Clock O Matic, a very simple time keeping solution for your Windows Phone

Clock O' Matic is a very clean and simple clock app that delivers a world clock, alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer to your Windows Phone. With its no-nonsense interface, Live Tile support and multiple alarm/timer abilities Clock O' Matic is an impressive Windows Phone app.

In using Clock O' Matic, it comes across as an app with a lot of potential. If the developer can address few issues causing stability issues, Clock O' Matic will be an attractive option for those looking for a complete time keeping solution.

The layout for Clock O' Matic is somewhat minimalistic with your main page listing the current time and date. Four icons run across the top of the screen that will let you jump between the alarm, clock, timer and stopwatch functions.

At the bottom of the main screen is a World Time button where you can view the current time from all the time zones. There is a keyword search field where you can jump to a specific time zone but searching by city name is not available.

Along with tapping on the icons at the top of the screen to jump around the Clock O' Matic's features, you can also swipe left or right to navigate between the features. These features breakdown as follows:

  • Alarms: Clock O' Matic has support for an unlimited number of alarms. To set an alarm, just tap the + button, tap the time display and choose your alarm time. Once set you can tap on the alarm listing to set the tone and frequency of the alarm, name the alarm and delete it. A toggle switch sits next to the alarm listing to turn the alarm on or off.
  • Timer: As with the alarms, Clock O' Matic has support for an unlimited number of timers. Just tap the + button to add a timer and tap the countdown display to set the duration of the timer. You can label the timers and swipe up/down to move from timer to timer.
  • Stopwatch: Here you will find a basic stopwatch feature with a glowing ring that will pulse as the seconds tick by. Once started, you can tap the + symbol to generate and display a lap time. When you hit the stop button, your time can be shared, resumed or reset.

Tapping the clock display will open a Night Shade Clock, which is basically a full-screen clock with dimmer lights. This would be suited for a bedside table display or when you don't want or need the brighter colored clock display. Live Tile support will display just the time on the medium tile and both the time and date on the larger wide tile.

Timers are not saved once they expire and lack the ability to select a custom alarm tone. The ability to run unlimited timers is nice for multi-tasking such as when you are trying to managing several pots on the stove top.

Overall Impression

I liked the clean appearance of Clock O' Matic and all the features it holds. While it is an attractive clock app, there is room for a little fine-tuning that could add to its appeal.

For starters, the app needs to be able to save timers and offer Live Tile support for the timers. I also wouldn't mind seeing the ability to choose the timer alarms to help distinguish which timer is going off. As far as appearance is concerned, while I like the minimalistic approach, it would be nice to have the ability to change the background color. Lastly, I did encounter stability issues when setting or stopping alarms and timers. The instability doesn't render the app useless but does make it a little frustrating using Clock O' Matic.

Asides from the stability issues, Clock O' Matic can survive as is and has the potential of being an outstanding Windows Phone clock app. The Windows Phone Store listing does note that updates are in the works to bring more customization features that include an analog clock face and hopefully the stability issues will be addressed as well.

At last check, the app pulls in a 4.5 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store, which is where Clock O' Matic should be when it is hitting on all cylinders.

_Please Note:_The app is currently listed as free but the Store description notes that the free, ad-free offer is only for Christmas. Not sure how long this deal will last.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Wow, that's almost an exact clone of the stock Android clock app!
  • Now all e need are some weather apps, then well close that app gap.
  • lolz
  • But do the countdown timers work with the phone locked? Ive not yet seen a timer app that works flawlessly, instead of just going off when you open the app again hours later after burning your pizza into a Frisbee. Why windows phone doesn't have a built in timer like ios does is beyond me!
  • Check out SuperTimer.
  • ^^^This.  Hopefully before W10 we will get built in timers & stopwatch.  That is the 1 (and only) thing I miss from iOS.
  • QuickTimer works with the phone locked. Use it constantly to time 3 or 4 things at the same time in the kitchen. 
  • Avirall Time Suite works under the lock screen pretty well even since the WP8.0 days and the interface is pretty darn good.
  • Naren Parker Clock O' Matic works not only under lock screen but even when the phone is off .Pluss it does not use any extra battery juice in the background timers and stopwatch :)
  • HarkAtYou , I don't know about other Apps but I can assure you with Clock O' Matic  Timer you won't be disappointed. We make sure the Timer Expires and gives you proper notification at the Exact Time it was Scheduled for In and OUT of the App. We use your phone's System Time to get the exact Ticks.  
  • Thanks will give it a go
  • Look at a program called Stopwatch by Codlash. It has all kinds of timers and they work when locked. I use it all the time for grilling.
  • Quick Timer
  • Android style!! Block that App!!
  • It's a blend of Android and Windowsphone Design Features. Try the App I am sure u will love it.
  • you should make an android version......lots of people want the ability to choose a tone for countdowns etc
  • Exactly. I saw some Lollipop reviews online, and the clock app there looks almost identical to this.
  • I thought the exact same thing. I use it all the time on my Nexus 7.
  • RipoFF !
  • I've been using Live Tile Clock 8.1.  It works perfectly but shows the current time & date only, no alarms etc.  But it is very accurate.  I might give this one a try, but keeping the time & date accurate on the live tile is most important feature to me.  
  • You're asking for too much from a smartphone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Awesome
  • Supertimer, love that app.
  • It doesn't work perfectly, and no time live tile available
  • Yukkk... It's very androidish...
  • Lets ban that App!
  • Haha... Lets ban... But I am serious.
  • Haha I understand the aggression , I recommend you try the Live Transparent Background Theme of Clock O' Matic its the App personal feature for a beautiful UI
  • Look nice for using in car on Lumia 930 (no glance screen) but definitely need some polling and fixing. Strange that there is no option to be added times around globe on main screen.
  • The Cooking Timer app seems to run fine in the background. Been using it for maybe two years. Telling Cortana to set alarms for cooking is starting to take over though.
  • Wpcentral best on windows, #you rock
  • Stock Android. Works well too and if you only have WP then good app but yeah, total rip off.
  • Like it
  • Clock O' Matic has been updated with the ability of beautiful Live Tranparent Background, Analog Clock and some fixes. It has also included Notification Center access for adding Quick Alarms and Timers with redesigned Alarm Page.. Much more is on the way :) 
  • Thank you George for your Amazing Review on Clock O' Matic we learnt alot and will try to bring the Best Features for our Users. We will also keep the App free and Ad-Free for many weeks till we completely bring the App to a Higher standard and Localization in 10 different languages. 
  • I can never get the live tile to work... What am I missing?
  • Already installed it yesterday!!
  • Loving the app  Very easy to use and simple yet elegant. I disagree with most reviews since the basic necessities are there. The Live Tile support and multiple alarm/timer abilities that Clock O' Matic provides comes in very handy and trouble-free. Plus, the usage of timer and stopwatch doesn't affect my battery much like other dreadful apps that tend to suck the battery like leech! The capacity of timers to expire does not bother much. Whereas the disability to select a custom alarm tone can be upgraded to favour users. Besides, my phone doesn't lag much when I started using this app unlike other similar app that takes up so much space. Yet, I would enjoy it even more with additional choices for customizing the layouts and etc. Keep it up though