CNet Smackdown, Blackjack Pwns Blackberry 8800

Yes, I'm giving away the ending, no, I don't care. The Blackjack absolutely decimated the Blackberry 8800 in a head to head, and rightly so. If Cingular/AT&T (Can I stop calling them Cingular yet?) would just get off their duff and put up 3G in my area I'd switch to the Blackjack in a heartbeat. As it is, I'm mostly a Dash man right now. Hurry up AT&T!

With its slim profile, a plethora of wireless and multimedia options, and solid call quality, the BlackJack simply overpowered the camera-less, 3G-deficient BlackBerry 8800. One can only hope that RIM comes back stronger with the rumored BlackBerry 8820. Until then, the BlackJack retains its crown.

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WC Staff