A closer look at Samsung's Extra Settings in the Flash and Focus S

Use Auto Display Intensity', is for when you use the "light" background and everything is white. It will dynamically adjust the brightness so that the screen is not so intense to look at e.g. when you open Outlook. Plus it saves battery life.

  • 'Use Key Vibration Feedback' is for enabling/disabling the capacitive feedback on the three main buttons. We actually really like feedback, but we imagine there are a few who don't. Plus turning it of can help save a tiny bit of battery, we presume.
  • Finally, 'Use Echo Cancellation' is for phone calls and basically does what it says--makes the audio more stable with less echo. We see no reason why we would want to disable it but it's nice it's there, we suppose.

While not groundbreaking settings, we do like the little extra control Sammy has given us. Unfortunately for the first setting, while it works well with the  "light" theme, the Focus S still suffers from an over-zealous, power-conserving light sensor, making the phone more dim than we think it should be. To solve that, you can disable auto-brightness in Settings and leave on Medium (although that's a bit too bright sometimes).

Daniel Rubino

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  • I just turned it off
  • The "Use auto display intensity" isn't there to make the screen less intense for you to look at with a white background - it really is there to save a LOT of power, as it says in it's description.A SAMOLED display displaying a fully white screen at full brightness can easily take over 230% of the power to display it than a regular LCD screen - ergo this handy setting dims the screen when predominately white screens show up to reduce this power usage to a more reasonable level - it's not there to be pleasing for your eyes :P If you want better battery life, and tend to hang around emails a lot, Office and generally just most websites, you'll want to leave this setting on.Of course, for all other display purposes, SAMOLED screens tend to generally have less power draw than other displays, and that's why there's a specialised setting for only this case - and why the phone itself advises you the light theme will suck your battery a lot faster when you switch to it
  • So turn it on and set screen to medium? With Auto Brightness and Intensity on it is really dull
  • By doing that you're forging the benefits of Auto-brightness entirely - which is not to burn your eyes out in the dark, to make sure you can actually see in the sun, and improve battery life.Even at medium brightness it'll be using more power. It may look dull but that's realistically the only way to keep the power down. If you're not concerned about the power savings then go ahead and turn it off - but turning it on will save you more power than anything else you do on the system, and you'll still get to enjoy the SAMOLED benefits of bright, punchy colours and amazing contrast with the dark theme, along with power saving on the light theme without having to turn down the entire OS's brightness.
  • So what would be more power saving in this scenario."Use auto display intensity" on and "Medium brightness"or"Use auto display intensity" off and "Automatic brightness"It's hard to tell the difference on the phone between these two. I was some brightness but I don't want it to kill the battery.
  • This may all be true Jason, but honestly, with auto-brightness I could not recommend anyone buy this phone. It's *that* dim.My auto at room level is dimmer than the original Focus on Low. It's terrible.And while you say that new setting is not there for my eyes, that's it's side effect as whites are too bright without it.
  • That Auto-Intensity is a very good option considering it's an AMOLED display.OLED displays of all kinds use ridiculous amounts of power when displaying white since it uses no backlighting. Want to keep your OLED phone running longer? Use black colors everywhere.
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  • ANY more controls are welcome. For crying out loud, I just tried using Word today and I can't even make a bulleted list Or change to single-spacing. Unbelievable. Word on WM 6.5 was actually very usable. I know there's nothing Samsung can do here, but it's just a general comment about lack of settings in general on WP. Apollo can't come soon enough.
  • Wow, I had to go look for myself regarding the bulleted list issue in Word. I am shocked that feature isn't there.
  • I wish my omnia 7 had key vibe like these seem to.
  • finally glad to see some tv commercials for the windows phone, t mobile had several commercials during the chiefs dolphins game yesterday for the htc radar as well as being one of the four sponsors for the game and then several more times during the night game on nbc, hopefully we'll start to see more tv commercials for the other phones from the other carriers, i about fell out when i first say the commercial, i believe this is the first time I've seen a commercial for the windows phone in over a year