The Abstract Puzzler Cubway is Today's myAppFree Deal

Cubway is a fun puzzler for Windows 10 where you guide a cube through a maze of assorted shapes to reach a home port. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the game tests your skills at patience and timing with its 55 different levels of play.

Cubway is normally priced at $1.99 and with the help of the myAppFree deal you can pick up the Windows 10 game free. It's a fun time waster of a game and with the myAppFree promotion, Cubway is a steal of a deal.

Cubway offers a slight minimalist approach with simple game controls. The game includes beautiful background images that appear between levels that illustrate the game's lifecycle theme. Cubway includes three difficulty levels, each offering a slightly different ending to the game.

The goal is to move a small cube across a maze of abstract shapes to a home port. Some shapes are in motion, while others react to the presence of the cube as it approaches. Movement is handled through screen taps (tap right to move right, left to move left, etc.). While most of the game is played left to right, there are switchers that change the movement orientation to up and down.

To add to the game's challenge, Cubway also has environmental elements such as rain, slow motion and day/night themes.

Cubway is normally priced at $1.99 and with the help of myAppFree, over the next 24 hours, you can pick up the Windows 10 puzzler free. If you are in the mood for a unique puzzle to pass the time with, this is an easy way to save a few bucks along the way.

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George Ponder

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  • Game has no proper mouse support on PC version. Mouse only works in the menus. Quite the oversight if you ask me.
  • I have only tried on Android, however... if the game has proper Keyboard support (read: Arrows) then it does not need mouse support... Having Touch / Arrow support is the ideal situation for current PC users... The nature of this particular game would make it almost unplayable with a mouse, you need to have quick direction changes from input, so Arrows (or two keys) are a must... Touch (each side of the display) is the next best way to do it...   I might see the use of a mouse, by implementing Left/Right click for controlling the puzzle, but you can't complain for not offering such unintuitive way to play it.
  • I would think that mouse (click and hold to move towards mouse location) would be better than arrow keys.
  • If you play the game long enough you will realize that certain levels requires you to approach a black shape and quickly go back to a safe location... a Mouse would be terrible for such task...   The game controls are simply left and right..... Even when the red dot changes direction and needs to go up/down the controls remain the same...   And to be fair, the game is not perfect. I currently work Reviewing and Auditing mobile apps and games for a living... so this game would definitely benefit from certain usability ideas, however it is simple enough to understan with the basic control scheme.
  • I'm going to ask this question once again.  Is this site Windows 10 Central or is it Windows Central?  Why is it so difficult to say this free app is also available to Windows 8.1 users?  The majority of Windows Phone users are on WP8.X.  You guys are contributing to lack of use of apps when you pretend 8.X doesn't exist.