Cortana Alarms

Yesterday we posted about folks being unable to set an alarm using Cortana. They’d try and meet error code 8000ffff. It undoubtedly made a lot of you frustrated as you played around with Cortana. Soft resets and hard resets didn’t fix the problem. What was going on? It’s most likely third-party alarm apps messing with Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1. Details below.

This is just a quick follow up to yesterday’s post and a little FYI on how to fix it. The cause appears to be third-party alarm apps and whether or not they have alarms set. Removing any alarms set in those apps themselves seems to alleviate the issues. A bit of a bummer, especially since apps like are really nice.

Let us know if you can get Cortana to set alarms after removing the alarms in your third-party alarm apps.

Source: MSDN

Thanks for the heads up Justin!