Collaborate is a new white boarding Windows Phone app from Microsoft Garage

As part of their explosion of new apps today from their Microsoft Garage division, the company has launched Collaborate, a new white boarding app that's exclusive for Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Here's a look at what this app can do:

"Host or join collaboration sessions on canvases that hold text cards and images. Ink on the canvas to organize your content, or manipulate the text and images using pinch, drag, and rotate gestures. Create and curate content in your personal Staging Area, then connect to a session using the unique ID. Once you are in a session, simply tap, drag, and drop your content onto the canvas where you want it to appear - the card you contributed will immediately show up on the canvas for you and your colleagues to work with."

It looks like the app is still propagating in the Windows Phone Store and thus may not be immediately available in all regions. The app is also supposed to be launched for Windows 8.1 as well but at the moment it's not available in the Windows Store. When that happens we will update this post. In the meantime, which is your opinion of Collaborate?

QR: Collaborate

John Callaham