Must-have Windows 10 apps for NFL football fans

Football is back in full swing this month. You can enhance your NFL experience with these apps available on Windows 10.

Popular email client 'Newton' makes its official debut on Windows 10 today

Newton for Windows makes its official debut today on the Windows Store.

Vivid Browser for Windows 10 Mobile brings Edge desktop UI to phones

Ever wanted the Edge desktop UI on your Windows 10 Mobile handset? Well, there's an app for that.

Coc Coc Browser for Windows 10 Mobile adds support for extensions

Coc Coc Browser, a popular third-party web browser for Windows 10 Mobile has today received an update that adds extensions support to the app, making it the first web browser on Windows 10 Mobile to support extensions.

Top 4 Windows 10 apps that are 'truly universal'

Here's a list of our favorite Windows 10 apps that we consider to be "truly universal," meaning they work across PC, Mobile, Xbox and more. and more!

Windows Central apps for Windows 10, Android and iOS deliver all the goods on the go

One of the best ways to keep up with everything that’s happening on Windows Central, whether it’s blogs, forums, videos or podcasts, is by using one of our apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Using Android in the Microsoft ecosystem

Is it possible to comfortably use an Android while living in the Microsoft ecosystem?

Microsoft Selfie for iOS review: An abysmal app that's not worth your time

Selfies have become a part of our culture and even of our daily workflow in some cases. Microsoft has released the Microsoft Selfie app which aims to make this task easier and provide better results. But does it deliver a good experience?

See all your social networks in one place with Harvester Messenger, today's myAppFree Deal

Harvester Messenger is a handy Windows 10 app that pulls together all your social networks in one place and offers a convenient way to jump between Instagram, Twitter and other popular social sites. Best of all? It's currently free.

If Microsoft doesn't kill at BUILD 2017, the Surface phone may be dead on arrival

The Surface phone is expected by 2018 but Microsoft's ecosystem isn't ready. What will Microsoft do at BUILD 2017 to get developers on board?

Microsoft's Project Centennial App Bridge makes sense of Win32 apps on phone

Microsoft's Centennial Bridge is the key to modernizing legacy apps for the mobile world.

Coming and going Part II: This is the best time for apps to come to Windows 10

Though tempered by the loss of some apps many apps are coming to the UWP! This is indeed the best time for apps to come Windows!

How to send messages with WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile phones

Use WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family by messaging them for free when you're connected to Wi-Fi! Save money on data and international texting by using WhatsApp!

The untold "app gap" story Part IV: Going from (A)pps to (B)ots

The current "warehouse of apps" store model doesn't flow with human behavior. The average smartphone user rarely uses the store and downloads only about one app a month. Mobile web properties, however, are engaged 2.5X the rate of apps. Yep, humanity is primed & ready for web connected bots and AI.

The untold "app gap" story Part III: The mobile web is the path to bots, apps 2.0

Despite the "success" of the app and app store model data reveal that the users don't engage app stores or download apps in high numbers. There is, however, a very high level of mobile web engagement. This suggests an opportunity for an AI model that connects users with bot's (as apps) over the web.

The untold "app gap" story Part II: App gap? What app gap?

Users of rival platforms have access to above 1.5M apps versus a mere 500K on Windows. The presumption is that the app quantity and quality gap degrades the smartphone experience of Windows Mobile users to the point that it's not a viable consumer platform. Human behavior may tell a different story.

Flat Notes, Post-It style notes made easy for Windows 10 Mobile and PC

Flat Notes is an incredibly simple app for creating notes and checklists that can help you survive your daily activities, be it a reminder to pick-up the dry cleaning or a lengthy grocery list.

27 essential apps you should install on your Windows 10 computer

Whether you recently bought a new computer or you simply want to know which apps you should install next, today we'll through a list of 27 essential desktop and store apps you should consider installing in your Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft pushes update for Windows Store (beta), MSN apps, and various other apps

Ahead of the release of Windows 10 build 10122, Microsoft rolls out a new wave of updates for many of the MSN apps, Windows Store (beta), and various other apps. Here are all the changes...

Windows 10 build 10056 unveils updated MSN apps with new UI and vertical scrolling

While the latest official release of Windows 10 Technical Preview still stuck in build 10049, a new preview of the operating system (build 10056) recently leaked onto the web. This release of the OS unveiled a number of changes, improvements and updated apps including a new Weather app.

Additionally, Microsoft is also including new redesigned version of its Sports, Money, and News apps (now called MSN Apps).