Clear My Band

Besides releasing a major update to their app Band Sensor Monitor, Venetasoft has also released two new free mini-apps for Windows Phone and Microsoft Band users.

Both apps are tools meant to help make the Band better than what it is and in our opinion, these apps deliver.

Clear My Band has one simple job: clear all your Tiles of notifications on the Band. Sometimes you just don't want to clear each Tile by hand, especially if you already checked the notification on your phone. This app lets you tap a button and wipe your notification counts in one easy step. Simple. Brilliant.

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Find My Band is also somewhat self-explanatory. Once connected to the Band, you can just tap the big center button to make your Band vibrate and flash the heart rate sensor. Sure, it will not help if you have really, really lost it, but if you just misplaced it in your room, this little freebie could be a big deal.

Both apps are free and work quite well, so make sure you pick them up! Also, do not forget to check out the classic app Pimp My Band to add a custom image to your Band!

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QR: find my band