Watch Cortana learn my voice on Windows 10 Technical Preview

We love Cortana on our Windows Phone, and we're going to love her on Windows PCs and tablets, too. If you are already running Windows 10 Technical Preview, then you can already try it out. In recent builds, a new option has shown up to help Cortana learn your voice. This makes it easier for her to initiate the 'Hey Cortana' function. Watch her in action in our hands-on video.

Here's how to find the 'Learn my voice' option:

  1. Tap the Cortana search form and tap the hamburger button on the top left corner
  2. Select settings
  3. Scroll down and tap 'learn my voice'
  4. Find a quiet place and tap begin.

Cortana gives you three phrases to repeat so she can get familiar with your voice:

  1. Hey Cortana, do I have anything on Saturday?
  2. Hey Cortana, what's the traffic like on the way to work?
  3. Hey Cortana, tell something about yourself.

That's it! It should now be easier for her to recognize your voice when you say Hey Cortana. The command brings her up without physically touching your device.

Are you looking forward to using Cortana on your Windows PC or tablet? Are you using it already on Windows 10 Preview? Sound off in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Ooh sexy. :D
  • I hope it will be on my Xone as well! (With the "real" Cortana in the screen :D ).
  • Better yet, could you imagine if they included Cortana on Hololens and we could have actual 3D AI helping us day to day? =P
  • Now that would be really sexy!!!
  • Heavy drooling!
  • I wouldn't be surprised if it's going to implemented. Maybe not at first but, I can't imagine it won't make it eventually.
  • I think the is a uservoice for that :)
  • With ability to undress her, right?
  • Never noticed she was dressed!
  • I'm guessing it's US only?
  • Its Mark Guim Only.
  • Can't wait for Windows 10 on all my devices!
  • I just wonder how "hey Cortana" will work if your phone and computer are in the in the same vicinity. Anyone know?
  • It probably will.
  • 'How' is not a yes/no question ...
  • lol yes. If u listen closely, you can hear the cortana beep from my lumia 930.
  • Totally unrelated, but where are you? Those temps are COLD for this time of year....
  • New York City. Definitely wish it was warmer already
  • You are still 15 degrees warmer than we are here in Minnesota!  I can't wait for it to get up to 57! :)
  • Can I activate hey cortana on upgrading to windows10 in my old hp pavilion laptop....
  • Stereo Cortana!
  • At the moment, both devices try to recognize you. The problem I noticed is that because hey Cortana on the phone requires a delay before asking the question whereas the computer does not, they will not come up with the same results from your query.
  • This is my result too, they need a phone specific command, and for Xbox leave it as "Xbox ...."
  • It activates both.
  • My phone and my windows 10 TP tablet both popped up at the same time when I said hey Cortana. So it depends on what you are telling her to do what the result will be. In my case it was just to play music, so the win10 device just did a web search while my phone played my song. Can't wait for win10 to be as fully integrated as phone is with Cortana...
  • Well, Cortana on my phone ignore my commands if the screen is covered, or face down. My guess is that once your PC is being used you should just count on it being the main input.
  • That was already on early win 7, It worked well, but as the system was learning, it got slower and slower, and I was forced to close the task
  • Cortana still needs polishing the way she talks. Like she's making pauses between words, sounds like Steven Hawking XD
  • Stephen hawking for president!!
  • Hmm, I saw that option this weekend, but when she asked me to read the first command, she replied "Sorry, I can't do that right now. Please try again later." I gave up, assuming that this functionality wasn't complete yet on the desktop. Guess I'll have to try it again tonight.
  • Cortana on my phone anyway, says that when there is no internet connection ..
  • I got the same result but she told me I needed to wait for more updates.  This has me worried because I just had to try to redownload 10049 after I couldn't get half of what was new to work.  
  • And when will be available for Latin America?????
  • And English speaking Caribbean islands.
  • Where do U live in the Caribbean? France Antilles? Nassau, Dutch Antilles?
  • Eastern Caribbean / Lesser Antilles / Grenada
  • Latin American and the Caribbean needs Cortana!!! Bring it!!! ;)
  • I second that
  • So, if anyone else wants to use it on my PC, saying "Hey Cortana!" won't work with their voice? If so, how is this supposed to work with PCs used by the hole family? Can it recognize more than one voice? That would be nice. For instance, I would say "Hey Cortana!" and she would reply with "Hey *insert my name here*!" And if my girlfriend said "Hey Cortana!", she would reply "Hey *insert her name here*!".
  • I would think you can do that with multiple log ins. With Hello Microsoft, it should be easy enough to have log ins for the whole family.
  • Yeah, but the person using it would have to be in front of the PC in order to be recognized. In situations where you don't want to be in front of your PC  that wouldn't work, for example "Hey Cortana! Play me some music!".
  • In that case you have to be in front of it to log in, so just log in and go from there. Youre also asking a lot of a PC mic to pick up and recognize commands from across the room.
  • What an odd name for a family... Hello Mr. and Mrs. Hole =D
  • That would be awesome if she could learn the different voices and know who she is talking too. Personally I would be good if she would just respond to anyone saying Hey Cortana.
  • Cortana can physically touch my device any time
  • see what you did there. ¬_¬
  • Yeah, it helps that she and voice actress ( are easy on the eyes.
  • Cortana many times does thing wrong. If I say tell me a joke then she replies who u wanna pick to call.
  • that.. is actually funny.. :D
  • Looking at the way you write, she may not understand you =P
  • Lol
  • Maybe some kind of revised knock, knock joke...
  • uTorrent :)
  • The hamburger button!
  • The Taco button❗
  • I really want to drop it on my SP3! I just dont want the hassle of anything when it RTMs. Getting more tempting by the day though.  
  • C'mon, you know that you will eventually do it before RTM. You might as well join in on the fun now.
  • You're probably right :). I am running on my desktop and each update seems to get dramatically better. But, I really want on my SP.
  • You didn't show what would happen if,some one else says hey,Cortana
  • This does not work for me. "hey cortana" triggers her to pop up but no chime and she doenst respind verbially. The learn my voice is also not working for me. Everything worked in 9926 but not in 10041 or 10049.
  • Tol, I didn't know Pilipino ka pala. :D
  • Yup. Bicolano
  • Wish I could do this, but since installing the TP my microphone isn't working. It sees it fine in Device Manager, but it doesn't work in any app, including Cortana. I've got a year old HP Spectre, you'd think that'd work fine and all the Windows 8 drivers would port over to Windows 10. Having problems with the Touchpad as well since 10041 it stopped working, though I can half get it working by disabling the driver as long as I don't let it reboot I can at least move the cursor even though no gestures work.It feels like MS are only testing with Surfaces and other OEM devices are being left behind, I'm fine as long as the final build works, but I worry that might not be the case given previous Windows OS updates I've done over the years that have had driver issues.
  • I've been having the same issue with my Dell VP8 with the microphone that you mentioned. It shows that it is picking up sounds in the settings, but it does not recognize any sounds in the apps.
  • I am waiting for windows 10 photo app to be decent enough for actual use. Only then can I install it on my sp3.
  • Me too. Taking good photos on my Lumia and the photo app will make things sorted for me.
  • Smarter she gets..!!
  • wen in india
  • I thought about that idea many months ago.
  • Can she brew my coffee in the AM? ;p
  • I talk to her every night... I think she likes me!
  • Good luck with your battery life. Without hardware support, this feature is a battery drainer.
  • What do you mean "without hardware support"❓❓ It wouldn't even work at all without hardware support...
    Do you mean software optimization? Like firmware❓
  • I meant specialized hardware support like the one you can find on the Snapdragon 800 (and above). In the current implementation on Windows 10, the "Hey Cortana" trick works because the Windows speech engine is started and listens all the time the audio input stream. This is prohibitively expensive at the energy stand point. Just have a look at the Speech Engine process CPU load and you'll understand. Nice feature for plugged-in devices. For mobility, forget it unless you have specialized hardware support. And both Surface 3 tablets have nothing in store for this.
  • Hey Cortana! Tell my wife I am ready for sex.
    Ooh. Hey Cortana! Make me some delicious lunch Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still useless in Australia.
  • I love Cortana on W10 / WP10 , She keeps me Updated with lots of into
  • Here in italy i cant let cortana learn my voice...there is the option, but when i click the learn my voice button, it animates like if the thing is working, but nothing happens though...thus i cant even use ehy cortana at all! :(
  • Hi I'd like to know about Cortana, is this going to be implemented all around Windows or we can only use it from Spartan? Thanks
  • Cortana doesn't seem to actually work on Windows 10 yet. I just get her saying she can't do anything yet or searching Bing for "remind me to do x at noon." It works better on the phone.
  • I'll take you to a quiet place aright
  • Wwwww
  • need her to play my music
  • What does Cortana (Win 10) do, Mark, if you say: Hey Cortana, Call Daniel."   And, what does Cortana do if you have both your Win 10 device and your Win 8.1 Phone within earshot when you say that?
  • It would be great if Microsoft brings this feature to all Windows phones, as is the case with Google Now for Android.
  • So what if I train her to answer to "Hey Jarvis"? I wonder if during the training she'll think I'm saying Hey Cortana, and accept my "Hey Jarvis" as the the way I say Hey Cortana? If I knew how to reset the voice training, I would try it and see if it works.
  • Video not available in my country, India. Or deleted
  • Actually, I don't love Cortana on my Windows Phone at all. Id' rather have my Bing Image of the Day back, thanks.
  • So all the Windows Phone users are having their Virtual Girlfriend now and that too a intelligent one 
  • Works better than on my phone haha. Wish Cortana would recognize my voice..
  • I can't get her to work right...
  • You love Cortana on your phone? I want to love it, but it's damned frustrating on my Lumia 925. It's slow, and it's useless without a solid Internet connection (I realise Cortana's back-end is in the cloud, but I should be able to at least search content on my phone without an Internet connection). And, most frustratingly of all, if I launch Cortana from the lock screen and she doesn't pick up what I say (which happens a lot - not that she doesn't undestand what I say, she doesn't HEAR the words), she just says "Sorry, I didn't catch that" and LOCKS THE PHONE AGAIN. This frustrates me so much that I just give up at that point. What it SHOULD do is say "Sorry, I didn't catch that, please try again" and prompt me to repeat my query. If Microsoft don't sort out irritants like that for the Windows 10 implementation, Cortana could become the symbol of another failed Windows release. I love Windows 10 so far (and I never had much of a problem with Windows 8), but it doesn't take much to get the tech press putting off the punters with negative reviews.
  • I cant find this option in my lappy.. I'm on windows 10 build 9926
  • I have this problem too, I don't have "learn my voice" option
  • Ive got a problem that noboby else seems to have. On a win 10 Build 10240 with second update PC, Cortana freezes during voice teaching. This occurs after the first instructional sentence (1/6) is said for the second time. I am using a known good micrphone/headphone combination; the sound input is properly set for the mike; the circular Cortana symbol is active; but nothing I do with the Search Bar, the micrphone symbol, or tweaking any obvious settings in Settings or rebooting will get me past the 1/6 instruction. I can't be the ONLY person with this problem but more importantly, how do I fix it?