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Cortana for Android hands-on and Windows 10 Mobile comparison

Earlier today the APK file for the private beta version of Microsoft's Cortana for Android leaked onto the internet. Microsoft later clarified that the public version will come later this month. We fired up the personal assistant on our Galaxy S6 Edge to see what the hubbub was all about.

Long story short, Cortana on Android is exactly what you expected it to be: a fancy search engine and personal assistant. However, as we also anticipated it is rather handicapped on Android compared to the native version on Windows 10 Mobile. For instance, as of now there is no interactive widget for Android. You also cannot set it as your default search engine when you hold the action key on the S6 Edge (you can do this for Bing, however).

Cortana on Android

It is quite plausible that in later versions, Microsoft will add widget and default app abilities. Even still, without passive listening in the form of 'Hey Cortana' on Windows Phone, Cortana on Android will still not be as immersive.

Cortana on Android

It is rather neat knowing Windows 10 PC users who also have an Android phone will get near the same experience on the go. After all, for Cortana to flourish the service needs data and by opening the assistant to Android and iOS, that is sure to happen.

For now, you can watch the hands-on video and see the beta app compared to the Windows 10 Mobile version. Let us know what you think in comments!

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I hope Satya knows what he is doing
  • He does.
  • Trust me, he knows what's he's doing for Microsoft.
  • Hamburger menu can be open with swipe in Cortana for Android.. :-/ I don't have it in my Lumia though .. Nice feature :-€
  • Opened*
  • This is something which I hope it will come to windows 10 mobile. Is really dumb for MS to implement the burger menu without the swipe in gesture.
  • Let's hope for the best.. I'm pretty sure MS wont do anything reckless with WP.. It's a kind of their last chance.. So more hope for us..
  • Agreed. And this is really needed on 5" and above phones where the hamburger menu isn't always reachable.
  • Microsoft already has done something reckless. Made an exclusive deal with AT@T for the two high end WP. All those on other carriers won't be able to get one. Think about the loss of sales. And the loyal subscribers that will have to jump ship to upgrade their already 2 year old phone's. Disgusts me with Microsoft.
  • Yes, swipe is better and should be included and swipe is Metro too.
  • Indeed! I'm always wondering why Microsoft seems forgetting to do this on Windows 10 Mobile. They do it on Android but not on Windows.
    Putting a swipe gesture for Hamber Menu on Windows 10 Mobile will resolve the issue of one-hand usability, though not completely since Menus are from the top. Unless they will implement similar to Charms where it aligns the menu to your finger whether you swipe either top, middle or bottom.  This should be top priori​ty on Feedback app!
  • He couldn't give a toss.
  • I am starting to seriously question it! BTW, Why can't Cortana remember me on my PC when I already created a Notebook on my Windows Phone??
  • Guys, I've just updated to Windows 10 (10166) on my 930 and I can't download the English language for speech; it shows some error. What can I do?
  • She will never be the same as in Windows Phone. No matter how much they implement, android/iOS aren't her world.
  • No, not the same. But if the past is any indication, she'll be better.
  • That makes absolutely no sense
  • As Daniel already said. It isn't possible for it to be better on other platforms.
  • Define better.
  • it is impossible for cortana to be as much integrated in android/ios as in W10
  • Well damn
  • Isn't that called polygamy?
  • Don't forget that there are tons of genius over at XDA who may put miracles with custom roms on android. We shall see.
  • CM + Cortana services = Winning
  • How secure are custom roms?
  • Or they could partner with OEMs and make it a pre-installed app.
  • I would guess the majority of people wouldn't want Bing as the default search engine anyway.
    Live tile, they can use a widget, although my tile hardly ever has that much on there anyway.
    So you have to press a button instead of being able to say hey Cortana, like I currently have to press a button, doesn't feel less immersive to me, if that is the limit of the deep integration that other platforms are going to be missing, not sure why people keep trying to make out that it's just not as good, a second class citizen etc.
    Do people really find being able to say hey Cortana, instead of pressing a button, is that really that huge for people?
    Nice if you can do it, not a big deal if you can't for me personally.
  • That really depends on what "Hey Cortana" requires. On Android you can already make a background service that listens to the mics and then do what you will with the audio data, but not sure if that can be implemented efficiently.
  • Which is why there is limited appeal for anyone, but diehard Microsoft fans to install Cortana in the first place. On a Windows device, it is an integral part of the experience - much like Siri is on iOS. Most people, including me, do not see the reason to install another personal assistant. What benefits does it have over Google Now? Especially when it is not nearly as integrates with your phone. I know Microsoft thinks that the whole "they use it on PC so they will like it here" matters but it really doesn't. What matters is solid integration. This will go down as a foolish experiment at best and will just serve to destroy the reputation of Cortana because it'll underserve on other platforms.
  • Why???? I can understand Office and the like but why Cortana??? Why will anyone bother with WP if all its features are available on the other, better established platforms?
  • No one is bothering anyway. Cortana isn't bringing anyone over. People need to get real here. Features like continuum are what MS is betting on. Read what people in MS are saying. They have lost mobile, they are now trying to find a niche in mobile where they can survive.
  • Plus this some incentive for those on Android or iOS to use Windows 10 for PC, tablet, laptops, etc. It's about ALL of Microsoft's product lines, not just phone.
  • Windows desktop already has the marketshare.
  • What about for tablets? Yeah...
  • @raphok may be market share is decreasing.. May be they don't want to take risk.. Now Android users have Cortana which can sync with their PC.. Google can't push chrome OS onto Android users.. Check ;)
  • Windows's market share has increased actually in last month's report..
  • daniel can you please tell how you set up that bing search bar on your samsung in the middle? is it a launcher? will change all myfriends search to bing by using that trick. plz explain.
  • If you download the Bing app from the store, you can go to the widgets section on the phone and find the bar there. Just pin it to your home screen and you are good to go. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • It seems more like "It's about all of Microsoft's product lines, EXCEPT phone."
  • Maybe because even on low profile windows phones the system runs fluid? and because every app on other platforms from microsoft will be better on windows phone and will have deeper integration... because windows phone is the best price/quality in the market... and I can keep going...
  • This is why you got 3rd place in the 32bit console wars.
  • If adding Cortana to Android will make Android better suited to your interests, then as a consumer, shouldn't you be happy? You can always grab an Android then...    
  • Who cares?! Cortana is still not even available for my region till date! Windows phone is dead. Microsoft triggered another reset for the mobile platform with windows 10. And satya is not even sure this will work out well.
  • Is this region restricted? Just US? Just UK?
  • US and China for the beta fase.
  • They need to make a Microsoft Launcher and have Cortana be a part of that.
  • Like the old Bing app on iOS. Loved that it had a people hub with fb and twitter feeds and everything.
  • That would be great. If it was bug free and not a resource hog, that is
  • If these plastic flagships aren't as amazing as I'm hoping for, I'm going to test myself a lovely LG flex with Cortana and office and all other Microsoft goodies
  • Cortana everywhere! jajaja! Skynet wont take over the world, Cortana will!
  • Yeah... Seema familiar .. As i watch the movie.. I keep on thinking of Cortana! Coz i am seeing lumias and windows on that movie hahaha!
  • Which movie?
  • Terminator
  • "Thank you for helping shape and improve Windows 10 and Cortana" Heh
  • Dear Microsoft... Can I get Cortana on my Lumia 930 before my android device please? Why do you forget countries like NZ and Australia? So frustrating. My next phone will be android.
  • Looks like they don't care to much.
    Even skype is better on android Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Facebook for Windows isn't to good either. I'm a bit disappointed with wp to be honest. I hope win phone 10 will be much better.
  • This comment is so stupid. I didn't want to reply but I just felt obligated to tell you.
  • Thanks for the info. But if you can be a little bit more civil and tell me why you think its stupid then we might have dialogue. I'm just conveying how I feel after moving from Android to Windows phone. Surly Microsoft would roll out Cortana for all wp users before android? Please tell me your thoughts on this.
  • You do know that Cortana is regionally restricted for android as well? It's US and China for them by release time...
  • Localization of Cortana and porting her over to other platforms are entirely different issues, as the apps are frontend and the localization is mainly backend. If the backend isn't ready for a certain region that region won't get the frontend, i.e. the app, regardless of the platform it would run on. Also, it would be reasonable to assume that there are different people working on both so the fact that Cortana is now coming to Android should in no way delay a wider regional availability. If anything, the Bing team has even more reasons to step up their game now, considering porting Cortana to Android increases her user base.
  • Not stupid. Windows Phone is mediocre when it comes down to apps whether you like it or not. Posted via the Windows Central App on my Lumia 640 or using the Android Version which is free*
  • So true... Same problem where I live (fr-CH). We don't even have wordflow keyboard (the feature is 2 years old now in other countries). I also think my next phone won't be a windows one.
  • Huh? Word flow is regional?
  • Cortana is still only available in since regions. This will not be different on other platforms. If you want to try it out, change your region settings to US. Some "local" features may not work well, but you'll at least get a taste. I did this for my mom in South Africa, and she loves her new assistant. Location based reminders by itself is enough reason to enable it by changing your regional settings. And yes, I do wish that Microsoft would realize that people would like the option of turning on Cortana, even in an incomplete state.
  • Store does not work if your credit card is from different region.
  • Its more to do with carriers than microsoft, if it was up to them it would be all luacnhed at the same time 
  • And Sweden.. If it don't get better I have to switch to Android... Lack of apps and more...
  • Band integration, stat! Works great on my Note 4. I occasionally pair my band to my 1520, but use it with my Note 4 90% of the time. I'm getting very tired of Cortana firing on it's own on my 1520. Digitizer hell I guess.
  • Bad bad bad idea -_-
  • Cortana on Windows 10. Millions of new users in two weeks.   Billions of non Windows Phone users...for now. Exposure = outstanding idea.   Great great great idea. :)
  • Just relax, microsoft have an idea to make people from android will change their phones to windows using Cortana.
  • No. I just don't see it. I love my windows phone and its smoothness and responsiveness but its app selection is atrocious and Cortana just didn't cut it especially with Siri and Google Now on platforms that also have Cortana AND that have great app selection and content. Apps are killing this platform and I wouldn't recommend a user to switch full time. Posted via the Windows Central App on my Lumia 640 or using the Android Version which is free*
  • No not really you are talking about a best case scenario. I think only tech lovers will know about it and maybe only wp lover's will use it. Personally it's my belief that 90% of all Windows users don't know about Cortana nor care about it.
  • It's on the taskbar, the getting started app that launches at first boot mentions her, and she's a pinned tile on the start menu/screen. Do you also believe that 90% of windows users don't find the start button?
  • Does anywhere near 90% of Windows users sign in to a Microsoft account? I think that will be the hurdle here. Getting Windows users to create and use a Microsoft account. What percent of Windows 8 users are signed into an account? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Working good my galaxy s6 edge.
  • Anyone notice how fast it launched on Android....
  • Yes, I noticed that too. Maybe it was just minimized before and on tapping the icon, it resumed back.
  • Looks better on the Samsung device. Gutters.. Ha we have hamburgers because of android. Android users need to see familiarity when using Microsoft apps just make me a damn Premium windows phone already.
  • This is true MS should implement panorama in their apps on other platforms.
    They're doing the opposite instead and W10 for mobile is.. A bit more tedious to use than before. Its livable, but, there's a reason Apple is encouraging iOS devs to drop the hamburger menu.
  • So when exactly are google and apple services coming to Windows? Never? Okay good!
  • Do you think war must be responded with war? Users always lose this way.
  • google's apps need to come to windows phone as badly as snapchat does. (I don't have a need for anything google, but would enjoy snapchat) there are a lot of people that won't make the switch from android or iOS because they can't get those apps. my one friend will be leaving WP because he lost Rudy's 6snap with no alternative or real app to turn to. It's a shame because WP is a really good phone OS :(
  • All the whiners out in force...
  • For good reason
  • Short sightedness is not good reason.
  • Yeah probably. Just frustrating that Cortana isn't available everywhere on windows phone first. I'm sure we'll get it eventually.
  • So basically, cortana as an app on Android is still more advanced than cortana on WP in 95% of the world. As usual MS is still showing how not interested they are about their own platform
  • "So basically, cortana as an app on Android is still more advanced than cortana on WP in 95% of the world."
    Your statement is complete bullshit, you do know that right? In what way is Cortana on Android "more advanced" than on Windows Phone. I'll wait... Cortana on Android is still restricted regionally just like Windows and Windows Phone. Not sure why you would think otherwise.
  • Typical "Cortana isn't available not in my country so it's GARBAGE" crying. Nothing to see here. Wen in pluto? And so on...
  • Seriously what the FUCK Microsoft I'm tired of them giving customers the cold shoulder here in Pluto.
  • DwarfPlanetLivesMatter
  • MS doesnt support aliens
  • Simple, in Australia Cortana is just a glorified search engine which can also do a few basic things via voice, like sending texts or calling people. That's pretty much it. It has none of the interests listed in that very picture you've displayed other than weather and news.
    So what exactly about his comment is bullshit? Just because its better in a handful of countries doesn't mean its better relative to everyone using Windows Phone. Now, I don't care that Cortana is on android, I care that they haven't done jack in months in terms of improving it on windows phone, it shouldn't be an either/or situation.
  • "So what exactly about his comment is bullshit?"
    This part:
    "So basically, cortana as an app on Android is still more advanced than cortana on WP in 95% of the world."
    Cortana on Android is in no way "more advanced" than it is on Windows Phone. Your Australia point applies to Cortana everywhere is not what is being discussed here. I thought I had made this clear in my comment.
  • His comment is "bullshit" because Cortana is no better on Android in the regions where she lacks features on WP. In those regions, Cortana on Android is lacking the same features as she does on WP. It's not an either/or situation, the Android and WP apps are frontend, whether Cortana becomes available to your region and if she does, which features along with it, are mostly all on the backend, i.e. on Microsoft's servers. Surely the teams working on porting Cortana to Android are not the same working on making Cortana available in more countries.
  • There are teams working on making Cortana available in more countries? Someone should give them a nudge to wakey wakey from nap time.
  • To make this argument stop, one question has to be answered, can cortana on windows 10 mobile give all the missing features that all users outside US asking for?!
  • No, you dummy, localization for speech recognition is super hard
  • MS should do a launcher like Google Now, with Cortana for main search engine and fast access
  • Why Microsoft make a version of Cortana for Android? I'd like to see better Cortana for WP and versions for other language.
  • You don't know how she works, right?
  • Damn all you guys complaining. Like.. You don't have very open minds do you? You guys can't see the strategy they're playing.
    This is why Nutella is CEO and not you.
  • There is no strategy. MS is trying to target every market possible while killing its own platform. In the meantime, fan boys are praising ms while defending wp. In other words, get an android phone and simply use ms services. If you want ms to live that's the only alternative. Wp is actually dead. Deal with it
  • Their strategy was clearly outlined for you yesterday here on WC. Just because it was too long of an article for your attention span to finish reading it doesn't mean its non-existent. And it made perfect sense. Also WP is already dead and will continue to be dead until they bring back panorama/pivots/beauty by the time W10M ships.
    At this point the only thing making it worthwhile will be universal apps.
  • Just because you can't see the strategy doesn't mean it's not there. But sure, I guess keeping everything exclusive to WP and releasing dozens of Lumia phones is a much better strategy, we've all seen how that worked out for he platform. For the record, I think the Lumia low-end and mid-range strategy was the right as a transitional strategy but devices like the 435 and the 532 highlight the point where I feel it got out of hand.
  • WP division has been trimmed and will follow the Surface strategy. The Surface made a large loss and was dead too, but now is successfully making a profit. WP will follow this strategy and with Windows 10 and new flagships, will make a profit within 2 yeas.
  • PCs are a completely different market than phones for Microsoft. A very nice laptop replacement is much easier for them to sell in a Windows dominated field. Microsoft trying to sell Windows Phone in this way is more like if Ubuntu decided to make and sell their own laptop replacement. They wouldn't be successful because they don't have a market to support them and they lack a mainstream ecosystem. All Microsoft had to do was sell a nice Surface that made sense. It still took a couple years for them to get it right and be profitable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What annoys me is that they can get it before Cortana is more widely distributed. Because it is an app my friends here in South Africa will be able to get it before me unless I change my region. However that changes the currency etc. on my phone which is bloody annoying
  • I'm assuming this is going to be region locked too. Otherwise, god forbid your friends get a glorified basic search app because no other Cortana services will be available aside but search.
  • Search and the personal assistant functionality, which is mentioned in this very article that you are commenting on, I guess the article was too long for your attention span.
  • Hence the term "glorified basic search app". I guess your reading comprehension is too basic to understand that. Oh and would you look at that. Its the SAME TERM you used right above. Hahahaha so much for acting like a cocky smartass.
  • Yeah, I did use the term but also specified immediately afterwards that it could do a few minor things with voice as well. So I separated the two features.
  • uhh thats kind of what the term "glorified" implies.
  • No it isn't. I'll elaborate in a moment.
  • Good job as always
  • That actually looks more feature rich than the version of Cortana I have.
  • What ever grows the ecosystem is good for Microsoft..
  • I got the apk on my daily driver. It's a lot better than on WP for one very simple reason: IT WORKS.   Yeah, because of the stupid region restrictions Microsoft placed on the Windows Phone version, I could never take advantage of Cortana because I would have to change my phone region, lose the ability to use the store etc. On Android, being an app, it just works. That said...will I use her a lot? Highly unlikely. I seldom use Google Now and Google Now syncs with my smartwatch so...
  • "On Android, being an app, it just works."
    I'd be real curious how all the localization features work across the planet. Just because you can sideload Cortana on your Android phone does not mean it will be distributed through the Google Play store as such. That means for the overwhelming users of Android they will certainly have region restrictions on downloading the app. Being able to sideload apps on Android despite restrictions is nothing new or noteworthy. Without localizations and language translations, the app is nothing but a glorified search engine.
  • Yes, they can make the mistake of region locking this too. But the core difference here is that I can use voice commands without problem on the Android app without needing to change the region of my phone. On Windows Phone for example, even though I have all my devices in British English, I still can't access Cortana unless I also set the Region of the phone (thus affecting the store) to Britain. On Android, my phone is in British English and the Play Store is from my country but I can use the app. Even if it's sideloaded.   Microsoft will take decades to localize to some countries and I'm betting some countries will ever get even Cortana localized for them. However, in those countries, many people speak English. The locking of Cortana to the phone region will always be negative as it restrains people without any reason from using of the service. The data they collect would still be relevant if they collected it in English.   In that sense, the sideload of apps on Android IS positive although nothing new, of course. Because it allows users to get around some stupid decisions.
  • On the other hand, I'd expect the Cortana app to only be available on the Play Store in the same markets as she does on WP. But of course the fact that there is a simple workaround by installing the APK is very fortunate.
  • Its annoying,me that they bring it to other platforms when about 3\4s of Europe doesn't have it and it shouldn't be that hard to introduce it in to English speaking countries like Ireland
  • Or South Africa
  • There are different teams working on the frontend (i.e. the apps) and the backend on MS' servers, which decides whether a region gets Cortana's features or not.
  • I thought that they were only going to do this once Cortana was available in more countries. I dunno about you guys but I noticed a distinct lack of Cortana in South Africa amongst thousands of other places
  • Lol widgets, I used them in 2007 with symbian
  • As long as cortana is best utilized on Windows Mobile (Sorry people that dont have it in their region.) thats all that I care about in terms of making WM better. 
  • Sigh, why won't they release Cortana to the rest of the world before releasing her on other platforms? Fucking Microsoft.
  • Is it only me who doesn't care about Microsoft's Voice Assistance being available to other platforms? Actually I hope there was a selection to choose Voice Assistance's Gender If Cortana doesn't seem that fit with male voice, then let it change its name into Cortano or whatever
  • I'm waiting for the deluxe third voice option. Female
    Morgan Freeman
  • Seems the passive listening is a hardware feature not an android issue. It could be enabled on any phone given the right specs.
  • I kinda understand the all platform stuff. But I can pretend I'm not disappointed with MST. I'm in Brazil and use WP since Lumia 800, but still feel that we, WP users around the world, should get MST things before other platforms.
    Ex. I bought a fitbit at a MST store, the caller id doesn't work on my L730, but it does on my girlfriends iPhone 6...
  • Fitbit isn't even a Microsoft product, so your issue is with fitbit.
  • Will be disappointed if that will be out before windows 10 for mobile
  • Get ready for your disappointment then. Windows 10 Mobile won't make it before late September / early October.
  • That phone is a lumia 730? 
  • The naysayers speaking crap about ms again in the youtube comments section
  • I do find the YouTube comments to be a load of toilet really. Either people are hateful or just wrong way too much!
  • Good news. Glad to see the expansion. For all the naysayers out there, I didn't leave Android for WP because of Cortana. Pretty much nobody is. The long game is building a strong MS user base. As those users see (like I did) Apple and more so Google's resistance to developing and integrating for their desktop experience, they'll start using MS's services more and more. Then a jump to Windows Phone becomes incredibly easy. Whole thing took me only a few months to finally do. And this is coming from a former full throttle, soap box standing Google whore.  Here's my lament on the matter from just before I left 99% of Google's services. (G-mail is all I have left now.)
  • You and me both, the integration is just outstanding, but then again, what is google going to integrate with, some cheap tablets and chromebooks? Those are for entertainment and when you need to get things done you use MS.
  • That's good to hear. Though, with my Lumia 930 and Surface Pro 3, with Xbox Music pass and access to video/film on Xbox Video, I do have an awesome choice of entertainment as well. Especially as I prefer the 3rd party YouTube apps on WP. With the syncing across all my devices it is all so easy to use. Yes to getting things done but also for entertainment and fun too :)
  • Not working too well on my One M8 running lollipop. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that i'm in Canada as it dosen't work correctly on my 520 or Windows 10 preview.
  • Working perfect on my M8 Dev Edition.
  • will Cortana be able to edit the calendar & read sms?
  • That's the deal right there, I think it will and take it further with integration with apps like Skype, Group Me, and all the others and wow, it gets interesting. Google can't be liking this tactic.
  • This doesn't answer your exact question, but I tested Cortana a bit on my Nexus 6. I wanted to see how much it uses Microsoft's services, and how much it uses Google's. I used Cortana to make an appointment by voice, and it created the appointment in my Google calendar. I also set a reminder by voice, and it used Cortana's reminder system. Go figure!
  • I can finally see what MS is doing, and it's rather sneaky in such a good way! If they finish this off with integration with all of the other MS apps they have for Android that would be amazing. I too run both platforms, and can't wait for WP 10, but it's cool to see how they are addressing this. If they really can integrate it, I certanly wouldn't miss Google Now at all. Side by side on my Droid, sure GNow can do more right now, but Cortana is just way cooler. Turning my Droid into a MS device one app at a time it seems like the goal for them.
  • If we can't dominate the world with Windows Phone. Then dominate the Phones with Windows World.
  • i kinda get scare reading through the article to know that Cortana on Andriod runs better and can do more things specially even offline.. Fortunately, it is not that way... :)
  • Wthell
  • So, they have Google Now, and 3/4 of Cortana. I have no Google on my Lumia 720, and also have no Cortana beta yet in pt-br. Time to consider a change. Windows Phone 10... When? End of 2016??? No thanks. :/
  • Daniel Rubino Watch as ms 3p percent market share dry up.... But but at least everything's on ios android now so ( shrugs shoulders)
  • I don't really care. I am not even use her on my Nokia 730 because she cannot speak Indonesian.
    I hope Nokia has its own personal assistant because the reason I bought Lumia is Nokia :D
  • Bakal lama om keknya bisa support bahasa Indonesia, lagipula kalo gitu Microsoft Indonesia mesti sewa aktris Indonesia dong buat jadi pengisi suaranya Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry
  • Is it alright that I don't use Cortana? If I need to search for something I'll take the time to open my browser and go to google to type in what I want. I just don't enjoy the way Cortana displays results.
  • Not agree with you if the search engine you use is Google. But I agree that not every Windows Phone user likes Cortana. The location have to activate all the time and its really drain my battery life, and because I use my phone for browsing everytime, the battery life is very important to have. Hey, do you realize the battery life drains so fast if I am using Internet Explorer rather that UC Browser or Opera Mini?
  • Satya is intelligent. Lemme see what's going to happen
  • It's good idea but I cant show off now. Among non windows users. :(
  • As if all windows phone have "hey Cortana"
  • Wen in Pluto?
  • Doing great money huh, Microsoft!
  • Do guys in Android Central do the Cortana review also or only guys from Windows Central? Just curious.. But I think Cortana better be not integrated itself just like in Windows Phone Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry
  • Its not better in android than in windows.. I used it and I can only talk to her and set remainders. That's all it can do in android..
  • Its not better in android than in windows.. I used it and I can only talk to her and set remainders. That's all it can do in android..
  • So, when will Windows Central be renamed to Microsoft Central now? Not sure how this has much relevance to Windows and this is how the change from phones to Windows in general started..    I really could not care less about what happens on Android or iOS and IMO it has no place here.
  • after you installed her on android ,have you tried asking her " what is the best mobile phone operating system"?
  • Good way to destroy the Cortana reputation, make it 'available' to everyone, but cripple it like on W10 to just a basic bing search. Kills off Cortana expectations by a larger audience. Smart thinking Microsoft.
  • Whats happening ??? I dont know why are they implementing Cortana on Android. Windows apps should be unique and should not be implemeted for other OS. Should be maintained uniqueness..
  • Except that ms wants people to use their services (bing) and that can not be achieved with 50 million wp users Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Test
  • Thanks Daniel, If Windoows Phone survives it will be through your efforts as a Community Representative! Always look forward to your posts!
  • That's something :D