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When you see the success of Among Us and other mobile titles, it's only natural to think about making games yourself. The Unity 2D Game Developer Bundle (opens in new tab) helps you master the necessary skills, with 11 hands-on courses from expert developers. The training is worth $2,189, but you can get it today for just $39.99 (opens in new tab).

As a newbie developer, it's tempting to start with something ambitious. However, building 2D games first can help you master the basics and learn valuable skills for bigger projects.

This collection of courses provides 15 hours of hands-on training. Through concise video tutorials, you discover how to create games in Unity — one of the most popular game engines.

To help you gain real-world experience, each course asks you to emulate a popular retro game. As you progress, you pick up valuable knowledge — from game physics to damage systems.

Rated at 4.9 stars, these courses will give you the confidence to launch your first commercial titles.

Order today for $39.99 (opens in new tab) to get lifetime access and save 98% on the total price.

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The Unity 2D Game Developer Bundle – $39.99

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