Connection issues on Monster Hunter World for Xbox? Capcom is working on a fix

Monster Hunter: World is gaining heaps of praise across the industry for its beauty, depth, and addictive qualities, however, it hasn't all been plain sailing on Xbox One.

Beyond the technical issues that hinder the game's performance, Monster Hunter: World also suffers from server problems that are preventing players from connecting for co-operative play. Thankfully, Capcom is working to fix the issues.

In a post on Twitter, Capcom said the following.

If you're having trouble with Monster Hunter: World, your best bet to fly solo for the time being, but at least we now know that Capcom is working on a fix.

Problems aside, Monster Hunter: World is a huge achievement for Capcom who appeared to be struggling a little in the quality department for a while, until Resident Evil 7 launched to widespread praise early last year. Be sure to read our full Monster Hunter: World Xbox review if you're interested in the game's other aspects, and let us know what you think if you've been playing already! Monster Hunter: World is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC version expected later this year.

Monster Hunter: World Xbox One review

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Jez Corden
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