Cingular 8525: Gizmodo gives you the thumbs-up to upgrade

The fine folks at Gizmodo have broken down by phone whether or not you should upgrade to "the best Windows Mobile phone out right now." I might honestly be inclined to agree with that assessment, but as for the upgrades, I'm less sure I'm with 'em. Sure, if you're still stuck in featurephone land and want a smartphone, this is a great way to go. But sometimes small ain't so bad. Right? Right?

Ok, I want one.

T-Mobile MDA, Verizon/Sprint 6700, Cingular 8125: Upgrade if you can afford it. This is where it gets both tricky and interesting. The 8525 runs the same OS as its predecessors—also known as the HTC Wizard—and thus, have all the same apps and can do pretty much the same things. They all have WiFi, a slide-out keyboard, and touch-screen capabilities. So why would you upgrade? Because it's what the old version should have been.

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WC Staff