Coship Moly X1 unboxing and hands-on with the thinnest LTE Windows Phone yet

The Coship Moly X1 became available on a few weeks ago for $300 and it is now arriving on people's doorsteps, including our own. In fact, it only took one week for our order to come all the way from China where the Moly X1 originates.

Let's take a look at a quick unboxing and extensive tour of this budget phone that boasts an ultra slim profile!

Coship Moly X1 specifications

  • 5.5-inch HD or Full HD display with Gorilla Glass
  • 4G LTE support for AT&T and T-Mobile (US)
  • Quad Band 3G: B1(2100) / B2(1900) / B5(850) 4G: B2(1900) / B4(1700) / B5(850) / B17(700)
  • Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.00 (with .29 available as an update)
  • 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB internal storage with microSD expansion (14.5GB available)
  • micro-USB charging
  • 13MP rear camera with dual-LED flash
  • 5MP front camera
  • 2600mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP/HFP/OPP
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4/5.0GHz
  • Sensors: G-sensor, Proximity sensor, Ambient Light sensor
  • Dimensions: 154.8 x 78.6 x 6.9mm
  • Weight 4.9 oz (139 grams)

First thoughts

Coship Moly X1

The first thing we need to mention is this phone ships with a Chinese ROM, and thus the default language is Mandarin. Of course, you can change the language in the Settings to anything including English (US), but it did take some tinkering to figure it out – after all, it was all in Chinese. We'll likely do a video on how to figure that out because it was not easy.

The Moly X1 brings some neat features to the table and is reportedly even water- and dust-resistant (hence those port covers everywhere). The Full HD display at 5.5-inches is one of the better ones we have seen, and the 7mm-thin profile makes holding and typing on the phone a joy.

The screen held up well outdoors too and at just 139 grams it will not weight down your pocket at all.

Not everything is ideal, however. Those port covers can be rather annoying if you use wired headphones often or just want to recharge quickly with the micro-USB cable that is included. The phone takes a Micro SIM and not the more current and smaller Nano SIM, so you'll have to bust out your adapters. There is also no NFC on board for those who like to use that wireless technology.

When it comes to performance, there is a noticeable lower frame rate throughout the phone when compared to higher-end devices like a Lumia 950 — it's not bad, but not nearly as smooth as some other phones we have used lately. That performance hit is obviously due to the anemic 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 410 processor combined with a Full HD display. Again, it's not bad, but it's also not ideal. Even with the .29 update, not much has changed.

For power users, it should be noted that Insider Fast or Slow Ring builds do not appear to be approved for this phone, so you will have to sit on the sidelines until updates hit production.

On the plus side, the X1 can charge while completely powered off, which is something Lumias cannot do for whatever reason.

The 13MP rear camera is on the better side of budget phones. In fact, in well-lit scenes, it's quite reliable although it leans towards the red for a hue. Same with the 5MP front-facing camera, which in outdoor lighting is quite sharp but struggles for color contrast indoors and is a bit soft. See our sample gallery below.

The back of the Moly X1 is also all glass (Gorilla Glass to be exact) and although it looks sharp, it is a fingerprint magnet. But hey, it looks cool. Adding to that coolness, there are no speaker grills due to that water resistance thing. The result is sound is emitting from no particular part of the phone. The sound is just okay, but hardly loud and maxed out at '30' you can hear some distortion in the bass.

Coship Moly X1

Overall, the Moly X1 is a solid-looking device for $300. Now, that's not exactly cheap, but you do get LTE support here in the US, a rather nice display and a device that feels quite premium (it is a joy to hold and use). You do sacrifice performance, however, and those port covers could be rather annoying over time.

We'll follow more in the coming days if there are outstanding questions otherwise you can order one from at the link below.

See Coship Moly X1 at (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • this is the recently mentioned funker phone before rebranding, right?
  • Yep.
  • Looks like this is a White Label build from an ODM. The Funker W5.5 Pro matches it exactly for looks and spec. Coming to BLU or some other brands soon???
  • It's funny to see two different approach in the case of rumoured specs of Lumia 650 and this device from WC ... They call L650 with SD2xx ( xx - whatever ) with 1 GB RAM and 8GB internal memory mid-range and they are calling Moly X1 specs mediocre even when it has 2GB RAM and 16GB internals and SD410 ... Wierd ..
  • Funny how we were able to actually hold and use one device, while the other one is only on paper too. Also, labels are fun.
  • So, the Moly X1 is mediocre and Lumia which is "only on paper" is already midrange for WC? Yep.. Labels are fun when it comes to Lumias...
    And yeah, the performance of the X1 seems mediocre ( thanks to Full HD display/s ) .. But just don't ever call L650 a midrange device .. Otherwise MS will start calling it a midrange, to defend it's price tag which is rumoured to be on the higher side when considering the specs..
  • After all It's just a rumour... Let's drop the topic here then
  • Neo. What if I told you the Lumia 650 is in the middle... of the Lumia range of devices?
  • Who cares what you say :p
  • What if I told you it was a low end device and is in the lowest pack Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Then I'd explain my joke better. He had been so serious about labeling something midrange or not based on whatever criteria, right? Based on my own criteria(model number) (435, 535, 640, 650, 950 950) regardless of what you use to classify it, it's technically MIDrange. See how it's in the middle there? I cherry picked a stat and labeled it as I saw fit. We can do that all day. That was my point.
  • No Snapdragon 4xx device will ever be considered midrange.
  • See above.
  • Daniel. not sure the implication of the powered on issue... withw8.1 or w10 if the device went dead from lack of charging ;) I just plugged it in and it charged? I did not do anything else? if it powers on then is it a bad thing?   Just not sure what exactly is the downside of this or if it matters in any tangible way? curious....    
  • I figure if the phone is off, it would charge faster since all the antennas arent pulling in signal as well as the screen being off. Its the same as if u activate airplane mode it would charge the phone quicker. I myself would also prefer the phone would charge with the screen off instead of turning off the antennas ( LTE, Bluetooth, wifi) and forgetting to turn it back on afterwards Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I guess I try to have mine turned on all the time so off for charging just means it doesnt work ? If I had ten phones in a drawer then maybe I would just want to do that but otherwise I dont see the point.  
  • Typical discharge rate on my phone is 1-2% per hour, 0% in plane mode ( as an example Lumia 620 can live for months in plane mode) Charging rate is 30% per hour. How on earth powering it off can help for faster charging?
  • Thinner than the YEZZ Billy 4.7?
  • Yes.   6.9mm vs 7.2mm.
  • Coship Mobile(I think this brand owned by ODM named BVC) got 5 different Windows 10 mobile phone models, Moly X1 is the only model they sell directly to consumers and other models including one with continuum they sell in large quantities to OEM like BLU, Funker,... in the near future many small OEM brands may buy various models from BVC and sell with different brand names. Check other windows phone models X5-Win10, L08-Win10,.... Check their Facebook page
  • X5 looks extremely sharp.
  • I thought Lumias couldn't charge while switched off due to the fact that the OS takes control over charging. How this phone does it, I have no clue.
  • Maybe the hardware doesn't boot the OS at all when charging and powered off? I would have thought it would be easy to handle something like that solely in the hardware, though again why Lumias don't is beyond me.
  • I think I remember an article here a few weeks ago that stated that a W10M update included the ability to charge while the phone is off.
  • My 1520 turns on when charging. I know that the htc m8 for windows can charge while off.
  • This isn't the first non-Lumia to do that.
  • But why not Lumia????
  • They probably design those Lumia that way. All other phones I know don't do that.
  • Seriosuly? Lumias don't charged while turned of. That's some backward thinking Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Is it really that big of an issue? The phone stays off until there is sufficient charge in the battery. Then the phone boots and continues charging. Maybe Nokia had reason to believe more of their customers preferred a phone to be powered up and ready to go instead of waiting for that first time boot up. Turn on battery saver to reduce power consumption until the battery has at least 20% charge before starting up background tasks.
  • Its been available since 8.0gdr3 but I have a feeling existing devices would've required a significant fw update if possible. The xiaomi rom has this
  • You should be able to select your language during the OOB process, no?
  • You can! But it's all in Chinese too. First time I've seen it like that where even the option for English was in Chinese.
  • Come on Microsoft, get the HoloLens out and the Bing Translate for HoloLons too :)
  • Hey Dan small question. Does the continuum dock support touch monitors? I know it's unrelated so bear with me .
  • No, it does not support touch screens.
  • For what it's worth, mine came preset to US English.  Luck of the draw! Did you get a personalized greeting card?
  • That's...odd. I remember renting a car in Europe, where the on-board language guide was like that. Everything was set to some unidentifiable language. Finding "Language" in the settings was extremely difficult.
  • I ran into that with my wife's unlocked Lumia 640. That carried over when I covertly put W10M on it before she even saw the phone. IIRC, the language list showed each language in its respective language and Chinese.
  • Dan... I want that mug!!!
  • I think I would like this phone. Wish it had USB Type C though, I don't really want to buy a phone with Micro USB anymore. I hate Micro USB. This device looks really nice though.
  • Yeah, no going back now
  • You HATE micro usb? You hate having a universal socket for all of your devices? What's wrong with you?
  • USB Type-C is also universal.  And it's easier to handle too!
  • Not universal enough though. Maybe by later this year.
  • An anemic 1.2GHZ lol like the low end ones of Lumia
  • who cares, windows on a phone is dead.
  • Just plug it up and recharge the battery ;-)
  • ^This. I see what you did there....
  • Yeah! Windows on a Phone is dead and thats why Microsoft went ONECORE with Windows ten mobile
  • It seems to be running quite nicely on my phone. Maybe you need a new phone?
  • It looks like there's a bit of lag in the touch input department. Did it feel that way? Especially when typing (non-WordFlow)? The laggy, imprecise touchscreen is what ruined the experience for me on both Blu LTE handsets I used. My Lumia 435 is slow in other ways, but the touch input is great.
  • I have to say that's much more attractive than the 950s... Wish specs were better and I would seriously think about it.
  • Taste is really a subjective thing, because I think the 950 is way better looking than this phone. I'm not a fan of the glass back phones like the Galaxy and iPhone 5s. All you see is fingerprints.
  • Looks a ton more like a Sony Xperia than an iPhone 5 in the back to me. 
  • I thought the same.
  • Yeah, I don't get the iPhone centric stuff. Must be an US thing. No where else are there so many iPhones. This is Sony stuff albeit the build looks better with the more protective edges.
  • Yup, I thought exactly the same. This looks like an Xperia rip-off (shouldn't be a surprise, it's a Chinese phone). But hey, at least they decided to rip-off the best looking phones on Android instead of an iPhone, HTC-style.
  • I would much rather have a 720p screen and a Snapdragon 6XX processor and 2GB RAM.
  • I would much rather keep my Lumia 640XL
  • You would rather keep the 640XL over a phone that has a 6XX processor and 2GB RAM?
  • daniel,  Totally off topic,  what is your main monitor at your workstation?  does it have built in speakers and 2 HDMI ports?
  • I would buy it if would not look that bad :P
  • A glass back and a bunch of flaps everywhere spoils the design for me.
  • This phone is the opposite of the 950 and 950XL, looks like a premium device with a awesome glass slim case outside, but it's poorly equipped inside, especially due to that low-end CPU, whilst the latest Lumia flagships are pretty powerful and full of features inside but not that beauty to see or touch outside...950XL owner here who is still waiting for a better back cover like the Mozo one but hopefully without leather which i hate, and with the Microsoft logo still visible
  • Good observation. It is the opposite. I think Microsoft phoned in the 950 design-wise since they knew it wouldn't sell in huge volume, thus keeping costs(losses) down while Continuum and the OS is in development. Those devices were to keep people like us happy until it's all fleshed out. At least I hope that's the excuse.
  • There's a good majority of us that can't stand glass cases.  I'd still pick the 950 over this if the internals were the same.
  • Actually more interesting looks-wise than L950s.
  • I'm glad to see third party hardware for Windows 10 Mobile. However, not too happy to see that these phones do not support the VZW network here in the states. I wonder why (snickers)
  • Is there a guide that shows what each band works with? Any chance any bands are cdma?
  • Wikipedia has information on the carrier pages usually. Look up the carrier there and you should find your answer.
  • Look up the Moly X1 on Amazon...all bands are listed there. I bought one and it came in today, connected to Straighttalk on AT&T towers in about 20 minutes I was up and running.. A lot faster than my 928 and runs .29 well, which I thought was garbage on my 928.
  • Hooray for more third parties! The more options the better!
  • Of course the chinese phone pics leans toward the Red hues...
  • Just too expensive with the specs.
  • It is completely unlocked/unbranded, so that always ups the price. But considering how comodity-like the specs are, you would think phones like this would have come down in price more by now.
  • Where is the headphone jack?
  • watch the video, it is on the top under a cover 
  • Why all manufactures make devices like Lumia 640???Im so excited when so many companies make w10m but really why they don't upgrade the specs gor mid rage phones..."???"
  • Cheap price tag of WPs keeps it alive
  • Oh wait.., WPs are dead .. /s
  • I don't understand,can you explain your opinion?Its not my native language
  • OEMs is producing devices like L640 , because the market for a windows phone is so small ... Only cheap phones sells well... That's why they don't upgrade the specs.. If they do upgrade , then the cost of production increases, so does the selling price of the device .. More expensive means less customers... I can't explain it in a more simple manner..sorry ;)
  • I agree with you but I mean a different thing.Just look the Android phones at 230$.More RAM,better CPU e.t.c.So my think was why I would buy a phone like this when I can buy a Lumia 640 with the same specs for 130$ or lower.Why they don't update mid rage phones.Look for example Xiaomi Redmi note 3. At 200$.They can make a new phone not a simply remake of 640but with higher price
  • You say this when Microsoft was having problems keeping teh 950/XL in stock.
  • But we don't know why they had trouble keeping them in stock. Slow production speed leading to trickling inventory, or gobs of inventory everywhere and flying off the shelves?
  • Dead and kicking.
  • Just like a Zombie ;)
  • A zombie apocalypse.I hate when it happens.
  • /sighs all this new windows phones and here I am with my heart as broken as my L1020 display (shattered today) unable to buy one because I have no money and because my carrier no longer sells windows phones. I will miss the cammera and the UI... ugh, I am so sad right now.
  • Sounds like you should register for the Lumia 950 XL give-away by WC ... All the best. :)
  • Oh I will, and I will cross my 10 fingers... and my feet fingers and my legs and arms!
  • Poor guy, running out of fingers to cross...I can lend you my fingers if you need :p
  • Hey can someone explain the situation with the carrier and locked phones???I'm not from US but I see many people complain about that and I'm so curious.
  • Most consumers in the US buy their phones from the carrier. Those phones are locked to only work on that carrier. Typically the carrier spreads the cost of the phone out over 24 months, or even subsidizes the part of cost of the phone. If the customer wants to take the phone to another carrier, they would need to pay the balance of the phone's purchase price and have the carrier unlock the phone so it can be used on any carrier compatible with whatever frequencies the phone supports. Often carriers enter into some kind of exclusivity agreement, so that only they get a particular phone for a set number of weeks, before any other carrier can offer the same phone.
  • Buy one cheap on ebay.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dedicated camera button would've been nice
  • Hey pasmanz, shut up with the [windows on a phone is dead]already.
  • We are zombies man and we will eat your brains.Gather your plants and protect your pathetic life's.We are coming... ;-).Any rumor about plants vs zombies 3??
  • Can't wait for the bend tests. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • I thought they would be called the banana test as the first results were from an apple? I'll get me coat......
  • Yay! More news for the naysayers and doom mongers!! Back on topic, I like a phone to charge when off. Some of the droid devices we cooked for had this annoying default operation, but at least the Linux kernel could be tinkered with. I guess these guys who are badge engineering have a work around in the bios somewhere. Not sure about you guys from outside the UK, but badge engineering, ( same thing, different badge ) is quite common, from the car market to the TV hanging off the wall. It makes economic sense if you can split the costs. Anyways, for a 'dead' platform, there have been a lot of devices announced in the past few days from OEM's. From this X1 through to the Viao (?) device. Good times ahead! Now watch the shouty bunch criticise this device for not having a hex core and 4k and 'only' 2GB ram, although the 14.5GB sd seems odd
  • I don't see the fascination with being able to charge a phone that's turned off.  Why do people need this functionality for?  Is it just for faster charging?
  • Well...the ClearBlack technology belongs to Nokia. The ClearBlack name belongs to Microsoft. Considering this is a Chinese OEM, if I had to guess, I'd say they simply decided to use the branding without permission and the tech isn't actually there on the phone (or, if it is, it's also being used without permission).
  • I got this phone today, as soon as it booted it was in Chinese but it had "English - United States" highlighted. I just clicked "next".
  • What is with this newest crop of higher end phones having screens that are well over 5 inches with no options for anything smaller? Jeeze! My hands are fairly small as it is. 5 in is my absolute breaking point. >:(
  • The headphone jack is behind the left-hand door on the top.
  • Android unlocked phones with similar specs to this phone, like the BLU Life XL, are less than half the price of this phone. As good as WM10 is, the price point needs to be lower... much lower.
  • There is no problem in making a cheap phone. But they want to make money after all.
  • From the video it's laggy as sh%$. Those flaps wont last and would drive me insane. I'd rather buy 10 Lumia 640's and have 9 backups ($29 at Wamart), and have better performance to boot.   $300?
  • Processor's too small
  • cool phone but you cant buy it in canada.
  • The specs don't mention GPS, an omission of fact?
    And a shame this phone doesn't have wireless charging with these port covers, would have been a great solution
  • Doesn't support Glance.
  • Glance is cool. Very useful in night.
  • Not seeing it in china. A full HD display might be a waste. 720p looks good enough.
  • This is overpriced compared to the products offered by Xiaomi. It won't sell in the US.
  • Xiaomi is not selling in US at all.
  • Very pretty. If I were microsoft, I'd buy ...
  • This is the First water resistance and dust resistance windows mobile right?
  • "On the plus side, the X1 can charge while completely powered off, which is something Lumias cannot do for whatever reason." Daniel, For whatever reason should you power off your Lumia?
  • Expensive to ship back to China for warranty service
  • Well boys! Found my 950 XL alternative. The design screams Sony Xperia. Glass and metal body something Lumia phones can only dream of. I love it. I want it. Something better than the cheap plastic backs of the high end 950's. You can literally remove them and put them back on like toys. Further devaluing the 950's in my eyes. Aside from apps, this phone will get me to switch back to windows. Right now I have a HTC One M9. Not because of Android but because of the awesome all metal body, gold lining design. I fell in love. Android or not. This phone was a piece of artwork to me. And you're telling me to leave my phone for some cheap plastic , plain and uninspiring Lumia 950? No way Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You'd actually choose this over the 950/XL?  I guess everyone has their own taste.
  • Doesnt the HTC M9 look just like the Windows HTC M8?
  • Looks really sharp! I'm really glad that we're starting to see more 3rd party OEM Windows 10 phones! I remain confident that this thing eventually will take off. But it has certainly been a more sluggish start than we were all hoping for! Now, when do we see a $300 or less phone with Continuum support? I've said this before, but I'll try my hand at a more "short-winded" version this time: The IDEAL scenario for me would be an Intel-powered "Surface Phone" whose Continuum experience was a full-on Win32 Win10 desktop environment (minus the start menu which would mirror the phone's) rather than the current "Snapdragon Continuum" which basically amounts to Windows 10's version of "WindowsRT" - and for that "Surface Phone" even if officially unsupported, to at least be "whitelisted" on Verizon like the Nexus6p so I could use it as BOTH a phone AND a computer rather than just a portable Pocket Windows 10 PC. That's the ideal. Now, failing that ideal, ANY ONE of the following three less-than-ideal scenarios would still be sufficient in compelling me to purchase a Windows 10 phone: 1) Blacklisted Surface Phone with "Win32Continuum." It be worth the computer experience to just have it be a computer and forgo the phone aspects. 2) Verizon whitelists the 950XL. I can live with my secondary computer only being "ContinnumRT" if I'm also able to make/take calls and texts on it. 3) A budget phone $300 or less, ideally $200 or less that supports Continnum. Even if it's blacklisted (though I don't think I'd go above $200 or $250 if it's not whitelisted) and even though it's only "ContinuumRT", for a price that low, I could still justify it as a secondary PC - one that I can use anywhere in he house, or even take outside the house! While I'm a passionate side-line cheerleader for Windows phone, very much want to jump on, and plan to jump onboard as quickly as I can, other than a no-cel, wifi-only Lumia 520 that I use to test insider builds (which doesn't count as "being on-board" in my mind) I'm still ultimately an outsider. So it doesn't matter which, literally ANY ONE of the four scenarios offered above (the ideal, and the three compromise scenarios) will get me into a Windows Phone. Any one of them. However, unfortunately, unless or until then, I will remain an outsider, and in the short term, I think my best chances are with compromise option 3: a cheapie budget phone that supports Continuum...... when do we see a sub $300 phone with Continuum?
  • They refuse to see since WindowsRT that their greatest USP in mobile business would be a possibility to run Win32 apps. The sticky end of WindowsRT and a major success of Surface 3 and Surface 3 Pro and Windows OEM tablets should have been a clue. It should be easier to cut down Windows to some light version for phones than re-implement it for ARM. They can already install Windows 10 on 16GB devices, give it more push and we're there. Instead we get this funny Continuum thing that needs a lot of work done, specially written apps, instead of just connecting an external monitor, mouse, keyboard and everything would work. They even have a tablet mode in Win10 already. Just implement it properly and it can be very useful for phones, too.
  • Desktop Apps on a phone makes no sense what so ever. It doesn't even make real sense on my 10 inch Windows 10 tablet (not a hybrid, but tablet!). The only reason Win32 software makes sense on a phone is when they could figure out a wat to make it work in continuum mode only. First gen continuum as on the L950/950xl makes perfect sense and it's a base from which they could improve and expand this feature.  
  • +1 to all your wishlist. Those are not too hard to be implemented and badly required if MS is serious about gaining any market share.
  • "Thanks for watching, take care o' ya body". * Cracks me up everytime
  • Any particular reason why the third part party windows phones are so costly. For this price, there are octa-core proceossors, dedicated graphic cards, much larger batteris, better performing cameras, at least 3GB (if not 4) rams. The phone woudl have been good at only about half the price and not upwards of $300.A similarly specced Android phone from Chinese or some Indian copanies will cost cost no more than $150 dollars.
  • After three months of using Moly X1, I found it really an excellent phone I've used, the system operates smoothly and I can personalize the home screen in my style, I don't need much more apps for there has some wonderful windows universal apps here that I can enjoy well in this phone. The 5.5 inch size is appropriate to me and the 4G signal is good at almost anywhere and anytime.What annoys me it's that the device get much cheaper at its Moly Anniversary.