Circle! for Windows 10 Mobile is equally addictive and challenging

Circle! is one such game where you have to guide a ring down an endless line. If the edges of the ring touch the line, the game is over.

The free game is available for Windows 10 Mobile and sports minimal graphics and simple game controls. While there is not much to Circle!, it does have an addictive pull that keeps you coming back for more, if for nothing else than to prove that single-digit score was a fluke.

The layout of Circle! mirrors the simplicity of the game by offering options to jump into gameplay, mute the sound and view the online and local leaderboards. By default, Circle! assigns you a generic gamer tag (such as Guest12345), but if you tap on the profile button that is located at the top of the leaderboard you can customize your online gamer tag.

The object of the game is to guide a ring down an endless line and avoid touching the line with the ring. The further the ring travels down the line, the higher your score. The ring's forward motion is automatic, and to hover the ring around the line you just tap the screen. The faster you tap, the higher the ring elevates, and if you stop tapping the ring's position lowers.

While all this sounds like a simple task, it doesn't take long before the gentle straight line begins to look like an EKG. You need to pace your taps just right to allow the ring to raise and lower to accommodate the hills and valleys that appear. Along with the crooked line to deal with, the longer you survive, the quicker the pace of play becomes.

The game experience with Circle! is addictive, but it is also painfully difficult. You need to get the timing just right to avoid the changing elevation of the line, and it only takes barely touching it to end the game. While I wouldn't mind a little more forgiveness, the difficulty makes Circle! more challenging. It is easy to find yourself coming back to this Windows 10 Mobile game, just reach a higher score.

Circle! doesn't hold up to marathon gaming sessions, but it is a challenging, fun game to lose track of time with. If you've tried Circle!, let us know what you think in the comments.

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George Ponder

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