Cortana shows tips on how to use it in Windows 10 and Windows Phone

Cortana wants to help users in Windows Phone and Windows 10 use the digital assistant correctly. Microsoft has released a server-side update that display tip cards with helpful hints on how Cortana can be used in various tasks.

Cortana Windows 10 Tips

The update is clearly made mostly for all those new users of Cortana on Windows 10 for its official launch this week. Diving deeper into the tip cards show that users can get help with using Cortana on sending an email, setting up a reminder on a calender, playing music and much more. Users who don't want a constant string of Cortana tips can turn them off in its settings section.

Thanks to Jonathan, Abhishek, and Dan for the tips!

  • Windows Mobile much?
  • Does it really matter if you know what we are talking about? Let's blame MS for their constant mixed messaging.
  • i lost cortana on my windows 10 laptop, i live in qatar, but my region is US... i just lost it though it was working today in the morning. I just hope that microsft didnt just flick a switch and kill cortana in the regions where we made it as if we are in the US but we are not. ::pray::
  • nevermind it is back, but had me redo the settings :S wierd.
  • You have me a fright there!
  • How about talking about WiFi sense?
  • Hey Daniel,         We all know it's summer and if we're watching your videos we've seen you been upping up your fitness game. Show off and use a new Avatar!!
  • Use "it"? I would refer to Cortana as "her"
  • That's your prerogative, but we're sticking with 'it' ;)
  • Stop objectifying woman Dan. She is a she.
  • Stop defending her, she doesn't love you!
  • "that woman" or "women"? ;-)) For me, right now, it's an "it". Fast forward 10 years from now, we have a new generation of people who ONLY grew up with voice assistance tech in their devices, and do not know a life without it/them. They will probably think it's natural to call it either he, she or it. We'll eventually see what catches on as soon as the next wave of teenagers arrive, those who were born in 2011 (when Siri debuted in mass scale with the iPhone 4S). Or, if you will, the year when Cortana was introduced. Then, add something like 13-15 years to that date and we'll see what they think is the natural thing to call the voice assistent they have relied on for their entire life.
  • I'm actually surprised there hasn't been a cry out for sexism regarding Cortana (maybe there has been and I haven't noticed?). I wouldn't be surprised down the line if people request a male version of Cortana for sexual equality.
  • As well there should be.  Maybe get the guy who voiced Master Chief in to record.
  • No, remember, it is only sexist if it happens to be the other way around. Males don't need equality. Sheesshh
  • That's why I mentioned that I would refer to Cortana as "her" lol. You can call her what you like :). No objection to that my friend.
  • I prefer she.  But technically she's an it
  • As with any case of gender ambiguity or uncertainty, before making assumptions about pronoun use, it is always good manners to ask how they personally identify. So with that in mind, I asked "Cortana, are you man or woman?". Cortana responded with "Well, technically I'm a cloud of infinitesimal data computation." All that said, I think Daniel is right to use "it" in this context, despite Cortana's distinctly feminine vocal characteristics.
  • +100 For being sensibly creative!
  • Technically, even though i also like to refer to Cortana as her, she is just software. We don't talk about Windows 10 as him.
  • Jen Taylor has quite the voice actress now.
  • I've open Cortana and saw the tips... then i turns into facebook, saw this post immediately...efficient windows central
  • Cortana news is great to hear about. However, I think Microsoft should have given more thought into how they display the search fields in non-Cortana markets. On one hand, we have Bing searching and app launching, which is great. On the other hand, the search field (with Cortana not supported in the region!) can also be in the way if searching and launching apps from the taskbar area is not your thing. I mean, this is not the first time they have tried to add a search bar onto the start menu/taskbar area. They have tried it for years and I have yet to see screenshots and desktops from friends where the search bar has been actively in use and enabled. Maybe now is when people are going to start search with Bing like that? Maybe not, I don't know. I just think it will be interesting to see how many people who are going to cheer about the search bar and how many will not use it much :) They could have made it default on for regions where Cortana is enabled and made it default off for other markets. I suppose they simply want to have people start using Bing more often. Sort of like how IE became a default web browser back when Windows 98 was launched?
  • I don't know why hey Cortana doesn't work after setting it up :( shit
  • Make sure you have the right hardware support, also.
  • Look at your audio devices while issuing Cortana a command and see if the right device is registering input and output. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It works running build 10240 on my SP3. It's surprisingly convenient and fun haha
  • Package tracking got turned on for me this week. It works great! I love it!
  • Its calendar. .not calendEr . lets hope Cortana spellchecks you good folk at Windows Central when Windows 10 greets us all.
  • Hey world don't get too excited as it will be only be in the US as usual. The rest of us should have it around 2017!
  • Stll can't use it if your under 13 years old ... "Sorry your to young to use this" this is why my kids don't want windows devices.they can use Siri or google now at any age. and it works this is a HUGE Fail once kids start fining out they can't aks thier tablet for jokes or ask it questions ... what was Microsoft thinking.