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Cricket offering $100 account credit if you leave T-Mobile or MetroPCS

AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless is now luring away T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers by offering an account credit promotion if you switch from those rivals. T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers who switch to Cricket Wireless will get a $100 account credit when they port over for each line with a maximum limit of five lines.

The offer to switch is good through October 19 if you're interested in switching. For the promotion to work, you must port your number to Cricket and sign up for either a Basic, Smart, or Pro rate plan. Your account at credit needs to be active to receive the account credit, according to the fine print.

Cricket offers a range of devices on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

Unfortunately, it looks like customers on other carriers or networks will not be eligible in receiving the account credit.

Are you on T-Mobile or MetroPCS, and will you be making the leap to Cricket with this promotion?

Source: Cricket

Chuong Nguyen
Chuong Nguyen

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  • I thought this was covered few days back? Seriously repeat
  • Lol!
  • Chuong and John need to communicate better.
  • Already did.
  • My wife and I made the leap from T-Mobile. So far, so good. I got the Lumia 1320 and she just got her Galaxy Note 3 unlocked and her number ported over to Cricket.
  • Repeat story is repeat.
    But I can take this opportunity to warn people using ATT Windows Phones on Cricket that upgrading to Cyan will cause you to lose internet sharing. That loophole has been closed.
  • What do you mean? I still have it on my L1520
  • And you have cyan 8.1 on your 1520 and you are using it on Cricket?
  • Cricket doesn't offer internet sharing at all. No matter what device you're using.
  • That doesn't mean it didn't work. ICS worked just fine with ATT "Lumia Black" devices. It also works with most ATT android devices. Just doesn't work with Lumia Cyan.
  • Simply Put... Cricket is no Tmobile!  Cricket really only uses HSPA+, not LTE with it 8mbps download limit!  If Tmobile Works in the Areas you travel.  It's a no brainer...stick sith Tmobile and keep your Wifi Hotspot Freedom!!!
  • Of course, if coverage is important to you avoid T-Mobile. But if you are on cricket with a phone that can tether you can always share your connection to your T-Mobile using friends if you're feeling nice.
  • Cricket DOES NOT....I REPEAT DOES NOT ALLOW TETHERING!!! It is not allowed in their service agreement.  Per Cricket if you want to share your data with another device..."Graduate to AT&T" and get their new data sharing plans that allow that"  That is the name of the game.  Sorry, Cricket again is NO Tmobile!!!  Tmobile is the better value for it's users! Today's user has more than just a smart phone.  They have tablets, laptops etc!  Tmobile is the only carrier that lets you use the data you pay for the way you want - PERIOD!!!  
  • Hard to use the data when you got no coverage. :)
  • Yet Extremely Easy... when you do!!! I and a whole lot of Tmobile Users Do.  I do pity those like you who live in areas that lack infrastructure.  It is like co-locating... before you buy a home or rent... check it schools and infrastructure - I did and it works!!! Besides...what the point of having Cricket when you may need to tether!!!
  • I have Cricket Wireless with my Lumia 920, and although I don't have Cyan, I do have internet sharing, and use it daily. I have never had a warning or anything from Cricket about tethering...
  • They are closing the older phones loopholes.  Plus, as soon as you want or need a newer phone...your tethering will be gone!  AT&T has you "Shackled".  If you want tethering you will need to move up  to a regular AT&T Shared Data Plan.  Also, just like AIO because AT&T now owns will fail.  You are better off choosing a MVNO that uses AT&T's Network vs actually using AT&T/Cricket. Mark my word... Cricket will go under within a year.  They are struggling now!
  • And don't listen to this pretend CEO guy, he is full of shit, as usual.
  • Oh... Then: See for yourself.  This Ordeith Fool has been reported to the Authorities as being a Stalker!  So, I ask you WPCentral Commentors... Who do you want to listen to again? Not, this Idiot Ordeith.  He is a Troll as well! Lastly, Ordeith - I am your worse nightmare.  I thrive on fishing out Trolls and Idiots from Tech Sites!!!
  • Never seen a fish fish itself before, this should be interesting.
    Mr. Ford, are you familiar with the definition of libel? Because you are heading toward getting a real world lesson soon here.
  • Nope... Again.YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH!!! Libel happens to be your middle name!!!
  • I'm dealing with an internet bully that mistakenly thinks he has any anonymity to hide behind. I know exactly who I'm dealing with.
  • Nope... Quite the contrary.  You Sir Are the Stalker....being pursued by the Authorities, not I.  You are the Tech Site Troll, not I.  Anyone here can look you up in all the Tech Sites to see your "True Colors"  We know what you are not - and that is a "True Tech Professional"
  • Looks like the filing fee for a civil complaint is about $200 in Riverside. You are certainly helping me build a strong case here.
  • To Further Expose Your Agenda: To All WPCentral Commentors.  Below It What Ordeith Is: I'm get paid to shut them down!!!
  • FYI,
    The common law has made a policy determination that the publication of defamatory statements in a transmittable, affixed form that is capable of widespread and simple dissemination will certainly cause damage and therefore damage to one's reputation or character is enough for a court to impose damages - See more at:
  • No need... I already know this.  Yet, you have just defined what you are doing incorrectly as a "Troll". I will have my lawyer contact you!!!
  • You probably should. The lawyer may advise you to stop responding to me and that could keep you from making things worse for yourself.
  • I don't care where either of you come from... I am just talking about my own personal experience. I haven't had any issues with Cricket. I did notice however, that a lot of the engative reviews were from previous AIO users. That would make sense seeing as the network was switched from Sprint to ATT, so many would lose coverage that they were used to. I have no doubt Tmo is a great deal, but in Kentucky they only have service in larger cities, and rural areas (where I live) are uncovered.  
  • That is fine... If Tmo doesn't work "Where You Are" shouldn't use them.  I have always stated and I quote..."If it works where you live and work".  So, in Kentucky until Tmobile get's better definetly have to go with who you can.  That is just plain comman sense.
  • Just be careful with that cyan update. Tethering will likely stop working with it.
  • Oh, I see what you mean. Since AT&T owns Cricket, I thought you means AT&T users in general.
  • So one could conceivably make $100 between the rebate for the 630 and this deal
  • I got a 630 for 49.99 (haven't done the rebate, but then it'd be free) and while the first month of service was charged, I wont pay anything for the next two months. Really happy so far. Also, 630 is waaaay better than 520 :P
  • I used to work for cricket wireless, heck managed a store for a while. It's hurting right now, the same way AT&T run AIO to the ground, cricket is next. People started getting laid off, they got rid of good programs like Cali lifeline, no tethering, and their speeds are locked at 4mbps. That's before throttling. They also don't offer true unlimited plans. I and a lot of corporate reps switched to Metro Pcs and the work environment (as well as services we offer) is soooo much better. Metro pcs is booming now and while I know Tmobile doesn't have the best windows phone availability and support record, I unlocked my att Lumia 1520 and have been using it on my employee line with speeds averaging 15mbps and with great coverage. Don't take the bait to cricket, even for their (slightly) better selection of phones. Byod to metro and enjoy things like hotspot, true unlimited plans for $60, faster speeds and overall better service.
  • You get ATTs network, phones, plus Crickets phones, and 2.5gbs for $45. And they don't charge you all the fees the big carriers get. What's not to like?
  • $25 activation fee on top of first month of service and if byod, $10 sim. It's atts coverage but speeds cap at 4mbps. That's ridiculous when comparable no contract carriers offer as fast as 40mbps. 10x faster. Restocking fees are $25 and only within the first 7 days. No warranty or returns on accessories, all sales final. These are all corporate rules, no per-store. Cricket wont last another year with competition like metro.
  • The LTE speed cap is 8mbps. Your misinformation on this point casts doubt on everything else you are saying.
  • I get 8mps with my Cricket phone. So maybe things have changed since you jumped ship.. While I understand that is slower than un-capped LTE, i really dont notice a difference in performance compared to when I was an ATT customer.
  • I got two months free and my 630 for $49. The $50 mail in rebate is either a free month of service or the phone free. However you look at it that's a score. Especially since my service in the areas I frequent has been twice as strong.
  • I got $100 on each line from MetroPCS and paying $90 for 2 lines 4GLTE everything unlimited
  • For a $100 bill credit, yes I will! As soon as my current (prepaid) month is up with MetroPCS, I'm switching. That's the beauty of prepaid. I can switch whenever I want. I can also switch back!
  • +1020
  • Left Sprint for Cricket a few months back, and it's been great.  I was on a trip and got to compare the 920 on Cricket, GS3 on T-Mo, and a 5c on Sprint.  There were times when T-Mo/Sprint were E/1x and I was on H or LTE.  When we were in the middle of nowhere, I dropped to E after everyone else did.  One time it dropped to G...not sure why.  There was one spot where no one had any signal, but Mount Saint Helens is about 30 miles from civilization.  In a stadium (attendance must've been about 40,000 people), I had LTE (very slow), but T-Mo was E and Sprint was 3G.  T-Mo people couldn't upload a single picture of the game, but I uploaded 4....slowly, but I still did it lol.  The jump from Sprint to Cricket seems well worth it, and I almost wonder if Cricket is better than T-Mobile.  I know T-Mo can get better speeds, but when you're at a stadium in a downtown area and T-Mo can only get E, that's saying something.  I know it's the carrier and not the phone, but it still felt nice to win at networks and be showing off a Windows Phone while winning.
  • I have found it much better to have 8mbps practically everywhere with Cricket than have the occasionally higher speeds in select places that only worked sometimes I got with T-Mobile.
  • 60mbps any day of the week... 8mps was 5 years ago!  We are in the 21st Century now.  Plus, I can allow 8 devices tether that 60mbps.  Let see how that works for you.  Oh...I forgot Cricket is closing all Loopholes for tethering!
  • 8Mbps everywhere, or somewhere between 100Kbps and 60Mbps in some places.  I live in the middle of nowhere...T-Mobile doesn't have anything above 2G outside big metro areas (at least, yet).  For those of us not in a big city, coverage is still king.
  • Let me put it to you this way... There is no way in Hell that I'd move where you are
  • I usually have wi-fi where I live (house, work) and 8 mbps is more than enough when I don't. So, I need data when I travel, and t-mo was very lacking in that area. Switched to cricket in hopes of improving that.
  • Lol fair enough.  I'm only a short drive from Boston though, but T-Mo can't get anything good here :-(  Even Sprint was better.
  • Why are you getting so hostile man? It is just phone service. Not all of us have 8 devices to tether. Yeah those are great features but 90% of the population doesn't need them...  
  • If your phone is your only mobile device...fine.  But, 90% actually have at least 1 other device that they would like to have an internet connection.  Tmobile is the only Carrier that lets you use the data you pay for anyway you want.  Thus, again if you live and work in an area that Tmobile can give you is simply a wise decision to go with them.
  • So you can blow though that 5gb monthly tethering cap in 30 minutes?... Uh.. Congratulations?
    And have you added root metrics to your devices yet? because the only one reporting 60mbs in your area via root metrics is Verizon. T-Mobile could use your help.
  • Never go over... All my music I stream doesn't count against my data.  ONLY TMOBILE!!!  My Galaxy Note 3 and my Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1520.3 in addition to my Daughters S5 get 60mps downloads where I live.  Your Root Metrix Crap...Is that - CRAP!!!
  • Dude... should I send you tissue???
  • If you weren't just a pretend CEO using his wife's money to play boss you would probably know about root metrics and what they do. And knowing that may help you avoid making such ignorant statements.
  • You idiot!!! Root Metrics is not even a reliable source... their studies turn out to be false!!!  Pretend wish.  You my friend are the ignorant one!!!  You loose every single argument on every single tech site.  Why do you continue to make yourself look so uneducated?  Why does everyone seem to contradict what you say.  We all here have looked at your post history... you are such a sad person.
  • Lose, not loose.  :-)
  • Old news. This was posted last week!
  • Is this story from the department of redundancy department?!
  • I had no idea Nokia made a Lumia 630 in cyan.
  • I'm considering doing this. My wife and I switched to Tmo back in March and when you have service the speeds are great. But even though we live in a highly populated area right outside NYC we drop calls constantly, and I find myself in 2G coverage way too often. I'll even drop calls if I go from one 4G area to another. I bought my 925 outright but my wife is financing her iPhone. Does anyone what happens with her phone if I cancel the Tmo service?
  • if the phone is bought on JUMP like plan, you will have to pay for remaining amount when you are terminating services.
  • Yeah, saw that after I posted this. Considering I still have $500+ on her iPhone not sure if we're going to be able to work it out.