Chime in: Which Windows Mixed Reality headset is for you?

Richard in WMR
Richard in WMR (Image credit: Windows Central)

Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung have all jumped on the Windows Mixed Reality train with their own brands of headset, each with slightly different specs and designs. The Samsung Odyssey is widely regarded as the most premium of the pack, with others clocking in at a lower price point. Here's every headset spec compared, head-to-head.

AndyCalling on the Windows Central forum has created an interesting discussion on the Mixed Reality headset range, and people are jumping in to explain which headset they chose and why.

And why? I went for the Dell Visor. The spec was not consistent across all sites, but all said the Dell has 110 deg fov. Often note was made that it was the most comfortable. Best cable routing. Doesn't have a proximity sensor like most, but I doubt detecting if it's on or off your face would be the most key feature and ought to be detected pretty well with the other sensors anyway. Saw good...


As for me, I'd like to go with the Samsung headset, but alas, the company isn't releasing it in Europe for some reason. As such, I like the look of the Lenovo and HP options, but I think I'll wait to see if WMR actually hits some form of maturity before jumping in.

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