Chime in: Would a foldable mobile Surface device be able to replace your PC?

Microsoft's rumored "Andromeda" foldable device is said to be a pocketable digital journal that runs a new version of Windows 10 built on Windows Core OS. While we still don't know much about the device, we do know it'll feature pen support, run Windows Store apps, and have a dedicated journal app for note taking and more.

An important question that is yet to be answered however is can such a device replace your PC? When MIcrosoft built the first Surface Pro, its ultimate goal was to replace your laptop. Some would say it achieved that goal, while others (like myself) still prefer the more traditional laptop form factor.

I believe that just like a Surface replaces a desktop for some I think the Andromeda device will replace some as well. Personally, I still like my desktop (even though I spend less time on it) so it wouldn't replace mine. Twitter: @PhotographyET


Personally, I don't think Andromeda will replace your full-time PC, at least not at first. Just like the original Surface Pro, the potential will be there, but it'll take a few releases at the very least before such a product is fine-tuned enough to be a viable PC replacement. With software features like Continuum, such a future is entirely possible, however.

It'll also depend on your use case. If you only need a PC for things like gaming or video editing, then Andromeda won't be able to replace your PC because it isn't a device for that kind of work load. If you're someone who uses a tablet or laptop or phone on a regular basis and have always wanted all three of those devices to be one, then perhaps Andromeda can. That's pretty far-fetched however.

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Do you think the rumored Andromeda device will be able to replace PC's for some consumers?

Zac Bowden
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