Chime in: Will you ever give up on Windows phones?

Windows phone's current position isn't great. There's a huge lack of new hardware, which is unfortunate, and above all, Microsoft doesn't seem to care about the platform, releasing new apps on iOS and Android and not developing features for Windows 10 Mobile.

So, we're curious. What would it take for you to give up on Windows phone? Things already aren't good, yet there's still several of us who continue to cling onto the platform like it's the only one left. The iOS and Android platforms get updated all the time with new apps and features, and they even have support from Microsoft.

Are there any guys like me, trying the windows phone though facing apps gap and sometimes battery issues(for insiders). If so please comment in the forum. I am never gonna give up on this device until the company itself shutdown the mobile business. I have no problem with the apps gap an I am happy to be a part of insider always.

Rahul cholate

I know my reasoning for continuing to use Windows phone, and it's because I am part of Microsoft's ecosystem. Not only do I use Microsoft's services, I use Microsoft's platforms too, and that includes Windows. I must take Windows everywhere with me if I want to be 100 percent in on Microsoft's ecosystem.

Even if Windows 10 Mobile isn't as good as other mobile platforms, it's the prettiest by a long shot. I love my Start screen, and people today still ask me what it is when they see it because it's so different from the sea of icons found on iOS or Android.

So, will you ever give up on Windows phone? Jump over to our forums and let us know your thoughts.

Will you ever give up on your Windows phone?

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