We Happy Few creators Compulsion Games are moving to a new studio, plan to grow to around 90 developers

We Happy Few image
We Happy Few image (Image credit: Compulsion Games)

What you need to know

  • Compulsion Games is a Canadian studio that was acquired by Microsoft in 2018.
  • Compulsion Games currently has around 60 developers.
  • According to a LaPresse, Compulsion Games is moving to a new studio and growing to around 90 developers.

Compulsion Games is a Canadian studio best known for developing We Happy Few. In 2018, Compulsion Games was one of many studios acquired by Microsoft and integrated into Xbox Game Studios. Now, while the team's next project is still a secret, it looks like the studio is expanding.

As noticed by @Shinobi602 on Twitter, LaPresse has reported that Compulsion is moving from its current office in Saint Henri, Montréal to Westmount. This new office has room for up to 120 developers. While Compulsion has grown from 40 to 60 developers since being acquired, the studio has plans to grow to around 90 developers over the next 18 months.

The move is being planned to take place in December 2020 or January 2021, as long as it is safe to due to given the ongoing pandemic. Interestingly, Compulsion will be right next to Cloud Chamber, a new Take-Two Interactive studio that is working on a next-generation BioShock game.

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