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Corel brings PaintShop Pro to Microsoft Store

What you need to know

  • Corel's PaintShop Pro is now available in the Microsoft Store.
  • PaintShop Pro is full of photo editing tools, AI utilities for automatic corrections.
  • The app is available download for free, though you'll need a subscription use the full app.

If you're looking for another photo editing suite to add to your repertoire, Corel's PaintShop Pro is now available in the Microsoft Store. The long-running app offers a similar suite of tools that allow you to edit, stylize, and correct photos like Adobe's suite of tools.

A lot of the tools available in PaintShop Pro will look familiar here if you've used other photo editing apps. Here's a rundown of just some of what it offers:

  • Use multiple Layers and Masks to make artistic photo compositions and graphic design projects.
  • Touch up your favorite photos with high precision selection or cloning tools and restore old photos with flaw removal effects.
  • Draw and paint with built-in brushes and drawing tools and use color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture tubes to take your designs to the next level.
  • Work with powerful adjustment tools to edit, crop, resize, remove noise, sharpen, enhance colors, use curves and levels to make your photos stand out.
  • Add text to images to create interesting projects, like a meme or a picture quote. Adjust fonts, size, style, alignment and more with a complete set of typography tools.
  • Try out intelligent one-step solutions and filters such as One-Step Photo Fix and Smart Photo Fix to take the guess work out of achieving the perfect photo.
  • Automatically correct distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations with the built-in lens correction.
  • Transform photos into a work of art with Artificial Intelligence and replicate the style of iconic artists with Pic-to-Painting.

Its presence in the Microsoft Store gives you another way to try PaintShop Pro and keep it updated alongside all of your other Microsoft Store apps. Beyond that, it also gives PCs that may be limited to getting apps from the Microsoft Store a way to downlod and use it.

PaintShop Pro is available as a free download, but it does require a subscription to use. However, there is a one-month free trial. If you're interested, you can grab PaintShop Pro from the Microsoft Store now.

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  • It's incredible how you can't find it under "Paint Shop Pro"... plus, is it a native Windows app? Or just a usual program just put in he store?
  • Still available as a Win32 app for a low one time cost without a subscription.
  • Haha subscription for PSPro?! I bought it in a sale some while ago which even than was just an ok deal, considering it is kind of buggy (stops responding often in w10).
  • That's Microsoft's fault. Search in the Store has always been abysmal.
  • Both "Core" and "Pain" gave me PaintShop Pro.
    Like AppleStore and PlayStore, database update need time. Common knowledge imo.
  • I had idea this was still a thing!
  • I wasn't aware that program was still around. It's so...90's.
  • Corel's offerings in this space are really pretty darn good. They do photo/paint, vector (draw) and movie applications, among others. They have an extensive learning library, and host web sessions on techniques as well. I'm not in that business, so I can't speak to how it compares to Photoshop, and Adobe's other products, but Corel's seem full featured to me. PSP is not the same shareware product it was in the 80s. Only problem I've had with them is their annual update, with an upgrade price not all that different from the new price. Seemed like a subscription already, if you wanted to keep current. They really like to let you know there is a newer version, too. Be that as it may, the price is significantly less than Adobe's products, or a CC subscription. If you are doing this as a hobby, not a business and writing it off, Corel is worth a look, IMHO. I'll definitely be checking this out, as long as the subscription isn't too high, AND, I get to take advantage of the multi-device install that normally comes with a store app purchase.
  • Well, checked it out. It is unfortunate that you actually have to install it before they tell you what the monthly and yearly subscription costs are. At $79/year it isn't any cheaper than just buying it outright, though the multi-installation feature that should come with store app may appeal to some. Now Corel Draw, at $20/month or $200/yr is just out of my price range. I'm doing just fine with the home and student version for ~$100-$120 outright. This is especially true if you don't feel the need to upgrade every year, dispute the nagging. Actually decent products, so may be worth a look for pro's that may be looking for something just a bit cheaper than Adobe. For amateurs, I'd just look at the standalone over the subscription.
  • Is PSP for you stable on Windows 10? I have x8 iirc but often it stops responding after some time. Otherwise it is for pretty good idd (for hobbyists).
  • This was a great program back when I used it. I'd give it a try if it's free.
  • It is not free I think, once downloaded you seem to need to pay to use it.
  • I need something to replace hp photo creations
  • Paint shop pro is good for that kind of stuff but it is not really free I think. You can sometimes buy it in big sales however. You should try a demo first though, a previous version is not very stable on my windows 10 laptop.
  • "The app is available download for free, though you'll need a subscription use the full app."
    The truth is that downloading and installing takes up space on your storage device, but to use anything from the app you will need to pay the application fee.
    There is nothing free in the app.