Cortana itinerary

Cortana already had the ability to surface information about upcoming flights, but a recent update allows the service to offer more tools tailored to assist you in your travel plans.

You will now be able to access all your travel plans by asking Cortana, "show me my flights" or "show me my trips." Should you have multiple flights, you can use natural language queries such as, "show me my flights to Hyderabad in December", and Cortana will serve up that information.

New features include the ability for the personal assistant to remind you when online check-in is available, with Cortana surfacing a link through which you can go to your airline's check-in page directly. On the day of travel, Cortana monitors weather information, letting you know the ideal time to leave for your journey. Once you're at the airport, you can browse through the venue map to figure out where to drop off your bags. There's also a currency converter available should you be heading to a destination outside your country. Once you make the switch to Windows 10 Mobile, Cortana will be able to hail you an Uber to take you to the airport.

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The new additions give Cortana a distinct edge over Google Now and Siri, at least as far as travel planning is concerned. If you're interested in the feature, head to Cortana's Notebook -> Interests, and then tap Add -> Travel -> Trip Planner. What do you guys think of the latest additions to Cortana?

Source: Bing Blogs