • You guys do realize that Nokia now is just a brand that was sold right? That means it most likely won't follow the same values as Nokia did years ago.
  • Well there are lots of old Nokians and new blood in the HMD organisation and I'm sure they will deliver both quality and innovations. Will see some great products in coming year.
  • You are correct in regards to manufacturing and possibly Customer service. But as far as software and phone design, it's still Nokia. The question is will the manufacturing match the Nokia manufacturing of yore.
  • new phone models don't fix software issues... not on any platform.  I will definitely agree with you that the phone was damn near unusable when it was released because it was released with Beta software... I don't necessarily agree with that decision, but they were trying to keep their device release cadence (see my post above) even thought the software wasn't ready.  I personally think that the state of mobile is horrible right now... Apple is uninspiring, uninnovative and getting more buggy and less user focused with every model/release; Android is just a mess, fun for people that like to steal (knowingly or unknowingly) software, full of viruses (lots of reports on that) and, in general, basically windows 95ish; Windows Mobile is STILL buggy & missing a lot of the great features that made it Windows Phone in versions 7&8.1.  I am still a Windows Mobile fan more so than the other two, but it's kind of like choosing the prettiest poo at this point as nothing is great.
  • well, with that logic, you should abandon all phones, because no one has announced their next phone yet... Apple hasnt told anyone if the next iPhone will be 7, 6sss, what features are on it or anything... Google hasnt announced the specs or release date of the next Nexus, and not a peep out of Samsung about the Galaxy S8 or Note 8....  Guess there wont be any more new smartphones!!! You know why Microsoft hasnt announced a new phone yet???  Because they already released 3 models in this past Fiscal Year...  Their announcements traditionally come in October (for the past 4 years) andguess what???  Its not yet October. I understand that you want to know what the next phone will be, trust me, I do too...  But, like Apple fans, Samsung fans, Google fans, we have to wait untli they announce their phones on their schedules.
  • Ok. You haven't mentioned your issues with the 950. I too own one and I don't see any bug that really want me to say that the device is buggy. I can very much say that after the anniversary update, I hardly come across any significant bug. Pls note, I'm yet to do a factory reset after my purchase.
  • I don't own one... I have millions of issues with my L730 but I will mention few issues of my friend who owned L950 in US with my advice.
    1. Since day 1 his L950 battery life is not good, don't say its battery issue bcz i am feeling same in my L730 and few of L830 of my friends.
    2. auto time change is not working when he entered into different time zone. he know how to change it to Auto bcz previously he owned L640 and this feature worked perfect in win8.1.
    3. Music get pause automatically when u were travelling. Actually same issue iam facing since my first mobile purchase L610 in 2012. No solution in forums, win feedback which I am reporting it since 2014.
    4. While listening to music if u get call u can't hear ringtone even if ur ringer is ON. Audio is getting pause and cant hear anything.
    5. He can't turn ON 4 alarms. only 1 is working and remaining get turned OFF automatically it seems. he did hard reset twice but still facing same issue. He use to report me an issue per day. What to say ?
    U get abuses and downvoted when u raise an issue. hahahaha
  • I agree with the battery life. It's a big mistake by Microsoft to have a QHD display on a 5.2 inch device which eats up your battery. A full HD display should have been more than good.
  • I agree. The screen definitely sucks down battery and it heats up the phone.
  • 1,3,4 and 5: None of those problems here with my ICON (929). My 928 didn't have these problems either, but it did run slow (old hardware). I cannot comment on #2.
  • I would love the chance to give an opinion on one of these new devices if Microsoft would only throw a bone to those of us stuck with Verizon. My Icon is getting buggy and I don't want to leave, but may have to bite the android bullet...but NEVER the apple!
  • Its Verizon that's not supporting the phones.  What could Microsoft do?  Describe what throwing you a bone would be?
  • I have an icon as well and didn't have any of the problems listed. However I use my phone in the car a lot and the broken Bluetooth and to a lesser extent the wifi issues really wkre me down. I tried hard resetting, multiple developer preview versions, and the official release from Verizon. I rolled back to 8.1 and things worked fine again but I shouldn't have to resort to year old software to have a properly working phone. Last weekend I moved my icon to a spare line and bought a Note 7. Other than the risk of exploding it has been great. I do miss WP (when it is working right) if there had been any concrete evidence of new phones on Verizon I would have struck it out. I will keep my icon up to date with DP and hope for a surface phone in the spring. But for now I am enjoying a relatively good MS experience on Android
  • I'm in the same boat. I'm on Verizon and the ICON finally died on me and didn't want to step down to the 735, so went with the Note 5. Ordered a Note 7 and am awaiting to exchange it due to the recall. I did go back to my Note 5 for a weekend trip but about to carefully use and monitor my Note 7 until then.  Still am a big Windows Phone fan but have no other choice on Verizon right now. 
  • I am switching from a Note 7 to a 950 XL because the Note 7 runs slower than I expected and I do fear it exploding. So hopefully the 950 runs as well as the 920 did back in the day.
    You guys notice any slowness on your Notes?
  • YES!!!! My Note 7, while having an amzing screen (and I like the curved screen), has a lot more lag than my Note 5 ever did, Sadly, as mentioned, I have no fallback options for a Windows Phone. And I'm still using my Note 7 until it can be replaced. It is always near me when charging and I usually use wireless charging which has been slower than expected but never gets hot. 
  • Mine doesn't seem as fast as my friends Nexus 6P. if ATT or T-Mobile was a good option where I live I would move our lines to ATT and get the 950XL or the HP. But the ATT coverage here is nowhere near what Verizon has. 
  • On Verizon with an Icon running Windows Phone 10 14393.103 and have zero problems. Syncs perfectly with my car's Bluetooth system, including Cortana for voice control through the car's system. Battery life is fine and gets me through the whole day on a charge (not quite as good as 8.1, but maybe goes down 10% faster, which could also just be the aging battery -- all batteries on all phones lose life as they age and eventually will barely hold a charge). All apps work well. Swipe to type works fine (it did seem to be a bit more accurate under 8.1) and love the addition of the cursor control, which more than makes up for any decrease in Swipe accuracy. I've never done a hard reset ever since I've owned the Icon. The biggest issue I have with the phone, and it's minor, is that mail messages are often not scaled optimally when opened, so I have to zoom in a little on some messages to make them full screen. I very much hope for a Verizon phone, not because I have any problems (I don't), but just because I want the latest and greatest and it's not available on our carrier. But I would still put my Icon against almost any other phone out there. Thanks to Windows 10 Mobile, I am far more productive than iOS or Android users on any hardware.
  • With respect to #2, this drove me nuts for the longest time.  One would think since its set to auto-update that it would when you change time zones, but no it doesn't.  In order for it to auto-update, you need to have "Location Services" active and running then it will auto-update.  Makes no sense to me why it would be dependent on that...
  • if the location is not Set ON how do it know u have changed Time zone ? will it use mobile network ? Location service is set ON.
  • it used to do that, and people LOST THEIR MINDS about it.  They were confused and wanted to know what time it was "back home"   I remember this issue popping up and thought it was rediculous then.  Unfortunately, the vocal majority rulled at that time, I personally, wish they hadn't.
  • ya L730 became slow on Win 10 compare to win 8.1 where L930,1520,950/XL they are going strong...hope they optimise win 10 in future builds..
  • Just update firmware + Windows 10 mobile and all should be solved. Apart from that i agree with Daniel Rubino about the 950XL one point to mention compared to HP = the 950 \XL has a better resolution camera ...
  • Oh, wow! That's some serious bugs! /s  Battery issues has mostly been sorted out in the latest builds.  
  • Screen OFF issue is almost gone.. but now they need to dealt with Screen ON issue.. it may take 1 or 2 yrs to resolve this issue and that update is going to release in redstone2... by then our phones are not compatible for RS2
  • Maybe your friend has a bad phone, I have had my Lumia 950 AT&T version since December 2015 and haven't experienced any of those issues. My 950 has been rock solid
  • I have literally 0 of those issues on my 950xl. One issue I do have is continuum. When I'm done and I unplug it and later come back to it it no longer recognizes the monitor and it puts the mouse on my phone hahaha. That issue is annoying and forces me to restart. Also another issue with continuum is now after the anniversary update it adds a call bar at the top of the screen and when your using RDT you get this weird gap at the top of the screen where you can't put the mouse. It just sort of jumps around.
  • AGAIN! you're talking about the OS and correllating issues with the software and NOT the hardware itself, in this case being the Lumia 950. All your points are at most, subjective because not everyone has those issues. Ive had 2 Lumia 950 XLs since launch and its been the best device out of my Android and iOS devices. The only thing holding me back from fully embracing it 24/7 is the app situation. 
  • Jason De Castro You're just being Nit Picky with your comments. What's a Phone without an OS and what's an OS without a Phone? I enjoyed Windows for sometime, but recently let it go and moved to Android. Are any of these OS's perfect? NO, but at the end of the day without a doubt both Android and iOS are clearly better and not just because they have more apps either. The saying is, "You cant miss what you never had". That was me for a long time. Having an Android again isn't perfect as there are TONS that I miss about Windows Phone, but at the end of the day...What's that point of having a SMART PHONE that's dumb? The fact that Windows Phone was able to work on LESSER hardware and be stable was a huge selling point it's all but vanished. Earlier versions of Windows Phone had their issues, but no where near as much as WM10. It went from a pretty SOLID OS to a BUGGY OS. I lived with BUGS too, but then got pulled out the matrix and moved on. People COMPLAIN, because they want to STAY ON WINDOW PHONE\MOBILE, but MS isn't making it easy. It's not the consumers fault this is the case, but TRUTH is TRUTH and it's annoying that you FANBOYS don't want to see it. Once again people here want to see MS win in the mobile space, but right now the OS is BUGGY PERIOD!!!! Get over it and YOU stop WHINING about peoples complaints about an OS and platform that they once enjoyed. MS JACKED things up not us, so STOP BLAMING US for their errors. SHEESH   
  • Pointing out to someone that they're mixing up the issues with the OS with the hardware isn't being a Fanboy. As I've said in my comments. Issues people face don't apply to everyone. I'm happy that you have been triggered by my comment though ;)
  • I'm triggered, because people like YOU play a part in HOLDING back the OS. Most people that buy phones aren't going to know anything about upgrading to a ltest build and yadda yadda yadda. Most people like my Mother, Brother, Cousin, etc just use their phones out of the box. When I first got my Windows device my Aunt had one and LOVED it. I'd help get things going that she might not of know about, I tried to PROMOTE the OS. Do my part to gain MORE users, but when folks like you are simplt CONTENT and SHAME rather than HELP or TALK FOOLISHNESS like, "OH I didn't use that app anyaway". You DEMOTE the brand and HURT more than HELP.  To keep this things rolling we NEED users. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if BlackBerry regained the number 3 spot. How do we make things BETTER? How do we see more positive messages in these threads than negative? We do it by pointing out our experiences, helping one another and doing what we can to get things FIXED. "Oh I'm not having that issue, so he's a LIAR and it doesn't exsist!" That just sounds like FANBOY FOOLISHNESS to me. I knwo you say you are not one, but your comments say otherwise.
  • *Grabs Popcorn*
  • You can't grab popcorn to watch yourself Jason :-D
  • Quit shouting, there are people in here trying to get some sleep!
  • Using caps on individual words is very Daily Mail. Trust me in saying that it is not intended as a compliment. Getting your family onto Windows Phone to "promote the OS" isn't the right idea. Get them what you think is the best phone for them, not what is best for Microsoft. Both my parents are now using old iPhones because it works best for them, even though neither uses many apps. They're popular because they're simple to use - for me they're too simple but it's not what is best for them. It's not lost on me that the comments that condemn Microsoft the most are usually from people who have gone all in and then regretted doing so for whatever reason. You're arguments aren't new - and I'd never suggest people buy a Windows Phone to try insider builds unless they're seriously looking at developing an app for the platform or simply have an interest in trying new software. The issue I have with the insider program is mainly that people seem to use it to have the "latest" version and complain when things don't work and blame Microsoft for a buggy build - which is perfectly possible for pre-release software. At times I remain surprised that Microsoft still offer the insider program but they clearly are happy to continue - even Apple doing pre-release builde of ios suggests that they have the right idea. The problem is that most issues that people report tend to not be easy to replicate - I remember seeing one from earlier this year regarding red banding in low light on the 950 but thought that the test conditions simply didn't match realistic real-world use - and mine doesn't have that issue. Does that mean it doensn't happen? No. But keep in mind that the most vocal tend to only complain when there is a problem - and that very few people with a good phone will post online to say as much.
  • I agree that we need the negative comments to stimulate dialog and action at Microsoft.  Some of the stuff to come out of there in the past two years has been the buggiest **** they've ever released imho.  I know as many people that have had overheating, battery issues, etc with their mac/pc laptops, w/a/g tablets and phones.  Some of that is a manufacturing issue and not necessarily representative of the platforms or even the device models themselves, but the complaints and the voices still need to be heard or this will never get resolved.
  • My 950 has been doing random reboots even after a hard reset with no backup
  • u will be down voted for raising issues... be careful haha
  • Nope he wont. Theres a clear difference between raising issues and trolling on a post and YOU are clearly trolling.
  • I'd have to say that you are TROLLING being that Like wise 1 was the ver y first commentor. He didn't BASH by any means either. He simply told his and his friends experience. Even if this threads forum is 50\50 (which it's probably not), that's BAD. It shouldn't be. If only 50% of the people aren't having issues it's a BAD sign. Something even YOU have to agree with. It's been a long waiting game and there shouldn't be this many issues at this point in time.  
  • The only thing I'm guilty of is trolling the troll mate ;)
  • Which is nothing to be proud of. If s/he is telling the best thing to do is ignore their post. Instead everyone downvotes as if they want to live in an echo-chamber without dissenting voices.
  • I am not trolling, if you eyes are shut bcz of fanism then i can't help... U don't know how i motivated Somany of my friends to pick Windows Phones instead of android... All we r doing is waiting waiting waiting for Windows jump out of beta OS.....
  • Why is he trolling just because he has a counter opinion to you?
  • It's a battery have to change your battery..
  • Really? My battery seems fine when I take it out. Is there anything I should be looking for?
  • Have you checked if the battery is ok? Some people have reported similar issues with a swollen battery.
  • I was having the same issues with my XL and I took it to the MS store and they exchanged for free. Not a single issue since! :)
  • Right sd card? The number one cause to reboots
  • No sd card :\ I will try going to the MS store this weekend and see if they'll help me even though I got it from ATT
  • Do you have a memory card in it? If so, I would check that.
  • sounds like a hardware issue (short in, perhaps the battery).  I'd take it to a microsoft store and have them replace the device.  I have found them to be extremely resaonable in doing replacements of faulty hardware.
  • I have been experiencing a nightmare after that update. The phone is slow to wake up at times (reboot the phone make the problem goes away for the next 3 to 4 days) and to touch response, my GPS freezes when I receive phone call (that one started since firmware update before the Redstone update). I hate the redstone update. picture app doesn't pan when zooms after the app wakes up from the background state. The store is straight ugly, prior I've seen the best version yet for Windows phone store.
  • I have been happy with my 950. Some issues were fixed after the AU. But new issues have showed up:
    * After an overnight charge -- slow to start up. If I start to dial in pin code, it locks up, and I need to open it and take out the battery to boot it...
    * After an overnight charge, if I don't start to dial pin code, I can close it down and re-start it without taking out the battery, but I still need to restart it.
    * After an overnight charge -- if I use it sometime during the night (close to the time it checks for updates??), then it seems like I can start it again without rebooting. I, too, have had issues with the picture app -- doesn't pan properly after a zoom -- at least if I zoom more than a tiny little bit. Although the above bugs are perhaps minor (?), they are extremely irritating.
  • On my XL, I bought it late last year. It used to reboot so frequently especially when using the camera a bit. After various Windows Updates and firmware revisions, it's much better. I did have a lock up yesterday requiring a forced power cycle. But these niggles occur once a month if that these days. Battery life has improved markedly since Anniversary Update. I'm impressed with this phone now that it's settled.
  • @like wise.
    Happy to down vote first...
  • hahaha
  • What's buggy? I have the 950XL and since the anniv. update, most of my complaints are gone. (Bluetooth to car).
  • Bro please install build 14393.103 on release preview on mobile. Its almost perfect i never had those issues u mentioned in comments below
  • sorry bro, i am using release preview ring. Initially i felt like no issues but now i am facing somany. When soft reset my battery goes down atleast 8-10%.
    One of the above issue i mentioned while listening to music and u get call, u can't hear anything, just blank.... (it could have solved with auto answer but we have no that feature)
    No need to talk about battery drain issue... I mostly depends on my mobile... use to browse alot, watch videos, use email accounts from my mobile....
  • @Like wise1, if your battery drops 8-10% on a soft reset, that really sounds like a bad battery or a hardware problem. There are no apps running during a reset, just a boot-up. That means either something is wrongly draining the battery (bad phone hardware), or your battery has some bad cells (bad batter). Hopefully and more likely if you don't experience other problems attributable to glitchy hardware, it's just the battery -- they all fail eventually, and for some unlucky people it's earlier than others.
  • Okay. Simple question- Do you really used Windows 10 Mobile? Or are you just making things? Are you on AU? I don't have any problem with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • vow.... dude... I was using win10 mobile since it released in beta...... Fast ring, Slow ring later Production and now into Release Preview... I use my mobile a lot so finding issues.... u people might be moderate or normal users...
  • Whatever(good for you) but I really don't have any problem with my Lumia.
  • as I said u might be normal user. I felt it same like u when I signed for Release preview ring.
  • Sorry bro you seem to be having problems the rest are not! Strange that the problem exists with you
  • search in forums u will found out my issues. u need to explore lot of things to get experience. i am heavily depend on my mobile.
  • Like wise1: 
    Explore the forums for any mobile platform and you'll find issues.
    I personally don't have these problems with my 950XL.  Yesterday, it froze for the first time ever.. and I had to soft reset. Other than that, I keep having to answer the feedback question "How often does your phone randomly reboot with this build" with "Never. I haven't seen it reboot randomly even once" I'm guessing you're a troll, or have really bad luck. Or just a troll who's bad with technology and keeps breaking things, then blaming everyone but yourself.
  • If you think raising issues is equal to troll then it's your definition. I love windows Phone and one thing i understood, no whine = no update.
    MS is not going to listen if you don't come and cry with issues haha.... Just fanism doesn't help
  • Likewise, Try to reset your phone thru the computer, then install latest updates, then hard reset and enjoy your phone.
  • shhhhhhhhhhhh...... I actually tried all possible attempts.... I did hard reset and got new firmware update thru WDRT. it wiped out all my data, I don't even backup my data bcz want to try everything fresh... lost my ninja storm 2 levels(valuable loss)
  • You're like the most down voted user I've seen lol
  • u have to be either most upvoted or most downvoted.... I choosed to be downvoted... I like windows phone but it doesn't matter I keep quite when I have an issue. I was commenting only after reporting several issues in Windows feedback, tweets and still no. of issues.....
    And recently damn google starts restriction on Windows Edge on Mobiles. I can't access Google News pages except 1st one. they have removed options to turn 2nd, 3rd pages etc
  • If you used it that long on the same device, I would consider wiping the whole device with device recovery tool. There's probably faulty data on it making it act with all the issues you talk about. Do not recover from a backup.
  • i didn't recover any data... I took some screenshots of all list of my apps and my start screen and saved in pc and later installed from my apps list. I did clean clean clean install with WDRT....
  • That's weired. I have no idea what is causing the issues then. I have 3 phones (830,930 and 950) and none of them have any issues what so ever. 830 and 950 is on Redstone 2 and 930 is on the release preview AU update. The 930 I had to recover completly a while back because I was having some other issues. Works great now. Of course I use the 950 the most, so there could be things I haven't discovered on the other 2 because I use them less, but I certainly don't have any of the issues you describe.  
  • Personally I'm having a blast seeing how many dislikes each of your comments gets
  • Aren't these phones discontinued?
  • no
  • Don't bother with the "Nokia" phones. They are licensing their brand to manufacturers and not making the phones themselves. There is little to no guarantee that those phones will live up to the Nokia legacy. Also keep in mind that the 950 series was designed by Nokia. It wasn't Microsoft that decided to go bland with the devices. Nokia had already planned that years in advance. The Surface phone line will be the first 100% Microsoft designed phone. After seeing what they've accomplished with the Surface tablets I have faith that these phones will bring back the premium feel that has been lacking in the Nokia designs as of late. I feel sorry that your friend has all these issues with his 950, but I haven't had any issues with my 950XL since January. He could try the Release Preview ring to get OS and firmware fixes sooner.
  • do you have any proof that 950 was designed by Nokia?? Every now and then people say that as if they have some kind of paper work that justifies it..My father has been using a Nokia for 10 years now and still it is as good as new..nothing happened to it..Even if Nokia has designed it initially, they definitely didn't decide the final's not their design at the previous flagships with it and you will know..
  • Daniel Rubino has stated this several times. It isn't new info. I'd send you a link, but I don't have the time to dig through articles and videos that far back.
  • Daniel Rubino is of course getting the info from someone inside Microsoft. He was not the decision maker.
  • MS had owned ex-Nokia devices for 18 months when the 950/XL finally came out (plus had axed some by now leaked Nokia designs and models) - it is an MS design.
  • @Viipottaja and @tushar_kp, as @shryx86 pointed out, Daniel and this site have reported that it came from the Nokia design team. To your point, @Viipottaja, yes, it is entirely possible that it followed the acquisition by Microsoft. There is a fairly lengthy migration process, where that group's inertia meant they continued to work on what they were working on when ownership changed hands. You could certainly give credit or blame to MS for approving the final design when they finished or maybe even for having given the former Nokia team guidance on what to do (for example, maybe they said keep the exterior conservative), but the point is that the design was not from Panos' design team, which is the source of MS flagship hardware these days. It was from the group acquired as part of the Nokia Devices and Services acquisition.
  • Yes, you are right, it is not a Panos team design. But it is an (non-Panos) MS team design (as the team that designed worked for about 18 mo for MS before the phone came out and probably about 12 mo before the design was completely final). :) My point is that MS had ample time to change and/or significantly influence the design (and I actually suspect that they did, along the lines you speculate). In that sense, IMO, MS takes full responsibility for the design.
  • Microsoft did decide to go bland on Lumia 950 series, Nokia designed the prototype it was MSFT who has to take the rap. Either there were no phone engineers bcoz they fired them all or they were just ambivilant
  • Phones are designed so far in advance that changing the device once MS took control of manufacturing would've been too big of a cost. This is why they're building their own devices now. Compare Nokia's Windows 8 tablet to the Surface line and tell me who has the better design aesthetics.
  • 18 months is ample time. Even if the innards were finalized, they could relatively easily changed the exterior design in that time period. It is an MS design, they need to own it.
  • You compare the cost of both..
  • If I had a penny for every time I have to correct people's absolute misconception about this, I'd be richer than Bill.   "Don't bother with the "Nokia" phones. They are licensing their brand to manufacturers and not making the phones themselves." Barely any OEM manufactures their phones these days. In case you haven't noticed. Oh and that includes all Microsoft hardware. "There is little to no guarantee that those phones will live up to the Nokia legacy." HMD, the company in charge of Nokia phones, is owned by an ex-Nokia VP fund, run by ex-Nokia VPs, with ex-Nokia employees, using Nokia's patents and technologies and where Nokia Technologies has a sit on the Board of Directors along with veto power. The only thing keeping HMD and the Nokia Corporation separate is the legal construction of HMD. By being an independent company, IF things go wrong, the losses won't affect Nokia. And if HMD reports profits, Nokia might end up "buying" them and putting the mobile division back into the company. However, HMD is more Nokia than Microsoft Mobile ever was. Actually, HMD is more Nokia than even Nokia was on their last years of mobile devices, specially since Eflop took over.   "Also keep in mind that the 950 series was designed by Nokia. It wasn't Microsoft that decided to go bland with the devices." Not exactly. The 950 is based on Nokia's OLD designs. But it was NOT Nokia who decided anything regarding the phones OR the final design. Microsoft got an array of design portfolios with the purchase of the D&S division. That means lots of potential designs that Nokia at one point or another considered for phones. The 950 design is just an old rejected Nokia design. If you want to know where Nokia was planning to go both in terms of design and materials, you look at the canceled Goldfinger. That one was the last one fully designed by Nokia. EVERYTHING on the 950 is a result of MICROSOFT's decisions. they picked the design from the old Nokia portfolios, they picked up the materials, they picked up the screens etc etc.
  • And anyway, who cares?
  • I also have a Lumia 730..but I don't have any bugs with W10M..
  • @tushar_kp Really? I also have lumia 730 and there were many bugs since I updated to W10 mobile and I'm on anniversary update and after that update, my Hotspot is not working and I uninstalled all my games because ....... You know why (Just play subway surfers and checkout yourself)
  • Subway surfers is working ok on my phone..and the issues you have reported above are absent on my phone..please let me know what else you are facing..i ll be prepared for those..
  • Are you sure, the camera too with that bluish tint?!
  • I don't have it on my L730. But image quality is definitely lower than WP 8.1 with Lumia Camera..
  • i am in release preview bro.... i was driving a lot yesterday and today, so this is the first time i notice where when hearing songs u get a call and goes blank without ringtone in headsets.... it happened for few calls and not for other.... app crash very common in my phone.....
  • Hmm..I will give that bug a try..btw I am on build 14915..Insider Fast..
  • hey luffy try latest redstone build then say its buggy....i agree windws 10 need to optimise..that said it aint buggy...
  • no use of trying redstone 2 and complain about bugs.... its definitely buggy one.
  • So weird, my Lumia 950XL experience has been fine
  • Nokia is the best can't wait to see what are they bringing to the market I love the w10 mobile design but many bugs are still not fixed such as start screen washed out with light theme and many MANY other screen glitches and since AU vpn is not working
  • I like buggy. He's one funny clown.
  • hahahaha... buggy don't like bugs.
  • It's pretty stable now for few months. Fast ring insider
  • No issues on my L730. Its running well.
  • Seems like a lot of people disagree with you.
  • I am a windows phone freak and tried android, believe the fragmentation of Android is horrible. So many different implementations of android whih, believe me, one never will make you happy. If you would buy a stock android phone then maybe you will be happy, any other will make you frustrated over and over again.
  • This is obvious to hate you, when you don't know much about it and suggesting it to others will surely result into hate, if not more.
  • right but i still didn't learn my lesson.
  • Dude, you can't criticize a cult artifact in its own church. Fanatics can't handle stuff like that and lash out. No matter how much you show them flaws they'll always ignore them.
  • Sorry dude but, if you are using the Fast release OS, then of course you will have a ton of issues. I personally have bought a L950 last Saturday and other than the fact that it was on release 10586.0 and had to be updated using the Windows Device Recovery Tool, I have had no issues with the phone since. In fact, I am now on the release preview ring and so far, so good. I personally find the L950 to be the Best Windows Mobile phone available since I was able to get it for $298. :) I have a hard budget of $300 not including tax and this fit right in. You hate to admit that Android OEM phones are a lot better than you admit it anyways, which of course is not an admittance but just an opinion. The L950 is the only phone I have and use it on a daily basis with Zero issues, not really sure what the problems on your phone are but it is not OS only related. Have you bothered doing a reset yet? Oh, and I had no issues running the 10586.2somthing on the old HTC One M8 for Windows I had before, go figure.
  • you use word "hate" so much, I hate this.... Joke bro
  • Whats OEM
  • Yeah 950 XL is Awesome, but I'm more eager to know what could be the next best? is it Lumia 960 XL or Surface Phone?
  • There won't be any Lumia line. The legacy is over and now it's time to pass the torch to the Surface line of phones.
  • I think Microsoft will keep the Lumia line for mid to low level phones since Nokia flooded that market before the buy out.
  • The Flood was back in the days of Lumia *20 and *30 series and it has been dried out today.
  • Does anything work on Verizon?
  • Currently, the Lumia Icon is your best bet there and TBH, it's a really good experience. I use the Icon with Windows 10 and so far, it's working well. Of course, YMMV so check our forums to see what others are saying about it. Lumia 735, if you can track one down, is also a lot of fun for something low-cost.
  • Icon/L930 is a beast, not to mention the heat issues.
  • My ICON gets hot when gaming on it, but it cools down pretty quick. Could be snappier at times, but works well.
  • I have a spare Lumia 930 with AU update on, and it woks perfectly. I would go for the Icon any time if I wanted a Windows phone and that was my option.
  • I'm more or less in the same boat.  Got married, finally consolidated phone plans with my wife, who's on Sprint, which proved cheaper than bringing her to T-Mobile.  Ended up running an older Android phone I bought off Amazon, since it looks like my only Windows Phone options on Sprint were the Lumia 635 or the HTC 8X.
  • @FuzzyLogician, as Daniel responded, Lumia Icon is unfortunately the latest we can use. But it's actually a great experience. Much, much better than 8.1 overall on that phone, with a few minor downgrades compared to 8.1. I can't compare it to the 950/950 XL, but performance is fast, battery life is good enough (full day), everything just works. Qi charging and Bluetooth to my car work perfectly. Screen is beautiful hi-res AMOLED. 5" size matches the 950 and is ideal for my preferences. I suspect the camera (which is very good on the Icon) is not quite as good and there's no Continuum. Also no SD card slot.
  • Indian 950xl dual sim not supporting Volte. What's the use buying the best windows phone? No volte support in india from microsoft altogether. Android and iPhone users don't have this problem. Can someone convey this to Microsoft?
  • all convey's are ignored by MS.. no use brother
  • A firmware update is needed. But not sure when it will come.
  • A firmware update is needed. But not sure when it will come.
  • Unless the 950 series' antennas don't support the Volte bands, it is the provider deciding not to support the phone. If the 950 series' antennas do support Volte's bands, then you can buy it unlocked, move your SIM card to the new phone and start using it. Also if Volte doesn't use SIM cards you're out of luck. Not everything is Microsoft's fault.
  • Does your carrier actually support VoLTE?
  • Currently in INDIA you can get unlimited 4G and voice calls till Dec 31st using newly launched JIO network. But you need a VOLTE supported phone This is a huge offer and if you are on a windows phone you are missing out on this.
  • Excellent article Daniel, I agree on all points.
  • L640 > L650
  • I do mention that, however the 640 doesn't come with Windows 10 Mobile, which could be confusing for new users. The 640 is also EOL and now increasingly harder to find.
  • No doubt.
  • L640xl>L640>L650
  • X3 review available somewhere?
  • Not yet. Tech sites have not been given review units nor guidance for reviews yet. Any review you see now is premature in that regard.
  • But you do have the phone right? What's this thing with 'guidance', if you don't write as asked no review units anymore?
  • Zac bought the phone on his own. Typically, companies provide information and advanced access to features e.g. the lap dock (not available yet) and software virtualization samples (only for corporate accounts). They also have workshops and Q/A sessions so we can ask questions and get answers and context for the review. Sure, we can review now if we want. We don't want to, that's all. HP has never sent us a review unit for anything ever. Considering how niche this product is, it is far from a huge priority for myself or my team. I'd rather focus on newer laptops, Xbox, Surface, etc. as we're not Windows Phone Central.
  • Ok. So if hp behaves like before then no review expected.
  • I expect HP to seed review units and guidance sometime this month.
  • In case you haven't listened to the Podcast, here's why they haven't reviewed it yet: the phone currently sucks. If they were to review it now, it would be a disaster of a review and fanboys around here would go berserk. So WCentral is clearly avoiding pass judgment on the phone at least until HP says something regarding the "readiness" of the phone. Apparently some outlets started selling it ahead of time. This is kinda like what happened to the 950XL. Notice WCentral never reviewed the phone when it was released. Because it was a disaster and it would just enrage the very very sensitive remaining WP fans. Likewise, a bad review of the Elite X3 now would just trigger the even fewer yet amazingly obnoxious WP fans left.
  • It's not that many Android devices are better than Lumia 950XL, take the Nexus 6P as example, is a toy compared to Lumia 950XL, if only the 950XL could run Android apps it would be much better phone. Just my 2 cents.
  • What can the Lumia 950XL do that the Nexus 6P can't? Windows Mobile is so limiting compared to Android. It isn't even close, the Lumia is like a feature phone compared to the Nexus. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • what features?  all phones can do the same. There is not limit on windows mobile. they are just different platform users like the colorful background on android, that's all.  At least 950 can connect to continum, nexus 6p cannot.   950 has dual sim, and sd card, not on nexus 6p.  Android are more exposed to virus, take more ram and internal storage.  
  • Nexus does Continuum better than 950. It even has a hidden free form desktop mode! Just the Play Store alone makes the Nexus superior. There are so many apps missing from Windows that it really affects the function of the Lumia. The Nexus also has real multitasking including split screen. That alone makes it much better for getting stuff done. There is a reason no one buys Windows phones, they are severely limited in functionality. Even today they are still years behind Android and iOS.
  • Agreed. Same on AAWP, the X3 is unreviewable at the moment. Needs new firmware and new update (AU). All we can do is offer an 'initial verdict'!
  • I preferred it when it was just Windows PHONE Central, but without moving to everything Windows, WP Central would likely have been shutdown by now. Not a large enough audience to justify I would guess.
  • That's because Microsoft still has the goal to have Windows as a platform on all devices, but they're not there yet, iOS bridge isn't ready yet and Intel abandoned mobile chip development in early 2016 so having a Surface phone that runs both W10Mobile version and 10desktop version can become something unrealistic, that's why I liked the article today which says Samsung is exploring dual boot Android + Windows on same device, that could be a better alternative if iOS bridge fails.
  • ALL DEVICES? LOL! They've virtually abandoned smartphones already. One size fits all has never worked out well in tech.
  • Yes.. That best budget phone, I'm gonna buy one.
  • Even though I've said it already I'll say it again. It's a shame that since the initial launch of Windows 10, a year ago till now, Microsoft has only released 3 phones. Not a big range to choose from. We got low end (550) middle (650) and high end (950 & XL) devices. Personally I would need a phone between middle and high end, like many people I believe. Also now there's a hype for Surface Phone which I doubt will be affordable for majority of people.. Middle class+ bye bye XD
  • High-end is definitive, mid-ranger is possible, but not the budget one. OEMs should make up for that.
  • Which OEMS exactly are u talking about, I don't see any here at my country and WP was the 2nd most used OS here after Android, WAS being the operative word.
  • How many supported Android in its infancy? It wasn't famous until Gingerbread (while Symbian, Meego, and Blackberry was still rocking). May be there isn't any Windows phone devices today for your level of expectations or may be you're not following the news but the Future is imminent and Hope is a strong word.
  • In many ways, the L950 is mid range now based solely on price. ($298 from AT&T.)
  • I'm sure, like me, you prefer Microsoft's devices over the shaky support OEMs have shown in the past once a device is launched. Look into the Lumia Icon/930 if you want something between the current mid and high tier devices. It is part of the high end 900 series, but it is old enough that I consider it low-high tier. My mom is in the same boat as you. She is still rocking the 920 and loving it, but she would like something newer, bit lighter, bit thinner. If only Microsoft would release a good phone that's the same size as the 920. She doesn't need the latest and greatest, but the gap between the 600 and 900 series is too big.
  • The size issue is a real problem.  My wife considers her L925 to be too big (she was happiest with the HTC 8X).  I kind of agree.  WP needs an answer to the iPhone SE. For that reason, I consider hte L950XL to be a horrible phone.  Just too.  Darned.  Big.
  • Thanks, I already got 930 last month. It's awesome device. But the question is how long it will be supported with updates, since its 2 years old phone. That's why I'm looking for some good mid ranger Windows 10 phone.
  • Maybe there will be a mid tier Lumia phone when the Surface line is launched. There is a rumor of 3 phones being launched in the Spring. It would be odd to have them all be Surface phones.
  • Mobile was not the focus of MS when W10M and the 950/650/550 were being developed. They were stopgap phones released to appease enthusiasts (950) and provide a safe harbor for businesses (650). When released, W10M was definitely past the beta stage, but was really a pre-release preview version. In actuality, the anniversary release is version 1. Hopefully, Redstone 2 will include a mobile focused release of W10M. We do not know what is going on behind the scenes, but the HP E3 and other announced OEM phones are encouraging. I think it indicates that MS at least knows what the hardware requirements for for a mobile focused version of W10M, and that they are communicating that to OEM partners. More stopgap phone releases are really a disservice to consumers. Even if they have the hardware for a "focused" W10M, there will be a long delay until they get updates. (Only enthusiasts and IT supported business users will force updates; normal users wait for automatic OTA updates.) If MS releases and advertises a "focused" W10M that is generally unavailable to general users, they will look even worse. MS is telling everyone but IT supported business users to WAIT.
  • XL is great, kind of wish it existed in the more stable days of WP8.1 but then a lot of features would be missing...
  • 950XL price is dropping...  350€ right now... Hmmm...  I may grab one. Good upgrade from a 640 XL...
  • "The Lumia 950 XL is the best Windows Phone on specs and price" ...but it still can't run Lara Croft Relic Run without stuttering. :(
  • That issue could require an update from the developer. The game was developed for Windows Phone 8/8.1, so it is entirely possible the issue is with the game and not the device. unfortunately I can't find the date the game was last updated, but you can report the game to Microsoft and/or contact the developer and make them aware of the issue.
  • That has more to do with the game itself. Seems some WP8.1 games don't work too well on W10M for some reason.
  • No offers & no stock of 950xl in India.. Waiting for same since may :'(
  • Yeah,same here.
  • Check at
  • 'Best Windows phone of 2017' (Surface Phone) article by Daniel Rubino in 2017 is not too far. :)
  • Satya Nadella is bringing out a new phone for 2016. It's called an iPhone 7 and it's being announced tomorrow. It'll run all Microsoft's Services apps and more.
  • We need to find more witty comments. These won't do.
  • We need to find more Windows phones. These won't do.   Also, if you're going to give the award to the long-in-the-tooth 950, may I suggest the 1520 for consideration? I think AT&T sold some this year, so it should qualify.  
  • OK Daniel, this one has brewed into absolute wittiness for 7 month so what about: Samsung Galaxy 8, sold by Microsoft in all Microsoft stores, configured for the best Microsoft experience by Microsoft store employees at the store premises for your convenience. Even without Win10mobile on it, this has to be the best Windows phone, why else should Microsoft sell it?
  • Carlos, you look like a very angry person in your photo... go out and have some fun... its a phone, iPhone, G7, Lumia... they are all just phones... why let something like that make you so bitter.... poor guy..
  • Nah not a angry person at all, just my usual "resting ***** face" look.
  • You have a really ugly resting ***** face.
  • It's Nutella... Not nadella. Lol
  • I thought it was funny. Saying it will be aluminum infused with hazelnut and chocolate and smell like a famous Italian spread makes it a bit funnier. I'll buy the surface phone instead though, even with less apps. Oh, and I love my 650 and so do five family and friends who switched from android; lots of value in the device, especially if purchased for Cricket.
  • What exactly will the Surface Phone do differently?
  • It is unknown. However, I can tell you that it will very likely have a big focus on pen use and productivity.
  • Yes!! I don't want Surface Phone this year. Next year would be perfect. We want something "killer" with Surface Phone.
  • Yeah, I agree on that one. Also recently I met with an intriguing yet (personally) disturbing comment from someone who said that Surface Phone wouldn't be a great device until it reaches version 3 on 2019. I really hope it to be a dedicated product for Windows 10 Mobile confidently (and proudly) made by Panos team.
  • Sure. But even Panos' products have taken a round or two to get to get where they really need to be... :) So I am sure the Surface Phone will be nice, but may take an iteration or three to be really great.
  • That must be a challenge to face for Samsung.
  • So, without the apps, another feature phone made by Microsoft? At least this time with decent looks?
  • and just remember the surface phone is not the only thing coming 2017/18, there will be many mobile ready devices running windows 10 on ARM with many different form factors. This is where the OEM game with windows 10 and mobile go big.
  • 950xl may be the best but lord! It's so buggy. Pound for pound I was happier with my 640 ... preferred the 1520, and had higher hopes for my 1020, hated the no micro SD though. as for the 950XL.... I love shutter buttons but half the time it fails to bring up the camera. The phone runs uncomfortably hot, and is not much faster than any other windows phone, the battery life is not wonderful, quick charging is a dream though. continuum shows real potential, but generally I have to restart ridiculously often, and this unit is the replacement one! the first one was a real disaster, I am truly hoping for a cool running 2-3 day battery life waterproof, X86 capable, best of class camera, VR and AR ready surface phone with a total incomparable natural speech highly functional practically futuristic revolution in Cortana, early next year, yes, that's the only possible game changer for Microsoft, otherwise, behind the curve as usual.
  • They are going to announce the iPhone pro.  Guess who is the guest presenter is.    Yep. Nutella.  And raytiger dream on no surface phone being developed.  
  • This comment is off topic, not to mention rather dumb.
  • Well Daniel, as with some comments here you must consider the source... :) Mr. Adams has never had anything constructive to say really... aside from the "NippleSip" tag he gave me... I mean he must have really dug deep into to creativity well to come up with that... real zinger that was... heh!
  • What did i just read? :P
  • something stupid and mildly racist
  • Racist? How so?
  • Funny how this question got downvotes yet no answer. Typical of the kneejerk "racist" screamers.
  • Nutella is brown, so are Indians (and Nadella in particular in this case). He said that it is mildly racist, note that mild part.
  • If that's the best Windows Phone has to offer than it really is dead.  I bought a 950 on launch day and can confirm it's the worst phone I have ever owned. The ONLY thing I will give it a pass on is the camera. It really does take beautiful pictures. But beyond that I have nothing good to add. I have been a WP user since I got a Lumia 920. Was excited to get a 950 only to be extremely disappointed. I held on for so long because of all the integration with the PC but since moving to a Nexus 6P (fantastic phone btw) I have learned that android can integrate with the PC just as well if not better. The phone does whatever I need it to do and if it doesn't do it out of the box there is always an app that does what I need. Speaking of apps. I have not completely left the MS ecosystem.  I am still an Office 365 subscriber and backup all my data to my OneDrive account. The Microsoft apps on android are better on android then on their own phones! What's up with that?   I think MS has dropped so many balls when it comes to windows phone it would best to cut their losses and move on to what they do well.  PC software. I love their grand vision and where they want to computing as a whole. But right now that’s just not happening any time soon. 
  • I was just reading today that for iOS10 Siri will be able to work with many third party apps, including LikedIN (which is now owned by Microsoft). Not only Cortana does not work with LinedIN, but the actual LinkedIN app in WM10 is quite terrible. So there's that.
  • Just noticed you spelled LinkedIn three different ways (LikedIN, LinedIN, and finally LinkedIn)... not trying to be mean, just found it funny... :)
  • At launch windows 10 mobile wasn't ready for public use. It was barely passable for early adopters. However, the rabid fans just had to have a new device. If you haven't done so, update to the latest release and even the currentt Release Preview build. I'm running RP on my 950XL and it is lightyears better than at launch.
  • If only all these phones worked on all the networks!  Right now, it seems like if you want to use a Windows Phone, you are tied to AT&T.
  • T-Mobile is okay too as is Cricket and GSM MVNOs. CDMA, which is only a thing in the US, is a different story.
  • Why won't Microsoft have cdma radios put in all phones like the Lumia 635 or the crapple IPhone? I want a bigger screen and more of 950 and 950 XL but am tied to CDMA due to Contracts and service where I live and work.
  • Same problem. If I want a good signal and be able to receive all my phone calls, then I have to stick with Verizon. So the phone selection is minimal but it's still better than nothing. I'm using the 735 right now and love it.
  • Express your dissatisfaction to your provider. If Verizon doesn't want the phone, then why should Microsoft put the capability into their phone when CDMA is only a US thing?
  • I have a Lumia 640XL and I really like it. I would like to stay in Windows Mobile, however the platform seems to be slowly dying. From almost a month now the Maps app does not support transit info for Montreal, which is a major issue for me since I rely in public transportation, and that's a HUGE issue in the winter. Also, the lack of family libraries (or the ability to share) for Groove and FIlms & TV is pushing me more towars the Google Play ecosystem, already quite present in my Roku device. The lack of apps from Canadian banks isn't helping either. Anyway, no mater how great this phones are, for the first time I feel that the Microsoft ecosystem is failing to me. The maps is a major issue, since it affects both mobile and Desktop. I wish Microsoft would listen to their customers.
  • Most of such articles actually only include devices that were introduced in the corresponding year. Not so on the Windows. Otherwise this would be a veeeeery short list. Sad times for Windows users imo, not many options to choose from.
  • Thanks Dan!
    Anyone presently wishing to get a great windows 10 mobile experience should go with 950 xl. Also considering the price cut...and bundled display dock, it becomes even more compelling.
  • "Even those of you with relatively small hands" - Like Donald Drumpf?
  • You know what they say about people with small hands.......they don't bypass their government issued email with a basement server to hold 30,000 emails about yoga poses, only to delete them when asked why federal business mail is mixed with personal.
  • Sure they do. They just haven't been caught yet.
  • Only because the 1520 is no longer available :-). Love mine.
  • Huh, I almost thought I could say that for my L930/Icon despite the heat problem.
  • I bought a 1520 on Ebay to try out W10m, I know better than to trust this reviewer or his site. Ive seen way too many issues with the 950XL.
  • Yes, on launch the 950XL was a bit buggy but after multiple firmware updates and the anniversary update build it runs like a dream!! I really love this phone a lot now!!
  • Love my 950.
  • My 640XL is the best
  • No. Mine is.
  • Im interested to see what the Cerulean Mobile phone is going to be!
  • Good article, agree with every verdict. I would have got the 950XL, if it was available from AT&T.
  • Currently using an unlocked 640XL that I purchased last year after my 1520 met it's end or rather met the kitchen tile. Also picked up an AT&T 640 for $30 to try out the smaller size, but went back to the 640XL for the better camera. I would like to snag a 950 as I feel that would be the perfect size, in between the 640 and 640XL. I'll keep watching for good deals.
  • Good article..... one thing i would suggest is hunt down a 2nd hand Lumia 930 rather than 650. 930's run W10 like a dream. I have 950xl and 930
  • That's also pretty much all the native W10M phones we can find.
  • I will move to android once Nokia releases it's Android phones. It was Nokia that bought me to Windows Phones Ecosystem and I was loving the 8.1 even though it had less feature and apps. Now it's full of weird and rare bugs that you'll only see in Windows 10 Mobile. 1 bug is fixed 2 are created. I'm tired of the s****y OS. I have to reset my phone after every update (never ever did a reset in (WP 8.1)
  • just remember these new Nokia android devices are not actually Nokia, I am concerned about android updates on these devices and the tech for cameras wont be on these devices, they are just another android phone like all the rest bringing nothing new to the table. Nokia had its day and has gone the way of the dodo.
  • I´m a 950XL user and yes I have to admit I thought about switching platforms several times, but then I look back to my Lumia and realize I have the best mobile OS inside a fast and beatiful phone so no need to switch at all, and this I can say as I was a former Iphone 6 and high end Android user but the app gap is the only problem here. For example, last week I was shopping for a baby-call camera and all of them had apps available for IOS and Android only, no UWP, no WP 8.1, not even a third party app.... those are the moments you think I should get an Iphone right away... then you continue shopping and you forget about it but if Microsoft could only fix the app gap and get better advertisements or publicity we wouldn't we reading any of this anti WP comments... Great article BTW... 
  • My buddy and I are both on T-Mo, he has a G7 and I have a 950... for giggles we swapped Sims for a day... guess which phone got returned... ;)
  • I wanna get a 650 or maybe a 950 but ugh idk. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • I have to agree with others about the 950 series being pretty buggy. I've had a 950 since last December, currently on the release preview and I still have glitches here and there. The most annoying? The screen will stop lighting up for incoming notifications and glance will stop working. Also, systems sounds will stop working. All random and a reboot usually corrects the issue, but I'm rebooting every day or so. I just wish Microsoft would take a stronger interest in W10 mobile and make the experience consistent.
  • Same issue here, screen is off when i get new notification sometimes but able to hear alert sound
  • The Best Windows Phone of 2016? WTF? Do we have much to choose from? There is only 5-6 phones available. Namely 950/950xl, 650, 550, HP, Acer Liquid Jade Primo. LOL
  • Lowercase P in "Windows Phone" matters and makes a difference in the entire meaning. You were soooo close. ;)
  • I agree with the editorial view. Best phone that runs Windows 10 Mobile in 2016 is Lumia 950XL, despite being slower than HP Elite X3 it has much better camera technology, video recording technology, sound recorder technology.  Why do you need the speed of the Snapdragon 820 if your phone has a mediocre camera?
  • Because it's a portable PC, to replace the laptop of many enterprise users.
  • You mean very few enterprise users. We can probably count on one hand how many people will use that device. It is just so pointless when you can buy an iPhone and an Ultrabook for less than the X3 and laptop dock. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where can I buy an iPhone and Ultrabook for less than $800?
  • Asus VivoBook E403SA $369 and the iPhone se is $399. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where can you find the X3 and laptop dock for $800? It is $1300... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • because not everyone cares about picture taking on phone, the camera issues will be fixed by HP, so will be interesting when the issues are fixed and it takes pictures at 16MP instead of the fixed 10MP we have right now and the autofocus is fixed.
  • It was almost embarrassing reading that review, well put together but with the greatest respect to the reviewer.....absolutely pointless. There's nothing else out there in that range.....nothing. I have a 950xl I without going into a rant it is without any doubt the most unreliable phone I have ever used, ever. Nothing comes close to it in all my years with a mobile. Nokia 1520 is way way tops over it. Again there's nothing else to compare it with.
    Rant over. Lol
  • +1, if my 1520 never died, I wouldn't have ventured to get a 950xl
  • As I said in an earlier comment I chose a used 1520 over the 950XL. This reviewer has no credibility based on this list.
  • Just bought a Lumia 950 XL, what a device. Can't say enough how great it is.
  • I swear this industry is in desperate need of something new.  Legitimately new.  Not just upgraded specs or a fingerprint scanner.  Something that actually changes the way we interact with the device and the operating system.  For better or worse, at least the Lenovo Yoga Book is a dramatic change in tablet functionality (as well as just being cool).  Hopefully a Surface Phone does more than take great pictures.  I want the Surface Phone to change the conversation of what a smartphone could be. 
  • What you are saying is exactly what Panos had been saying. That us or hope for the Surface Phone.
  • If only the 930 for it's casing could meld with the 950XL for everything except the case it would be the perfect WP. I have both and no matter how hard I try I can't mash them together aside from using thermonuclear fusion.
  • I keep hearing, about the surface phone. Is This device confirmed, or simply a hope?
  • It's a hope, but with alot if hints that it is soon to become a reality.
  • It's a hope, but with alot if hints that it is soon to become a reality.
  • There was news say surface phone might be introduce on ifa then said if micrsoft not attending ifa then a surface event in october.
  • It will be April of next year at the earliest. I wouldn't expect a "phone" either. I bet they go with a small tablet with calling capabilities. Microsoft is done with the phone market. There has even been articles on this site about how Microsoft sees the smartphone as dead. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • bare in mind in 2017 we will be getting devices from many oems that are running arm with snapdragon, all these devices will be mobile ready also. We are entering a new era here for windows.
  • I like my 950XL. But they have to iron out the software issues with the camera. That part is ridiculous.
  • what issues with camera?  it is crispy smooth.
  • Crashes, takes forever for photos that are taken to become available, burst mode rarely works, etc
  • neve had that kind problem.  
  • +1, takes more than one try to activate, force closes more than it stays on e.t.c
  • Down vote? Do you people even know how that system works? There was nothing to not like in my comment. If I have an issue with the device, there is an issue. This community is unbelievable.
  • After the anniversary update my 950 is buggy as hell. Streaming media over bluetooth is glitchy, long wakeup time from sleep, with sometimes unresposiveness and random app closes. Did a hard reset, no change. I'm a strong believer and follower of MS producitvity consumer products but my life has been unhealthy from the cause of it. I given myself excuses overtime and put up with it for so long. I bit my tongue and supported the platform though no one else cares for it. I'm beginning to agree with users who talk down MS and thier products. Rant on, I'm constantly mocked and laughed at for a brand that I'm fighting for who doesnt really care about the war. Nothing has been better since 8.1 and I've owned more than 14 Windows phones including Windows mobile. Now that their services are expanding to other platforms it might be worth having a better experience elsewhere, rant off.
  • +1, you mirror my sentiments exactly but I just don't see the other platforms as upgraded platforms. The only other system I would have left Microsoft for is Blackberry
  • For me issues I have with my 950xl are quiet hours even after resetting my name it still fails when sending a message to fill in my name and just goes with the person you are trying to reach. Hey Cortana keeps failing and won't work until I do the whole voice thing again. The gadgets app no longer works and can't change any settings eg adding apps for notifications on my charging plate. My band one fails often not showing messages etc, it never works with the keyboard and most of the time voice activation don't work. Camera seems to fail to load or keeps displaying saving. Zooming on images fails to work alot and will show a black screen. Glance screen now takes about 5 seconds to display any notifications if glance has timed out. Might just be me but quiet alot of things really. Not in for changing to iPhone etc I love my windows phone and will continue to support it until the end if I have to just like some more support with things that are broken
  • Had my 950xl since last November and out-of-the-box it was a pretty hideous experience, but then I've always looked on this phone as a test bed for the OS, which I still love, and now it's rocking a Mozo zebra wood case and a Nilkin screen protector, it's probably the coolest looking phone I've owned since the 800. Are there bugs? God yes - sharing photos can be hit & miss, sometimes the lock screen freezes, the Skype UWP is shaky and my father-in-law's Galaxy A3 is often more responsive - but I still wouldn't swap it, if only because it's about to replace our home pc when I hand over our old laptop to my daughter. I'm not excusing MS for shipping a test bed trailblazer for Surface, but I'm still loving the look & feel of it.
  • the best windows phone is the 950xl, which was showcased sept 15 released November 15 with no sign of a phone this year apart for the HP, looks like it'll 2017 for some new phones hardly keeping the momentum going, with the delay after the big reveal MS missed the xmas sales
  • Can someone explain to me what is so "business" about the HP compared to say the 950XL? Yes, it is marketed directly to businesses, has two biometric identification options and comes with the dock in the box but what else?
  • Nothing. Pure marketing. Business isn't going to care about Continuum for the same reason they didn't adopt Windows RT. Having to pay extra to virtualize apps when you can just carry a laptop doesn't make sense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Practically nothing apart from next generation chip.. which isn't missed in the XL at oll!
  • ok.. well, maybe Daniel has some rationale. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daniel's "rationale" should not drive what should interest you - your rationale should determine that.
  • Lol.....le2 comes this specs at very lowrange i would choose buggy laggy half finishd os not comes wit all apps n games...etc phone.... or ill choose fully featured espesially ..with android os and smooth phone .....MS Phons are actually not **** but its OS making it
  • Dream = 950xl Working on Verizon. After I voluntarily turned off my Note 7 due to the recall, it made me miss a good, flagship Windows Phone on Verizon. 
  • The best windows phone is Galaxy S7 Edge :D
  • Kind of a sad list. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • went to a shop. They had both the Lumia 950 XL and the Lumia 650. The former is a fugly plastic monstrosity. Walked out of the shop with the 650.
  • I hope you like the 650. Got mine in April and it's been a pleasant experience all the way through. Will hold on to it for as long as I can .
  • I still think my 1520 is the best windows phone, sad but true. Its pretty much rock solid, cant remember the last crash. The one reason why I didnt "upgrade" to the xl? no glance screen.
  • Lol, yep, I agree, I bought my 1520 new from Austria last year, have 950xl on contract. It's confined largely to office shelf, 1520 is just the dogs bollix. As you say, sad, but it really is true. On eBay they are sliding up on price slightly always loads bidding on them. To use htc's selling point.....quietly brilliant!