Couple of T-Mo Touch Pro 2s on eBay

You're definitely going to be paying a premium here for a phone you should be able to get in a couple of weeks, but that's the price for being the first on your block with a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 — and unlocked, at that.

A couple of the highly anticipated phones (or not, depending on which comments you're reading) have made it onto the online auction site a few weeks before the expected official release, and they're fetching a pretty penny. [via tmonews]

The first auction (opens in new tab) ends at 8 p.m. Eastern on Saturday and bidding, get this, is at $1,049.99 at the time of this writing. The second auction (opens in new tab) ends July 29 and currently is at a much more respectable $525, though we don't expect it to stay there for long.

So, how badly do you want a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2?

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  • Cheap at twice the price. I'll take 2!!
  • for crying out loud not another t-mobile touch pro2 story..hey how about a SPRINT TOUCH PRO2. i'l pay $525 for one on ebay RIGHT NOW!
  • lol. We feel ya. Sure we'll be complaining about having to write so much about the Sprint version soon enough.
  • if anybody buy this they r insane......this is not the tp2....this is some knock off version that they probably had manufactured 10 years ago and since sales r down now they r tryn to pawn it off on us at an astronomical price. this is ridiculous!!!!!!! this device is not representitive of the look of 2009 going into 2010!!!!! i really think i'm leaning tward iphone 3gs..... but i truly dont want to give up the power of windows but it seems like they jus cant get it rite!!!! i mean they r all over the place..... no seemingly true knowledge of self!!!!!! look how many devices r carrying wm..... thousands..... apple comes to the game with 1 device thats sexy, powerful, formidable competition, and on top of it's game. microsoft needs to develope it's own device and perfect it before rendering it public. all these different devices that basically do the same thing is stupid!!!! to many rom updates, and fixes. i have been with tmobile for almost ten years... always had the premium devices they offered.... and it's sad to say that they r losing me day by day1
  • I strongly doubt that anyone manufactured this 10 years ago, because that would have changed the face of the mobile industry as we know it. Yes, there is a possibility that it is a cheap knock off, but I would be willing to go out on a limb and say that someone has gotten their hands on either a prototype of the TP2 or the real deal from T-mobile just a little early and as with any mobile device, they are turning a profit on ebay.
    As for the constant ROM updates, there are many sides to that comment. Apple releases updates annually, and I believe they just updated their 3.0 just after release. Sure windows has a few updates here and there, but did you stop to check how many were from the manufacturer and how many are from microsoft?
    All of the different devices with the WM platform is the double edged sword of WM. The more diverse the WM world is, the more choices there are for the consumer to enjoy what they want in a phone. And although the singular form factor of Apple has made it very easy for software developers to create the plethora of apps for the iPhone, I would contribute that as a side note of the success of apple. I believe what created the iPhone behemoth was the brilliant idea to market a "smart" phone to someone other that the power user. don't you think that with WM 6.5 and 7 on the way, and the minimum requirements Microsoft has put up, that perhaps the bridge has finally been developed between diversity and ease of developement?
    As for your quarrel with T-Mobile premium devices, it's no surprise they're loosing you. T-Mobile premium devices have been sub-par for quite some time. Get a TP2 in your hands, sign up for MyPhone with MS so you don't complain about the ROM update you already know is coming and be aware that any poor service you have is not the fault of Microsoft, but the lack luster coverage of T-Mobile.
  • dont feed the troll
  • Unlocked Touch Pro 2's have been available at eXpansys for a little while now, currently sold-out at $719.99. (I guess you could stick on a fake T-Mobile sticker at tell your neighbors your first on the block - weird neighbors if they care!) Of course the eXpansys units don't have U.S. 3G bands (I can't tell if the ones on eBay do either), but with the performance of the AT&T and T-Mobile 3G networks lately, does it really matter?
  • to drpyroclown..... ok u have a valid point..... i jus want the original tp2 but i dont want to pay out the wazoo for it. so how do we as tmobile customers, appeal to the lack of style at tmobile....who do we try to contact at tmobile?
  • why, T-Mobile is picking up this phone in Aug. 12th or 14th..... cant wait to say goodbye to Verizone....