Cloud Raiders updated with new Treasure Island and more

Cloud Raiders, the highly popular fantasy action-strategy game from developer Game Insight, got a new update today for the Windows Phone version that adds a feature called Treasure Island, along with more additions and improvements.

Here's a quick change log for the new version:

  • Treasure Island - Once a week, a treasure-filled island will drift within raiding range of your base. Smash through the defenses on Treasure Island as fast as possible to win prizes, earn a spot on the leaderboards complete with a replay of your raid, and more!
  • Valor PvP Challenge - A new global weekly tournament to prove yourself the best raider in the isles. Visit the Top Players leaderboards to find out more!
  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements


Are you a fan of Cloud Raiders and if so what do you think of this new update? Thanks to nikhil for the tip!

Cloud Raiders – Windows Phone 8 – 84 MB – Free – Store Link

QR: Cloud Raiders

  • Yahhh
  • that reminds me of crack kid. yaahhh. yaaaaahhhh!
  • Yaaaahh yaaaah my favorite game just got updated
  • I love this game
  • +1520 best phone game in ages
  • Hey cap Gogetaxyz here xD :D
  • +520
  • Every time I would open the app to collect my gold I noticed I have lost a ton of gold. Once collected it equaled out to about what I had before. Could not really progress
  • This is because some one must have attacked you n must have stolen your gold...
  • @darkest.white I have exactly the same problem. Have updated everything except the main building (the name had just escaped me) but can never get enough gold to update it to level 7 and I can never get enough clouds to build a dragon academy
  • Yea, it's rigged to make you buy the resources for it.
  • Definitely addicted to this game. So many hours of waiting... All worth it lol
  • They should work on a Windows 8 app too.
  • Join my clan #SDG
  • Im always active
  • It reset my score a few weeks back :'(   There was no option to log out of my FB account and try another one. Had to reinstall it.   Will wait for AOE version of Clash of Clans
  • That was unlucky. Why did that happen? I did a hard reset the other month and it was the only game that I didn't lose my progress when I reinstalled it.
  • They should make the Text bigger. I can easily play games like this on the tiny iphone 4 screen but have to squint to play this one on my L920. Ridicilous!
  • Is the troop glitch fixed? I hope not >_
  • What is the troop glitch?
  • Nun ur business
  • That's a secret!
  • Still not .....You can still Cheat
  • Nope, still getting losses with nothing destroyed or troops lost.
  • I just can't get into this game.  Yet at the same time, I can't get enough of Clash of Clans.  I steal my wife's iPad every morning and evening to get some play time in on Clash, yet I have this on my phone with me all the time and I haven't opened the app in a month or more.  I'm not sure why it doesn't appeal to me like Clash even though it's essentially the same game.    That being said, they've done a great job of keeping it updated and at least interesting.  I may jump in and give it another go.
  • Yeah it is a great news but we want clash of clans
  • Yeh my name on the aricle..
  • I hate this game. It is too expensive to change the name.
  • I changed it for free. The first time it was free for me but the second time needs 500 diamonds
  • It is also my first time changing my name but it costs me a lot. Approximately $5
  • Don't change the name in a day change it once leave it for 2 days and its again free
  • Nup
  • Thanks for the update ...keep improving with new features....
  • It is available in selected countries !
  • WindowsPhoneCentral2 is the best clan in this game :)
  • +++++
  • +1520 from the leader :)
  • +520 been to a lot of clans but I always end up joining wpc2! Way better than any other clan. Here people aren't rude. Kudos to the leaders and his officers! :D
  • Join pirate kind
  • I play this and clash but prefer clash since its almost impossible to read any text in Cloud Raiders. I use Lumia 930. They should improve the zooming function
  • I just love this game but very difficult to get stronghold 7 without in app purchase. Is royal revolt 2 better than,this?
  • Lol no most of us got SH7 EASY
  • You really don't need to buy diamonds for need to buy them if you want an extra builder or two..
  • Yes if you are playing whole day
  • I wNt to reset my play but i just don't know how. Lol..