A closer look at the HTC Fuze ROM update


The on-again, off-again ROM Update for the AT&T Fuze seems to have stabilized with fewer "Oh No! 404" errors popping up when you go to it's download link. Having had success at downloading the update and avoiding the dreaded error messages, we have installed the update on the Fuze and while the new update started a little rocky, things settled down and liked what we have found.

We promise no "404" errors are present after the break, only our observations on the updated ROM.

Some time ago, we reported on a leaked AT&T Test ROM and liked what the engineers had done. The "official" version of the Fuze ROM isn't much different than the leaked "Test" version. You don't have the "Test ROM" text on the start up screen but the overall speed seems to have gotten zippier.


Installation of the updated ROM is simple, and HTC did a good job of laying out the instructions not only on the download screen but in the installation wizard as well. You enter your Fuze's serial number, choose the file most suitable for your device (hint: HTC FUZE ROM Update) and then the download location closest to you. Click the "Download" button and the 146mb file download begins.

From there all you do is double-click on the executable file and follow the installation wizards' directions. Remember this update will wipe your Fuze clean so it is important that you BACK UP your data before proceeding and remove the expansion card from the phone. The entire process, minus the download time, took just over ten minutes.  The initial start-up seemed to take a little longer than when I flashed the Test ROM so be patient.

After the installation was complete, the Fuze did seem to be a little sluggish. My initial screen calibration was slightly off center (easily fixed through re-calibration) but other than that, the initial setup went smoothly. After a minute or so of using the Fuze it began to zip along nicely.

What's New?

According to HTC the update has the following changes/additions:

  • Microsofts Windows Mobile Adaptation Kit Update (AKU) 1.4.6
  • Slide to Answer
  • Push To Talk Button is now re-assignable
  • FM Radio Application
  • Enhanced MS Voice Command
  • Call waiting indicator is now audible when using Speakerphone
  • HTC Music player supports Album art/info I
  • mproved TouchFlo3D (TF3D) and User Interface performance
  • A-GPS Update: Speeds up the time it takes the GPS to get a fix on your location

All in all the changes to the "official" ROM aren't very different from the "leaked" version. There's a new radio version included with the update and GPS performance might be the biggest improved. I was able to get a GPS fix under a minute through Google Maps with the updated ROM.

I liked the Slide to Answer feature but wished HTC would have added a Slide to Unlock feature as well. One footnote on the Slide to Answer is that if your using S2U2 you will need to disable it's slide to answer feature or it will conflict with the updated ROM.

In addition to the changes HTC listed, you also get an updated version of Opera that was leaked over at Fuze Mobility some time ago. You also get the customary AT&T bloatware.

Dealing with the Bloat

Some have asked if there is any way you can eliminate the bloat and while we've posted on this before, it may not be a bad idea to rehash the bloatware exorcism that will free up a bit of memory.

When you update the ROM, your Fuze will basically go through a hard reset.  Wait for the "tap here to customize" screen and let the Fuze go through the first round of software installation.

Go through the screen calibration and skip or go through the tutorials and password settings.

The Today Screen will appear and you'll then see a dialogue box that says, "Tap to install customization". The second you tap "OK" you must IMMEDIATELY hit the reset button and perform a soft reset. The soft reset will preempt the bloatware installation.

There are a few .cab files you'll need to install after the soft reset is complete. Go to your File Explorer and run the following files from the Windows Directory.

  • PT_Manila_Reg.cab
  • MSFT_Security.cab
  • Opera_PPC_HTC_Opera9_WWE.cab

This will get your Touchflo 3D, Microsoft's security and the Opera Browser installed. If you don't want TouchFlo 3D or Opera installed, skip those two files but install the security file.

Overall Impression

Several have asked if they are happy with the Test ROM, should they take the risk with the "official" update. Why go through the headaches of a hard reset if theres' not that much of a change. The features on the updated ROM are the same features on the Test ROM. However, the performance of the Test ROM was an improvement over the original ROM and the "official" ROM an improvement over the Test ROM. That's the way it's supposed to work, right?

While the download site hasn't been user friendly, the updated ROM definitely improves the Fuze's performance. From improved GPS performance to being able to map the PTT button to a more responsive touch screen, my experience was that the updated ROM was definitely worth the download time.

Whether or not you should update from the Test ROM is your call but I'm not regretting installing the "official" version at all. If you're running the original ROM on the Fuze, the updated ROM's enhanced performances should be a welcomed sight and well worth the hard reset. 

To start the download, simply visit HTC's Support Page here.

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