Today, the Xbox One version of Conan Exiles received a substantial "parity patch" which brings a lot of the tweaks found in the PC version to the console. While the download fixes a lot of issues and patches numerous exploits, the future of Conan Exiles is even more interesting. In Funcom's Weekly Community Newsletter, the developer detailed what players can expect from the next big update of Conan Exiles.

Pets and taming should go live on the PC test server by the weekend, and add more complexity to the "thrall" system. Once you've tamed a pet, you'll have to keep it alive by feeding it food. You can also set up an automatic dispenser that does that as long as it's stocked. Human thralls also need nourishment now so you have to add food to their inventories too. There's actually a good reason behind this complexity. If you forget a thrall even exists and don't feed them, they'll die, reducing the stress on the server.

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A new religion and region which revolve around taming creatures are also being added. The "Jhebbal Sag" religion and the "Midnight Grove" area have ties to the pet system. According to the studio, once you're able to travel to the Midnight Grove, you can collect "Shadebloom". Shadebloom-spiced foods grant you a higher change of getting a rare pet when you're raising them in a pen. Rarer pets are much bigger than regular pets, with a different visual and increased strength.

We can't wait until this update hits Xbox One in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted as soon as we receive a concrete release date or surprise launch.

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