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Cut the Rope: Experiments, keeping Om Nom fed is now free

Not sure as to the "why" or "when" but the Windows Phone Xbox gaming title Cut the Rope: Experiments is now free for the taking.

Experiment is a sequel to the Xbox game Cut the Rope where you must keep the little green monster Om Nom fed with candy. The puzzle game has over 150 levels of play that has you navigating your candy drops through various lab experiments.

The Cut the Rope series is an entertaining, mildly addictive game for your Windows Phone that is well suited for short gaming periods as well as longer marathon sessions.

We aren't sure if this price drop is permanent or will only last a few days. However, if you've been on the fence about picking up Cut the Rope: Experiments now's your chance to pick it up for a steal.

Cut the Rope: Experiments is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can pick it up here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Cut the Rope: Experiments

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  • Been wanting to try this game
  • Cut the rope is free in India.
    Cut the rope experiments is free in US.
  • both games is free in RO :)
  • Yeah correct.. Experiments is not free in India. Btw I would love to learn how to do the regional store change thing.. I wanted to grab amazing Alex which is free in Malaysia. Can somebody help me?
  • Here are the steps.
    Settings => go to (language+region) => Change the country to required one in (country/region)
    After choosing the country you will see restart button below. Press that one.
    After restart, go to store and you will be in the new country.
  • Well I tried.. It doesn't work on WP 7.8 I guess :/
  • Works perfectly in wp8
  • If you care about your Xbox Live account I wouldn't change your region for free games.  It is a bannable offense.
  • If the games are going for free why not give it to all the people all over the world at once? I really loved cut the rope and wanted to try the experiments part of it :)
  • @Thenutman Um source? I've never heard such a thing.
  • @Justin It's only recently they started banning for it (although it's always been against the TOS) and even still it's rare but check out Cheap Ass Gamer, True Achievements, or NeoGaf.  They all have threads dedicated to the recent wave of bans from downloading free games from regions not your own or just read the Xbox Live TOS there is a section about fraud and it has this line "Do not attempt to utilize or share fraudulent methods to obtain content or Microsoft Points."  If you check out the official why was I banned forum on there are many posts from a couple weeks back from people who were banned for other regions free games and this is what the MS reps pointed to and said they were in violation of.
  • I don't think the same really applies to Windows Phone games though. You're not changing your MS account region, your changing your phone's region. I doubt anyone will get banned for these free games(it's there fault for screwing up and offering free games anyways), but if I do(which I doubt) I'll be sure to inform people.
  • Change to Poland! Works perfect for me (Canada)
  • Doesn't work for me in Hong Kong.
  • Tetris Blitz update is available
  • How about Window Phone Central app. since all very famous paid apps are getting free.
    and mobile nation only treat WP users as inferior becuase Mobile Nation app is only paid on WP.
    Even Rovio treat every OS user same then why not Mobile Nation?
  • Correct me if im wrong, but the free version is ad supported and works perfectly fine?
  • And their app is better than other mobile nations app on other platform
  • it is better? Have you seen apps on others. They are better and yet free.
  • My point is why Mobie Nation app is paid on WP only  not on others and why ads on WP only not on others.
    They just giving an example that Android get free apps and WP get similar app paid and this also an example that Mobile Nation think WP users are inferior.
  • Experiments not free in India ...
  • Fruit ninja please check if free in any region
  • just change the region to Poland.. that worked for me.. Fruit ninja is not free in any region, as far as i know..
  • Not UK
  • Indeed. :/
  • Not free in The Netherlands. Maybe a US only deal?
  • Even je Regio veranderen, ik heb vandaag 4 Angry Birds versies (Classic, Rio, Star Wars, Star Wars II) en Cut the Rope en Cut the Rope Exp. gratis geinstalleerd.
    (Change your region to another country to download the apps for free)
  • Love this game.
  • Not free in certain regions such as the UK. You guys should have pointed it out considering a lot of people in the comments on the AB article mentioned that.
  • That's sweet :)
  • It's good for commute, one hand operation on protrait.
  • Free in Hong Kong
  • Are you kidding?  It is not free in Hong Kong...
  • Cut the rope Original limited free in China!!!
  • Instaweather pro and angry birds season is free in HK
    Where's my Micky and space and Runtastic Pro is all free in China
  • Insider Pro is free in US also!!
  • thank you for tip dude :D
    did u find any other games free??
  • I can't find runtastic in the store when I changed to China...
  • Instaweather Pro free in RO too. Seasons No.
  • How come I don't get them free in Hong Kong???
  • Not free in Canada... Not yet at least. The original isn't either
  • What happened to the download app button in the wpcentral app?
  • Changing region doesn't work for me ..when i select us in the region and restart my phone go check region in setting it shows us but i open store look at the apps and games it still shows prices in rupees and the games that got free in the us appear still paid to me ..people commented in the previous story they were successful in downloading such apps by changing region
    But it seems it doesnt work for me alone
  • You should not restart using physical buttons. After changing the country you will "restart phone" below. Use that and you will be happy.
  • sad :(
  • Works for me ..make sure u restart using touch option not physical restart ...that will just turn off phone and start again
  • You people dont realize that the REGION THING is only working for WP8 USERS !!!!
    Not for 7.8
  • Blade, your argument is invalid, Ive got all the Angry Birds games and Amazing Alex through the region trick, CtR Exp. too..
  • Link is missing (in the App)
  • you forget amazing alex and skate dog.
  • I downloaded one from India and another game from by changing the region to us
  • Instaweather PRO, free in Portugal.
    Cut The Rope Exp:  Not Free
  • Change region to US or UK, and grab Angry birds for free too! (except seasons and space in US, and Seasons and RIO in UK)
  • You can get those versions in Hong Kong / China, i got em all for free today
  • Free in Singapore!
  • Looks like microsoft bought all these companies
  • can this b true?
  • No. Probably a promotion that went live too early or something hence why all the different regions have different games.
  • Does the update add levels?
  • I bought the damn thing yesterday...oh well, it was only 0.99€, not a big deal. But still...
  • Tell me about it! I brought 4 angry birds and amazing Alex last week;) got the others now. At least I enjoyed them
  • I too bought it months ago and finished it with 200 achievement no big deal...we enjoyed it earlier and supported cheers mate :)
  • Its free now in India
  • not free in the philippines
  • Wrong, it is free in the philippines.
  • It is not. :(
  • In Poland both games are free too.
  • Nope it's not. In India.
  • Windows phone needs to price the apps like other platforms. Some of the apps the platform does offer cost more than on iOS and Android, sometimes. This has got to end if people are going to fall in love with Windows Phone.
  • Its because of the added cost of Xbox live inclusion, it adds more cost to the dev and MS requires a publisher who also takes a bit of the profit as well.
  • If you want to install Both the games Change your region to india for Cut the Rope ,and change to US for getting Cut the Rope Experiments !! ^_^ Simple as that !! ;) 
  • For simpler, go to Indonesia, both are free there.
  • It's not for free in UK.... :-/
  • Awesome!
  • Not in Canada. But i forgot i downloaded it last time it was free. Reinstalled.
  • I had to change region to U.S. for this and Angry Birds Rio. Why are all these games free all if a sudden?
  • In what region amazing alex is free??
  • Malaysia.
  • Mexico..?
  • Australia
  • Feeling sad :(.. Had purchased both cut the rope games earlier this month. which are available for free now :(
  • I went from 2GB free space left in my phone memory to 150MB. :D
  • Doesn't work in Lithuania. I can download Cut the rope for free, but not Cut the rope exp... I was trying to change region to US or INDIA, but it doesn't help, if I hit on screeen button, not physical. Please help me.
  • Today must be free game day... Angry Birds, now Cut the Rope...
  • When you get the region pricing glitches going on which is currently the issue today, it is a glitch that will soon be corrected. Get it while you can
  • Not free here in Mexico :/
  • Not free
  • Isn't free. And received a update today. Cut The Rope classic as well
  • Both are free in egypt.
  • Not free in Canada for me
  • Thanks wpcentral!!
  • Not free in the UK.
  • Not free in the UK yet
  • Neither cut the ropes are free in the UK
  • In Ukraine you can download Cut the Rope Original free.
  • If I changed the region, would the apps later update normally or I would have to change the region for certain apps to update (like on iOs)?
  • Is there any news of bbm messenger to Windows
  • Once I go into Region+Language there are options for Display Language,Region Format,System Locale and Browser & search language....can someone tell me exactly what I have to change pls!...on WP7
  • Only on WP8 :/
  • Switched to Romania and got Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope Experiment both for free, already about 6 games for free today :D
  • If I change back region to mine original, will the apps update??
  • Can changing the region result in Xbox account getting banned ?
  • I haven't heard anyone got banned for doing this.
  • What would they ban you for? Using your phone? Nothing was hacked or comprimised.. its a feature of thier system to change regions, if they dont want people to do that then they shouldnt add it to the OS...
  • They ban you for fraud.  "Circumventing regional pricing".  Yes you can be banned for it and lots of people were banned very recently for it.
  • they were banned because they shared their account with other people so they can download the free games too. gamertag and purchase sharing with an other person is illegal. as long as you keep the games for yourself only, you are safe.
  • There were reports of people changing their Xbox regions to pick up Xbox Live Arcade games that were free in certain countries, getting banned for this recently.
  • They banned the consoles not the accounts..
  • Cut the rope both original and experiments are free in Malaysia.
  • Possibly. I'm not taking any chances on games that are only a few dollars.
  • Nope. Both are not free in Malaysia as 28th October 2013. It's RM2.99
  • Both Cut The Ropes are free in Croatia
  • None of working for me even changing region. I guess they fixed it.
  • Yep..
  • Cut the rope and Cut the rope : Experiments are free in Romania.
  • I thought that wad the 8x in the picture.
    Show some love to the 8x WPC! Beautiful device!
  • Grenada store has both cut the ropes, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 and Rio
  • Not free here in the UK!
  • Mine says 99¢. What's the problem?
  • Well, not for free here in Brazil. Both Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope Exp... But I got all the Angry Birds for free for my Lumia 925;-)
  • Not free in US for me
  • I think the feeding FREEnzy is over.
  • Apparently both this and AB were only free for those few hours. I'm lucky to have picked all of them up... Flash sale much?!
  • No free in Philippines
  • Too late friend, the sale seems to have ended everywhere. One shot deals for 24 hours :D
  • Isn't free on Ro, for me btw
  • Isn't free in the US. At least not now.
  • Not free in Vietnam.
  • Its showing up as £0.79 for me.
  • It was only free yesterday (26th October)
  • UGH! i miss iiiiiiitttt!
  • I was able to get Experiments for my phone. I already had the rest of them. When my wife got home a couple hours later, I tried her phone and they were all back to regular price. I guess my daughter will continue using my 'Kids Corner' instead of hers. Now she's addicted to Rail Rush!
  • WPCentral, please stop posting crap articles like this one. If somewhere in the world - for 3 hours - a game is free, it is barely of interest to us readers to learn about it the day after. Please focus on real news about Windows Phone.
  • Hey atleast we got the news! Most wp users are just unaware of this..
    You are not going to check each and every app/game everyday for these offers..
  • how much "real news" can there be with a platform with 4% market share... Besides some folks do find this news and were happy to save a buck or two. Dont read it if you dont like it. Go to some other WP news site if WPC isnt meeting your needs. Bye.
  • Your loss for reading it a day later. You missed a good deal.
  • schoenbes, please stop posting crap comments like this one. If somewhere in the world exists such a person with this kind of selfish opinion, it is barely of interest to us readers to know about it anytime. Please focus on real positive comments, at least you can say "thanks WPC, unfortunately I missed the oportunity, i'm glad for you guys that could". Besides these are "real news about Windows Phone" ;)
  • Missed it
  • New Cut the Rope v3.1 Free Beta Version! Download and play first. Beta version for developers. Push ->
  • New Cut the Rope v3.1 Free Beta Version! Download and play first. Beta version for developers. Push ->
  • New Cut the Rope v3.1 Free Beta Version! Download and play first. Beta version for developers. Push ->