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Cortana sees into the future, declares Patriots winners of the Super Bowl

It is true, the Patriots did win the Super Bowl. In 2005. Today's match-up in Phoenix, that's yet to be decided, but if Cortana has anything to say about it, it'll be the New England Patriots for the Super Bowl XLIX winners. What you see above, that's either Cortana prematurely revealing the time travel functionality built into Windows 10, or (more likely, based on the awkward wording) a glitch of Cortana's Daily Glance feature.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in — we'll see who wins tonight!

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • Conspiracy theorists, start your engines!
  • Cortana was talking to the dead or something more evil
  • Cortana is a liar! Terry Myerson said, and I quote "Windows 10 for phones is coming after Seahawlks win the Super Bowl"
  • Yep, and that worries me. What if the Pats win? No tech preview for Win10 for my 1520?
  • Idk... I guess we will see :/
  • Lol
  • Lol ... don't speak too soon!
  • For Indian fans
    Match 'll start @ 4:30 AM IST
    2 Feb 2015
    Broadcaster : Sony Six It's first time that we are joining Live super bowl. :)
  • She said
    No. Supporting Patriots but my ouja board says Seahawk. Go hawks!
  • Kolkata Knight Riders are the best..!! :P:P:P:P:P
  • LOL
    Indian Cricket Team is the best.
  • Not keeping in mind the Australian Tour..
  • Keymon ache dada? ;)
  • Yee haamko bengooli shhamj nii aati baba
  • Bhalo achi.... Tumi kemon?
  • Chhussuu
  • yeah KKR :D
  • Poor guys a MSFT
  • Queue the " the superbowl is over, where's windows 10?" whining. For the few of us that are excited for the actual game as well, go hawks!!
  • She said Seahawks for me.
  • Both, numbers for Patriots, Ouija board for Seahawks..... In other words, she ain't knowin.
  • She says Seahawks because Microsoft is based out of Washington.
  • Powered by kraft
  • That there's funny, so long as folks understand Kraft is the last name of the owner.
  • Wonder why Windows Central is having so much Super Bowl coverage... What's so special about it that it needs to be featured on a technology site?
  • Because we're human and we like sports. Super Bowl is one of the biggest events on the planet whether you like it or not.
  • May be the biggest one in US.. Not the biggest one in the planet though..
  • That's what she said ;-)
  • He said "one of the biggest" not "the biggest", and he is not wrong. They also had plenty of coverage during the FIFA World Cup, so we can't blame them. Besides, Microsoft's home team is playing, so that makes it more special for Msft enthusiasts! (and no, I'm not form the U.S.A.)
  • Nobody talks about it here in Europe. Can't judge rest of the world, but don't think there either.
  • And nobody talks or even know about it in Asia.. :D
  • UK has three NFL games a year. A LOT of people talk about it in Europe. It isn't just British people who go to those games.
  • Well there is IPL too..And not being rude but it is more famous than this..!!
    EDIT: Players from 10-12 countries participate in it
  • Dude, it is so not one of the biggest events on the planet, maybe in the US, but the biggest in the World (sports) is the FIFA World Cup final. By far.
  • +1
  • "One of" Just like the World Cup and the Olympics would also be "one of"
  • Incorrect. While FIFA is close to the top, the Olympics will always be the most watched sporting event. Billions watch the olympics, while hundreds of millions watch FIFA.
  • Name the next biggest one then. It was stated"one of" which it certainly is.
  • Okay, okay, Richard... I never meant to be rude.. :) Just that I've never heard of it much before, in Asia.
  • One of the biggest in the US you mean
  • The biggest in the US... ONE OF the biggest in the world.
  • It's an US based website, Super Bowl is pretty much the biggest event here.
  • "US based website"
    That aims/plans to cover every country on the planet
  • Indeed... Just as they had extra FIFA coverage during those over-rated football tournaments. And Olympics coverage... Now, they have extra SuperBowl coverage.
  • Hope they have the game of Cricket covered too..!!
  • Hmmm seahwawks owner co founder of Microsoft, NFL and surface have partnership so they will be on the sidelines of the super bowl, Microsoft is American company, our biggest sporting event by far, just a few reasons why
  • I'm a patriots fan and I don't think they deserve it
  • ^This type of fans :D
  • Don't deserve to be in the game or to win it if they do?  And why wouldn't they deserve it? They haven't been found guilty of doing anything, if you reasoning has to do with this ridiculous deflating nonsense. 
  • Oh no. Patriots will NOT win. The Seahawks will. #GoHawks
  • #gohawks
  • #GoHawks
  • Cortana needs some improvements you see..
  • Richard never lies
  • This^^
  • Seahawks should win....waiting for Windows 10 :p
  • When does the Super Bowl end?
  • When the game is over.
  • No, like the time. As in, football is 90mins per game. So whens the superbowl ending (todays game).
  • Doesn't give an answer in the UK, just does a Bing search. I realise that localisation is a necessity but one of the biggest claims about the Super Bowl is that it has the largest worldwide audience of any supporting event (it doesn't even come close). Surely this should work worldwide?
  • I've never seen it officially claimed that it has the largest worldwide audience, because it is not true, like you said.
  • It may roll out eventually like the coin flip and dice thing? It is annoying not being able to have full functionality though.
  • I got the Bing search results instead of the prediction as well. In Canada.
  • Cool 2005 winner...but 2015 seahawks!!!
  • Predict ICC Cricket World Cup
  • Can we ask her to predict the future on things I care about?
    When will a new flagship be available?
    When will the bank apps come back?
    When will instagram update its app?
    How soon after the superbowl will the beta 10 be released?
  • Spot on ;)
  • When can we that don't have it see Denim Update?
  • Will xbox music ever show all my albums art?
    Will the new flagship phone have micro SD?
    Will the "resuming" lag continue with windows 10 on my phone?
    Will interactive live tiles ever be real?
  • Maybe.
    Depends what phone you have, probably.
    Actionable notifications are coming with Windows 10, so interactive tiles are likely on the horizon.
    Who needs Cortana? LOL
  • Hopefully she's wrong! GO SEAHAWKS!!!
  • Even Cortana knows that like google, the Patriots are good at cheating.
  • This ^^
  • Haha sent this in last night. Showing my friends and thinking Cortana went crazy (rampant).
  • Cortana smoking something really strong for that
  • If that Is gonna happen
    I bet Microsoft will give us windows phone 7 :P
  • She wont say much for a Canadian user...
  • I think she's obligated to call it for Seattle.
  • She said 51.5% Patriots here. So what does that mean?
  • Wont work in UK :( shame wanted to share a screenshot of it
  • Yeah! Go SheCocks!
  • There was a time when I used to like Cortana... But that time ended right now. ;)
  • She's changed her mind since this article was written. I just asked her and although she says the Pats are favored, her Ouija board app says the Hawks by 12.
  • She told me that the Pats were favored, but that her Ouija Board predicted a Seahawks win. 
  • Cortana is very smart!! Patriots will definitely win tonight. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • the patriots cheated again
  • Can Cortana also predict it's mayweather and pacquiao will ever fight?
  • She was right
  • The La Li Lu Le Lo...? 
  • Cortana did it again
  • Cortana!!! Applause!
  • She was right! Oh lawd... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does this mean i should use cortana to gamble and make bets?.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I love you Cortana but this game was FIXED!! FIXED!  Who would decide to throw on 1st down from the 2 yard line? WHO?? It was fixed,  Whoever made this call should be fired.
  • You go girl!!!
  • Wow! The Patriots did win the Superbowl
  • Cortana knows all!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How about time for her to unveil future of Windows 10 for phone!
  • Cortana was right on the money