Clever advertisement highlights App Social from Nokia

How do you find out about apps? Blogs, browsing the Windows Phone Store, or maybe asking friends? App Social (previously called App Highlights) from Nokia is one of our favorite ways to discover new apps.

The hybrid social network allows for users to create lists of their favorite apps. And like any good social network, you can follow users if you want to see what sort of apps they recommend. It's another tool for users to discover new and exciting apps. App Social itself is fairly new to the scene. So to help promote it, Nokia's made a pretty funny video. Check it out after the break.  

Never take apps from strangers, get them from your friends. Pretty clever right? And since we're your friend, you should add us on App Social. Just type in ‘wpcentral’ in App Social to find us and follow us. We'll be sharing our favorite apps there and you'll be able to easily download them using App Social.   

Want to download App Social? Grab it in the Windows Phone Store (Lumia only), use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: App Social

Sam Sabri